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Macross F 2059: Memories
Under investigation, ed. Macross F 2059: Memories. Tokyo: Kadokawa, 2008. Print.

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Pgs 08-12: Link Points

Pg 08

Link Point: The Flight Of The Palms
The scene where the Mihoshi Academy pilot training course students simulate their acrobatic movements with the palms of their hands closely resembles a scene in the "Macross Plus" OVA where Isamu Dyson, who arrived at the New Edwards Base, simulates the YF-19's test flight on the runway. Real pilots also perform these movements, and such scenes in Macross capitalize on the sights that General Director Kawamori saw at air shows he went to for research at the time that "Macross Plus" was made.

Pg 10

Link Point: Speaking Of Enclosed Spaces... Tuna!
When Ichijo Hikaru and Lynn Minmei were locked up in the closed section in the old TV series "Super Dimensional Fortress Macross", they staved off starvation with a gigantic tuna. Also, even though there wasn't an eating scene per se in the "Do You Remember Love?" movie, the head of a giant tuna can be verified floating in the section that the two are locked up in. And then in "Macross F", "tuna buns", with their 'special characteristics', were used effectively to suggest Sheryl's bust.

Pg 12

Link Point: Forumo's Naming
The Island 3 shopping mall Forumo first appeared in episode 5. What one recalls when one hears "Forumo" is Exsedor Forumo, who was employed as the Recordings Adviser in the Buritai Fleet at the time of the First Interstellar War. Exsedor was able to positively advance the cooperative relationship of Earthlings and the Zentrādi from after the end of the war. It wouldn't be an accident that that family name crowns the name of a facility where Zentrans and My-clones can coexist.


Pgs 16-34: Link Points

Pg 16

Link Point: The Monster That Plays An Actor Role Through Time
The extraordinarily large Destroid Monster has appeared from the time of "Super Dimensional Fortress Macross". In that TV series and the "Do You Remember Love?" movie, the Monster only appeared in the animation in still images or short bombardment scenes, because of its complex structure and details. However, in "Macross F", with which it became possible to produce battle scenes with CG, the Monster's legendary offensive abilities and mobility was etched for the first time on film as the variable Koenig Monster.

Pg 30

Link Point: The Movie Within The Series And "Macross Zero"
The within-series movie in episode 10 has an identical story to the one in the OVA "Macross Zero". Filming used the island in the sea of Island 3. Filming a movie within the story certainly piles on the images of the filming of the Kung-fu movie "Little White Dragon (Shao Pai Long) in "Micro-cosmos", the 21st episode of "Super Dimensional Fortress Macross", in which Lynn Minmei and Lynn Kaifun played the leading roles. At that time, location filming also occurred in the urban areas within the SDF-1.

Pg 34

Link Point: The Appearance Of The Zentrādi Soldiers
Persons who looked exactly like Buritai, Exsedor, and Kamjin, all of whom appeared in the TV series "Super Dimensional Fortress Macross", were attached to the 33rd Marine Corps. The Zentrādi essentially preserve their race with clones, and soldiers with identical genetic information exist in great numbers. Marine Corps Commander Ogotai, the adjutant, and Temjin, who caused the rebellion, are considered to have the same genetic information as Buritai, Exsedor, and Kamjin, respectively.


Pgs 52-60: Link Points

Pg 52

Link Point: The Scent Of Pineapple Is The Scent Of Death?
Pineapple cake is a dish of memories of Ozuma and Cathy's past. In "Pineapple Salad", the 18th episode of the TV series "Super Dimensional Fortress Macross", the dish that Unified Forces top ace Roy Fokker ordered last from his lover Claudia was pineapple salad, just before being killed in battle. Weren't there also lot of Macross fans who felt the ominous developments in the episode that's associated with Ozuma's pineapple cake, and not just the mere connection with pineapples?

Pg 54

Link Point: The Connection With "Macross Zero"
Dr. Mao, who advanced research jointly with Grace, and Ranka's mother Ranshe, is the Mao Nome who was one of the heroines of the OVA "Macross Zero". Ranka performed Mao in the movie made in the Macross Frontier series. One can confirm that the necklace that Mao wore in Dr. Mao's picture has the same design as the one that the young Mao wore in "Macross Zero". Also, viewers learnt that Sheryl is Mao's granddaughter from the 24th episode of "Macross Frontier".

Pg 60

Link Point: Kuran Is A Valkyrie Girl!?
The Kuran who was made gigantic and sortied had a form where VF-25 Super Packs were installed right on her body. Even though it was certainly a serious development, the concept of a beautiful girl being equipped with a Valkyrie Super Pack appeared in the form of the "Armored Lady 2 - Macross Super Valkyrie Lady" plastic model, released by Bandai in the 1980s. There's bound to be many old fans who were broadly grinning in recollection at Kuran's appearance in the series.


Pgs 66-67: VF-25

Pg 66

Mechanic Data File
These are the mecha that opened up the fierce battles during the series. With one action, we put their sophisticated designs on display!

The messiah of the Frontier Fleet that opens a path to the new world.

VF-25 Messiah
S.M.S.'s main Variable Fighter - in which Aruto and the others board. It was independently developed by the L.A.I. Technical Research Institute, having used the YF-24 as a development bed.

Fighter Mode
The aircraft form is suitable for high-speed mobility. It is optimized for within-atmospheric flight.

VF-25F Aruto's Fighter
Aruto's personal fighter, which has a red colour scheme, is S.M.S. Skull Platoon's #4 craft. It has 2 laser machine-guns in the head.

Battroid Mode
The humanoid form is suitable for hand-to-hand fighting. It can be additionally equipped with all sorts of armaments, depending on the operation.

The midway form between Fighter and Battroid. To a certain extent, it corresponds to high-speed mobility and attack.

Right: The VF-25 can transform even when a Super Pack is installed on it.

Down: A small General-purpose Fold Booster was developed for the VF series.

Common Weapons
Up/Down: The main armament of the VF-25, the new model Gun Pod, was developed exclusively for the VF-25. The gun barrel opens up for combat.

Right: A large knife for hand-to-hand combat is normally in the shield.

The Messiah's Transformation
The VF-25's transformation sequence is complicated, and develops at a rapid speed that cannot be observed by the eye. Let's take a look at those movements step-by-step.

Up: Ozuma's fighter in the normal Fighter mode.

Up: The left and right engines (both legs) and both arms move toward the front.

Up: The cockpit block and chest separate and move.

Up: The head detaches from the chest, and the neck part extends.

Pg 67

VF-25G Michael's Fighter
Michael's personal aircraft is vividly painted with blue, his personal colour. A one-eyed model head that is suitable for sniping is installed on it.

Left: The Sniper Rifle for the VF-25. The gun barrel unfolds when firing.

Up: Luca has named the unmanned fighters - the Ghosts - that he habitually uses with the names of the Twelve Apostles.

RVF-25 Luca's Fighter
The reconnaissance and electronic warfare specialized VF-25 that Luca uses. Its greatest feature is the large compound radome that's loaded on the back.

VF-25S Ozuma's Fighter
The Skull Platoon's commanding officer aircraft that Ozuma habitually uses. It has a yellow colouring on grey. The head is a high-performance model for commanders' aircraft.

Left: The Heavy Armament Armoured Equipment. It's also possible for the VF-25 to transform when this equipment is installed on the aircraft.

The Messiah's Transformation (Con't)
Up: The radome folds over, and the underside of the cockpit opens.

Up: The main wings fold up, and both legs swing forward.

Up: The cockpit rotates even more, and is fixed under the chest.

Up: The base of both legs are fixed to the back of the cockpit.

Up: The back armour covers over the canopy.


Pgs 68-69: VF-27, VF-171(EX)

Pg 68

An emissary from the Galaxy Fleet, that gathers together the essence of digital brain technology.

Used by the Galaxy Fleet's Antares squad, the VF-27 is a fighter that is proud of mobility and firepower that exceeds the VF-25. The VF-27 is what Brera mainly boards.

VF-27 Brera's Fighter
A Variable Fighter for mechanized soldiers that was developed by the Galaxy Fleet. A purple colouring has been added to Brera's fighter.

Up: A VF-27 equipped with the New-style Fold Booster developed by the L.A.I. Technical Research Institute.

The VF-27's points of similarity with the VF-25 become clear in this form, as the same YF-24 was its development base.

Fighter Mode
The silhouette when in Fighter seems to be close to that of General Galaxy's VF-22.

Battroid Mode
The VF-27 is equipped with a New-style Gun Pod that is even longer than the overall height of the humanoid Valkyrie. It also acts as a Heavy Quantum Beam Gun.

The fighter is a long used, masterpiece New Unified Forces Variable Fight/Attack Aircraft, with established reliability, high performance, and a substantial warfare equipment system.

VF-171 General Fighter
The main Variable Fighter/Attack Aircraft of the New Unified Forces. It is deployed in each Emigrant fleet as of 2059. There are also a large number of variations that have great general-purposefulness.

Fighter Mode
It is a masterpiece fighter that used the VF-17 as a parent body, and implemented a reduction in cost, and has great handling, and great maintainability.

The nose of the fighter is larger than the VF-17's nose. The canopy also has a larger field of view than the VF-17.

Battroid Mode
Compared to the VF-17, the center of the VF-171's arms are slimmer, due to an improvement in the fighter's aerodynamic characteristics.

Pg 69

Reborn with the latest equipment, the VF-171EX is a Vajra crushing trump card!

An improved version of the VF-171, designed with enhanced firepower and manoeuvrability; for maintaining battle superiority over the evolved Vajra.

VF-171EX Common Fighter
The nose of the fighter has been extended even more than that of the conventional VF-171, and the EX-Gear operating system has been installed in it. In addition, equipment with greater firepower and armour strengthening, has been applied to the aircraft.

VF-171EX Luca's Fighter
The fighter that Luca pilots when he was incorporated into the New Unified Forces. Being based on the reconnaissance RVF-171, Luca's aircraft is a special-purpose fighter with enhanced firepower and equipment for electronic warfare.

Common Armaments
A large beam cannon and Gun-pod were both developed to counter the Vajra, who continue to evolve.

VF-171EX Aruto's Fighter*
Aruto's fighter when he was incorporated into the New Unified Forces with the dissolution of S.M.S. Heavy armament Protector Equipment has been added to the fighter, as it is the squadron leader's fighter.

* Translator's note: book has a typo, titling it "VF-25A Aruto's Fighter".

Like the Armoured equipment of the VF-25, it was designed to transform while equipped with the Protector Equipment.

Fighter Mode
The heavy equipment, which fully uses the overwhelming payload of the VF-171, is the biggest feature of the VF-171EX.

Battroid Mode
By being equipped with additional armaments, the VF-171EX is able to keep the same level of armaments as the VF-17.


Pg 70: Frontier/Galaxy Ships

Pg 70

The Macross Quarter has a destructive power, that isn't shaming for the Macross name, hidden in its compact hull.

Macross Quarter
The S.M.S. flagship is a 400 m class Variable Attack Space Carrier. Despite its scale being 1/4 that of a Macross class ship, the Macross Quarter boasts of an equal firepower and overwhelming mobility.

Fortress Ship Form
It has a flight deck on the port side, and the "Macross Cannon" main gun on the starboard side.

Assault Form
Although it is huge as a space carrier, the Macross Quarter is endowed with great hand-to-hand abilities that rivals that of the Destroids.

Macross Emigrant Fleet
The Super Long Range Emigrant Fleet is composed of a group of factory plant ships -that Island 1 plays a central part in-, and the New Unified Forces fleet, that escorts them.

It was attached to the Macross Galaxy Escort Fleet, and was instantly destroyed when a Vajra mother ship collided with it.

'Stealth Frigate' Space Destroyer
A small, high-speed combat ship that guards the Emigrant Fleet. It is endowed with abilities up to a stealth function.

The Uraga Class Two-deck Style Space And Surface Carrier. It's a New Unified Forces military vessel attached to the Macross Frontier Escort Fleet.

One of the Guantanamo class Space Escort Carriers that is attached to the Macross Frontier Escort Fleet.

'Stealth Cruiser' Space Cruiser
A high-speed combat ship that stresses fire power. This main military vessel is deployed in great numbers in the New Unified Forces Escort Fleet.

A surviving ship from the Galaxy Fleet, which was attacked by the Vajra. It was rescued by the Macross Quarter.


Pg 71: Macross Series

Pg 71

Unrivalled except for similar Macross ships - they are the guardian deities of the fleets, with unprecedented power.

The Macross Series
Functioning as the symbol in the center of each Emigrant Fleet are the Macross model Stealth Attack Space Carriers, which boast of an overwhelming fighting strength.

Battle Frontier
Attached to the New Unified Forces, the Battle class Variable Space Carrier is the flagship of the Frontier Fleet Escort Fleet. Normally it is connected to the bow of Island 1.

Fortress Ship Form
A Battle class carrier that has a two-level deck. The Macross Cannon main gun is built into the military vessel.

Assault Form
After carrying out a transformation from Fortress Ship Form, the Macross ship takes the shape of a humanoid. It is used mainly during combat.

Battle Galaxy
The Battle Class Space Carrier attached to the Galaxy Fleet. Although it had gone missing due to a Vajra raid, it appeared in the environs of the Vajra Homeworld.

Assault Form
The details in the upper half of the body differ from those on the Battle Frontier in its humanoid form.

Fortress Ship Form
It is approximately the same shape as the Battle Frontier. The fleet number "21" is written on the deck.

Up: Built into the Battle Class Macross ships, the Gunship is usually laid out as the "Macross Cannon" main gun.

Sheryl's Shuttle
A civilian shuttle that is frequently used by Sheryl, who is from the Galaxy Fleet, when she is travelling.


Pg 72: Destroids

Pg 72

The Destroids
They are the New Unified Forces Humanoid ground-warfare weapons. The Destroids are deployed in great numbers to each fleet, and also perform the role of mobile gun batteries.

Destroid Attack Model
They are deployed as mobile gun batteries to each Macross ship or New Unified Forces war vessel. They are also in charge of bombardments during the Macross Attack.

Destroid Work
A Destroid for work, that performs heavy work within the fleet. Armaments haven't been added to it.

VB-6 Koenig Monster
A Variable Bomber developed based on the Destroid Monster, which was active in the First Interstellar War. It is used as a super-heavy Variable Bomber.

Shuttle Mode
Although its high-speed manoeuvrability is certainly low, it engages in tactics such as strategic bombing, which capitalizes on the capacity of the VB-6's fuselage.

Destroid Mode
The humanoid form extends to an overall height of 40 m. The VB-6 can also transform into GERWALK Mode, a midway form between the Shuttle and Destroid modes.

The former mighty enemy has now become an irreplaceable colleague.

A Battle-suit that was used by the Zentrādi from before the First Interstellar War. The Quadoran-Rhea's armaments, which are based on the "Rō", have been enhanced.

Quadoran-Rhea Kuran's Battlesuit
The personal Battle-suit of Kuran, the commanding officer of S.M.S. Pixy platoon, which is composed of Zentrādi. Its manoeuvrability isn't outdone by that of the VF-25, a state-of-the-art fighter.

Quadoran-Rhea Nene's And Raramira's Battlesuits
The Battlesuits attached to S.M.S. Pixy platoon. The fuselage colouring differs from that of Kuran's Battlesuit.

Quadoran-Rhea Temjin's Battlesuit
The Battlesuit used by Temjin, the leader of the insurrection on Gaul 4. The Battlesuit was smashed in a confrontation with Aruto.


Pg 73: Vajra

Pg 73

Fiendishly unparallelled space creatures that stand in the way of mankind's future.

The Vajra
They are the enemy that attacks mankind, who is advancing into the galaxy. The details are unclear if the Vajra are living things or weapons. All Vajra individuals reiterate the combat experience, and collectively evolve.

Small Vajra
They accompany the Large Vajra, and do such things as search for the enemy, and gather military intelligence. They are equipped with beam guns, missiles, and so on.

Large Vajra
A large individual that boasts of a destructive power at the same level as the Unified Forces destroyer. They are equipped with an outer shell composed of Energy Conversion Armour.

Vajra Larva "Ai-kun"
Ranka protected it without knowing that it was a Vajra. They* could also guess her feelings, as Ai-kun had established an emotional bond with her.

* Translator's note: as per text. Presumably meaning the Vajra as a whole, and not Ai-kun in particular.

Down: metamorphosis

Down: moulting

Vajra Mothership
A battleship individual on par with a Macross class ship, that has Fold Navigation abilities and a main gun in the fortress-gun class.

Vajra Queen
A fortress-scale sized Vajra that exists at the top of the pan-galactic Vajra. When Grace stole its link to the rest of the Vajra, they attacked the Frontier Fleet.

Vajra Semi-Queen
The young form of the Vajra Queen. It made a nest within the wreckage of the Macross Global, and laid its eggs there.


Pgs 78-80: Link Points

Pg 78

Link Point: The Valkyrie Rider's Jinx
It's the jinx that Aruto said was "when you make fun of a man about a woman during an operation, you'll be shot down without warning", when his subordinate Maruyama made fun of him about Sheryl. This came from the scene in the "Macross Do You Remember Love?" movie where Kakizaki Hayao, who appears as a colleague to the hero Ichijo Hikaru, is shot down. In Kakizaki's case, there was also the jinx that applied to the TV series edition, where "if you fail to eat a beef steak before sortieing, you'll be killed in action".

Pg 80

Link Point: The Legend Of Macross's "Love Song"
"Aimo" was a 'love song' that the Vajra used to call out to the Vajra in different galaxies. The original "Do You Remember Love?" song that Ichijo Hikaru and Hayase Misa brought back from the Protoculture ruins in the "Do You Remember Love?" movie bore a close resemblance to what was a love song that was once popular among the Protoculture. Precisely because 'love songs' in "Macross" have a power that crosses over space-time and races, and moves one heart, they are depicted as having great significance.


Pgs 86-89: Frontier Fleet

Pg 86

Frontier Navigation
The Frontier Fleet is the main setting of "Macross F". What kind of places do Aruto and the others live and fight in? We're going to explain the prized materials to their roots!

The Frontier Fleet Is...
The 25th New Macross Class Emigrant Fleet was dispatched by the Earth in the Space Emigration Plan. It is the 5th generation Gigantic Emigrant Fleet, and uses a Completely Cyclic type of Biotechnology Plant System. The fleet contains the flagship Island 1, where the resource circulation system is centred, several Environment Ships (Island 2 and up), and is spearheaded by the New Unified Forces Escort Fleet.

Captions: Dome Top, Dome Top (the frame), Dom Bottom, Dome Side, Dome Side (when open)

Island 1
The flagship of the Frontier Fleet. About half of the all of the Frontier citizens reside here. It has a residential area that was made to imitate cities on Earth within a ship that extends several kilometres in length. The huge skylight-style dome is enclosed within a defensive shell during emergencies. The escort fleet flagship Battle Frontier is moored on the bow of Island 1.

Pg 87

1 The San Fransisco Area
A cable car runs on the hilly road in this popular shopping district. It is also a residential area popular with young people. The Stargate Bridge, which spans a river that flows through the center of the district, is also a popular tourist attraction. Sheryl and Aruto's date in the first half of the series (episode 5) was in this district.

Sheryl's Apartment
Sheryl, who left Aruto's parents' home, lived here by herself. The focal point of the apartment is the projecting window space. It is the place where Aruto and Sheryl spent time together without worrying about who might be staring (episode 23).

Ozuma and Ranka's Apartment
It's in the downtown. Ozuma and Ranka live in a retro-chic apartment. The focal point of the apartment is the counter-style kitchen.

Café Silver Moon
The open-air café where Aruto and the other Mihoshi Academy students hang out at. It's on a small hill. It's also the place where Yasaburo approached Aruto to talk on his birthday (episode 11).

2 The Shibuya Area
A shopping district located next to the San Fransisco Area. The area was made modelled on the former Shibuya area. There is a large youth-oriented fashion building at the central intersection, and the large visual advertisements on its wall are famous for the area. General Director Kawamori said that in the setting "there is Deep-Akihabara in the underground".

The Chinese Food chain restaurant where Ranka and Nanase worked part-time.

3 The Beijing Area
The area that faces the seaside much more-so than the Shibuya Area. It reproduces the townscape of the former Beijing area. The large multi-purpose hall "Tenkumon" -in which Sheryl and Ranka held concerts - has become the symbol of the park that extends out in this area.

Tenkumon (Heavenly Gate)
The large multi-purpose hall located in the center of the Tenkumon Park. They've made it based on the design of Tiananmen.

4 The President's Office
The cornerstone of the Frontier Fleet New Unified Government administration. There is a subterranean tunnel that directly connects it to the Battle Frontier, and in times of emergency, the fleet's administrative functions can promptly be moved to the flagship. Luca often visited Mishima's room before Mishima's presidential inauguration.

Pg 89

5 Mihoshi Academy
The school that Aruto and the others attend. It's a comprehensive academy where there are various departments, such as Space Flight, Entertainment, Fine Arts, and so on. It produces excellent personnel in each field, and its studies level is also top-ranking within the Frontier Fleet. A VF-1A is displayed on the schoolhouse roof.

6 The Hill In Griffith Park
A vast park on a hilltop not far off from Mihoshi Academy. A building based on the Griffith Observatory that was on Earth has been built on the hill. It's the place where Ranka told Aruto her dream of becoming a singer (episode 3), announced her departure to him (episode 21), and so on.

7 The View Pier
One of the outer shell structures on Island 1. The interior is a park with a water fountain, enclosed by a skylight dome. Right beside it is a spaceship docking port. The evacuation shelter that Aruto and the others where locked up in is under the park.

8 The Military Hospital
A general hospital that's directly controlled by the New Unified Forces. It is the Frontier Fleet's largest medical facility, and manages such things as general medical care to quarantines. Sheryl and Ranka sang in this building's central lobby in episode 15. In episode 23, Aruto and Kuran had a conversation with each other on the hospital's roof.

9 Aruto's Parent's Home
The residence of Ranzo Saotome, the head of the Kabuki world in the Frontier Fleet. There is a detached room in the middle of the residence's vast Japanese-style garden, where Aruto's mother retired in the evenings, and where Sheryl also convalesced when she was sheltered by Yasaburo.

Pg 89

10 Macross Quarter
The flagship of S.M.S. It is a highly-mobile Variable Attack Carrier. Normally it docks at the docking port next to the View Pier in Island 1. Although members of the general public cannot come and go onto the ship, Aruto used what Michael calls an "underhanded trick", and brought Sheryl into his quarters on the ship(episode 16).

Bridge The operations room has both the Macross Quarter's navigation bridge and its CIC functions.

Briefing Room
The meeting room where combat unit members hear operation summaries. It also jointly functions as a bar.

The space where the Macross Quarter's ship-borne aircraft are stored and maintained.

11 Battle Frontier
The Frontier Escort Fleet flagship is a Battle class Variable Stealth Attack Space Carrier that is connected to the bow of Island 1. It has facilities for a temporary government during emergencies. They constructed a stage in it for Ranka during the Super-Long-Range Fold operation (episode 19).

The place where one can understand the movements of the Battle Frontier as well as all of the ships in the Frontier Fleet. The President's and captain's seats are positioned in the middle of the chamber.

Island 3
The Frontier Fleet's No.3 Environment Ship is used centred around the agricultural industry. Zentran residents are also permitted to live in a giant state within the ship, and it is a tourist attraction for the Frontier Fleet with its environment where giant Zentr?di coexist with My-clones. In addition to the primary agricultural facilities, there is also the commerce facility Forumo, the government controlled Alien Biological Research Institute, and other facilities. Island 3 was destroyed in an operation during episode 21.

12 Forumo
A shopping mall inside Island 3. Even in the Frontier Fleet it is unusual as a commerce facility where giant-sized Zentrans and My-clones can share the same space. Elmo, the president of Vector Promotions, used the mall for promotions. The mall was the setting for the second half of episode 5.

13 Man-made Island
An artificial island built in the lake in Island 3. It was also used in episode 10 for the location shooting of the "Bird Human ~Tori no Hito~" film, in which Ranka performed. The island was modelled to imitate Mayan Island in 2008, and it perfectly reproduced even the temperature and vegetation.

14 Alien Biological Research Institute
A Vajra countermeasure research institute that is controlled by the Frontier New Unified Government. It is underground in Island 3, and it generally isn't publicly revealed. Brera initially hid himself there. Presidential aide Leon Mishima was the institute's supervisor.



Mini Review

The book has an excellent, broad coverage of the Macross F series. However, despite being broad, it doesn't go that deep into any individual topic. The book is full colour, and stuffed full of images from the series, from the production side, or from promotions about the series in. The suggested retail price was also surprisingly low for a full-colour Mook.

Get it if it is the only Macross F TV series book you can find, or if you are a completionist. However, if you can find others or can only afford to buy one Macross F book, go with the "Macross F Official Fan Book".


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