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Official Complete Book - Theatrical Macross F ~Wings of Goodbye~
Kawai, Hiroyuki et al, Official Complete Book - Theatrical Macross F ~Sayonara no Tsubasa~. Tokyo: Kadokawa Shoten, 2011.

Table of Contents

Pg 63


Julia Angeloni
Luca's elder sister. She is engaged to Leon Mishima. Luca knows that she's taking a holiday on Mayan Island, and visits her at the island. Michel's fails to smooth talk her.

Takahashi Yuichi's comment: the order wanted her hairdo to be similar to Luca's. Even though I was thinking about reddening her cheeks at first, because she's 27 in the setting, I designed her more like an adult.

Alcatraz Jailer
Even among the jailers of Alcatraz, there are a lot of Ranka fans. The person who gets Ranka's signature also permitted a meeting with the condemned Sheryl.

Galaxy Fleet Leaders
Their alias is the Intra-cerebral Council. The leaders of the Galaxy Fleet have thrown away their bodies as humans and have integrated themselves with the machine. Takeshi Takakura was in charge of the design.

Alcatraz Chief
The head of the prison island Alcatraz is a fan who's crazy about Ranka. He permitted a prison break when he got too crazy about Ranka's songs.


Pg 74

VF-29 Durendal - The red sacred sword brought by Aruto
The Anti-Vajra aircraft developed under utmost secrecy and advancing upon the YF-24 Evolution is the YF-29.
It's a development of it's sister craft, the VF-25 Messiah, and engineers from such places as L.A.I. and the Macross Frontier Fleet played a central role. The greatest difference with the VF-25 is the point where 4 large output thermonuclear turbine engines are installed in it and it has ground-breaking manoeuvrability due to that great thrust. The most important part needed to achieve its specs is the "Philosopher's Stone". The YF-29's true identity is in the high-purity fold quartz [used within the aircraft]. Even though it's presumed that the refinement of fold quartz is difficult, the people who created the YF-29 succeeded by obtaining high-purity fold quartz from the remains of Vajra. The YF-29 was finally completed with the birth of an innovative device, the Fold Wave System, which enables an inexhaustible supply of energy.
The Fold Wave System is an Over Drive System with 4 fold quartzes, and the YF-29 is equipped with a total of 4 Fold Wave Devices. These devices were referred to as "the Hair of Saint Denis" and "the raiment of the Virgin Mary"; named after the 4 holy relics that were stored within the gold handle of the holy sword Durendal.
On the other hand, the prominent special characteristics of the YF-19 are it's anti-Vajra abilities. In addition to such things as tracing and jamming communications by means of fold waves, communications with the Vajra was especially important. It's ability to deliver fold songs at the front played a major role at the end of the Anti-Vajra War.

Normal Specification
Captions: Fighter form, GERWALK form, Battroid form

Disappearing-style MDE Beam Gun Turret
Anti-Vajra beam guns that are fired as a heavy quantum beam, using dimension eaters that were brought in via the L.A.I. Co. from Macross Galaxy. They differ from the Tornado [Pack], as the aerodynamic performance has been improved by having the beam gun turret be able to be stowed away.

Fold Quartz Amplification Device
Fold quartz amps were installed in each part of the YF-29. The use of fold quartz hasn't only been for an improvement in the air frame's performance but because it is also effective in such things as intervening and jamming the Vajra network and amplifying fold songs.

Heavy Quantum Beam Gun Pod
An armament that emits heavy particles as a beam, in the same principle as the Macross Cannon. It doesn't have the same degree of power as an MDE Beam. Even though it doesn't effect carrier class Vajra who can develop fold barriers, it demonstrates plenty of power if it is [used against] normal sized Vajra.

Revolving type Engine Pods
The engine pods that are installed on the outer wings have almost the same output as the main engines. Manoeuvrability due to their great thrust was implemented by rotating them up and down. Because the strength of the main wings has been elevated, the variable swept wings were dispensed of and a forward-swept wing shape that resemble the VF-19 was adopted.

Design & Manufacturing: Shinsei Industry / Macross Frontier Arsenal
Technical Cooperation: L.A.I. Co.
Length: 18.73 m
Width: 14.15 m (when wings are at maximum extension)
Height: 3.88 m
Gross Weight: 11,920 kg (not including the outer-space equipment)
Airframe Design Maximum Load: 32.5 kg

2x Shinsei Industry/P&W/RR FF-3001/FC1 Stage II Thermonuclear Reaction Turbines (2,105 kN maximum thrust in outer-space)
2x Shinsei Industry/L.A.I./RR FF-3003J/FC1 compound Stage II Thermonuclear Reaction Turbine and Ramjet engine (1,470 kN maximum thrust in outer-space)
Thrust can be increased by switching [the engines] to ramjet mode during the high-speed mode in an atmosphere. Maximum atmospheric cruising speed: Mach 5.5+ (at 10,000 m, Mach 10+ is possible for short periods. Speeds above that are possible, however that is the heat-resistance barrier of the YF-29.)

The basic armaments of the YF-29
(1) 2x TW2-MDE/M25 disappearing-style MDE Beam gun turret
(2) 12x Bifors MBL-02S Micro-missile Launchers (MDE warhead supporting) (each outer-wing engine pod has 2 launchers, and each conformal armament pack has 4 launchers). A maximum of 100 missiles are loaded aboard the YF-29.
(3) 1x Howard/L.A.I. Co. HPB-01A Heavy Quantum Beam Gun Pod
(4) 2x Rammington ES-25A 25 mm High Speed Machine-gun
(5) Additional large heavy armour shield

Special Armaments - Fold Wave Systems
(1) The efficiency of the thermonuclear reaction turbine engines have been improved, and the engines generate thrust up to the very limit of the [YF-29's airframe] design strength.
(2) Energy from the fold quartz always makes the full operation of energy conversion possible.
(3) Fold wave detection, amplification and analysis were made possible.

Micro-missile Launchers
The sides of the shoulders and legs are equipped with small missiles. The leg missiles separate at the centre into 2 blocks, and it is possible to rotate them up to a maximum of 270o to fire a missile. For that reason, it's possible to carry out attacks aimed in all directions even when in battroid.


Pg 75

Super Pack Exo-atmospheric Specification
Captions: Fighter form, Battroid form, GERWALK form

High-manoeuvrability/Propellant Pack
The outer space propellant pods (furnished with high-manoeuvrability thrusters) are in the front of the engine pods on the outer wings. They achieve the carriage of the propellant that the 4 engines require. In the atmospheric specification, the cover at the tip is removed.

Chemical Rocket Booster
Two modules that integrate a chemical rocket booster and a combustion agent tank that supports the additional weight due to the outer space equipment are added to the ends of the main wings. The same SLE-7A Rocket Motor as the VF-25 Super Pack is used as the engine.

Large-output Fold Wave Projector
The device that amplifies Ranka's and Sheryl's fold song is the trump card that delivers the song to the Vajra. Even though they are expanded outside of an atmosphere, they are stowed away within an atmosphere. When installed, the main wings are stowed away (in the high-speed form).

Super Pack Atmospheric Specification
Captions: Fighter form, Battroid form, GERWALK form

Super Pack Equipment
(Additional Space Equipment)
1 High-mobility/Propellant Pack
2 Large output Fold Wave Projector/Micro-missile Pod x2
3 Chemical Rocket Booster (SLE-7A Rocket Motor)

The Outer Space Propellant Pods (with high-mobility thrusters) are added to the front of the outer wing's engine pods, and they carry the propellant that the four engines require. Corresponding to the weight increase due to the outer space equipment, two (one on the right and left) modules that integrate a chemical rocket booster appropriated from the VF-25 Super Packs and a combustion agent tank are added to the rear of the wings. In addition, the main wings are stowed away when the YF-29 is equipped with the Super Packs. On the armaments side, both wing tips are equipped with a Large Output Fold Wave Projector and micro-missile pod Composite Armament Unit.

Genealogy of the YF-29 Development
The YF-29's development continued to be advanced for Anti-Vajra use. Aruto's craft, which was invested in the battle at the Vajra's main world, was a hurriedly constructed one, that arranged parts of the VF-25. For that reason, it is said that the performance differed from that of the first original design. However, in actual combat, it demonstrated a combat ability that surpassed that of the existing craft.

Caption: In the combat within the atmosphere in Island 1, the VF-25 Tornado demonstrated a high performance. The YF-29 that Aruto drove was completed in haste by appropriating parts from the VF-25, referring to that VF-25 Tornado's combat data.

Caption: The YF-29 retains a VF-25-like silhouette in such places as the nose. Even though this is also due to the appropriation of the VF-25's airframe structure, the airframe's strength has been greatly improved by revisions to the details of the airframe. The YF-29 has acquired an armour strength that's greater than that of the VF-25 Armour Pack.

[translator's note: following is a flow chart]

YF-24 Evolution -> advancement -> YF-25 Prophecy -> advancement -> VF-25 Messiah
VF-25 Messiah and VF-27 Lucifer share parts
VF-25 Messiah -> enhancement parts -> VF-25 Messiah Tornado Pack -> feedback -> YF-25 Durendal (an enhancement of the YF-24 Evolution) -> related to -> VF-27 Lucifer (a derivative of the YF-24 Evolution and shares parts with the VF-25 Messiah)


Pg 76

VF-27γ Lucifer- A high performance VF that freely uses high-technology
A variable fighter that is derived from the YF-24. It was developed by Macross Galaxy Fleet's Variable Fighter Development Arsenal Guld Works. It adopts the high-technology that the same fleet boasts of, such as being furnished with a virtual cockpit that supports pilots who have been improved with implants. During it's development, the YF-29's data is intentionally leaked by way of the L.A.I. company, and it influenced the development of the VF-27.
The VF-27 is equipped with 4 engines, and without additional parts it realizes an output that matches that of a super parts equipped VF-25. In addition, it demonstrated specs that equalled those of the YF-29 because of the VF-27 Super Pack that was invested into the battle at the Vajra's main world. By operating in coordination with the Ghost V-9 in that same battle, the VF-27 demonstrated an overwhelming combat ability.

Super Pack
VF-27 Super Part equipment type which is composed of dorsal and leg units. It is composed of supplemental rocket boosters and propellant packs. With this equipment, the VF-27, which surpasses the VF-25 in basic performance, acquires a performance that's equal to that of the YF-29.

Caption: Fighter form

MDE Particle Beam Gun
A beam gun that appropriates the Dimension Eater technology. It is a new technology that was developed by the Macross Galaxy Fleet. Space within a limited range is cut out into a micro-black hole shaped hyperspace [subspace] field. For that reason, even barriers are powerless against it.

Design & Manufacturing: Macross Galaxy Variable Fighter Development Arsenal "Guld Works"
Length: 18.8 m
Width: 14.57 m (when wings are at maximum extension)
Height: 4.29 m
Gross Weight: 12,080 kg

4x Shinnakasu/P&W/RR/MG FF-3011/C Stage II Thermonuclear Reaction Turbines equipped with thrust reverses and 3D vectoring nozzles P&W HMMM-9 High Manoeuvrability Vernier Thrusters

The basic armaments of the VF-27
(1) 1x Mauler ROV 20 20 mm Laser Machine-gun
(2) 2x Rammington ES-25A 25 mm High Speed Machine-guns
(3) 2x Mauler ROV-25A 25 mm Beam Machine-guns
(the user must choose between the ES-25A and ROV-25. It is also possible to have a mixture of the equipment, with one on each side)
(4) 2x Sentinel HBC/HS-35B 35 mm Heavy Beam Machine-gun
(5) 1x BGP-01 55 mm Beam Gun-pod / Beam Grenade
(6) 4x Bifors BML-04B Internal Micro-missile Launchers
(7) 1x Assault Knife
* The 25 mm Machine-gun and missiles are later modified to the anti-Vajra MDE warhead, and the Beam Gun-pod is remodelled to the MDE Particle Beam specification.

Brain-wave Control System
The Brain-wave Control System, which links the pilot's brain-waves with the aircraft, was implemented in the VF-27. It was hypothesized that the VF-27 would be operated by pilots to whom implants had been given. Inside the canopy cover, the VF-27 is also furnished with a normal canopy.

Vectored Nozzles
The VF-27 uses three-dimensional vectoring nozzles, which differ from the VF-25. Along with the movable nozzles on the engines in the main wings, the VF-27 is able to implement complicated manoeuvres. High speed movement within narrow areas is possible, even in combat within the Vajra mother ships.

Ghost V-9
The Macross Galaxy's main unmanned fighter. During the battle at the Vajra's main world, 3 Ghost V-9 sortied as attendant craft for the VF-27. Even though they cornered the YF-29, they weren't able to shoot it down.

Captions: GERWALK form, Battroid form


Pg 77

VF-25 Messiah - A new model craft that bears the burden of being the next generation main fighter
Based on the YF-25 Evolution, which was developed by the New Unified Forces, the VF-25 joint development by Macross Frontier Fleet's L.A.I. Co., a private enterprise, and Shinsei Industry. It is being deployed to the private military company S.M.S. in the form of a test deployment.
The VF-25 is conceived as a main fighter that will take the place of the VF-171 Nightmare Plus, and uses such things as pinpoint barriers and active stealth. Moreover, the newly adopted EX-Gear system two-in-one designed power suit demonstrates superior performance as such things as with G-resistance performance and as a pilot escape system.
On the other hand, the VF-25 inherits the pedigree of successive generations of variable fighters, and it is designed as a multi-role craft that can be operated in a variety of uses due to all sorts of enhancement pack equipment. The latest Tornado pack, which was developed as aerospace enhancement parts, was developed to demonstrate the YF-29's technologies and data collection.

Tornado Pack - Exo-atmospheric Specification
It is the latest option equipment for the VF-25, and it was first released as equipment for Aruto's craft during the Galaxy Fleet rescue mission. The data from this operation was fed back into the development of the YF-29.

Captions: GERWALK form, Fighter form, Battroid form

VF-25G Tornado Pack
From the operational achievements of Aruto's craft, it was even released for Michel's craft. Hereafter, the possibility that they be deployed as substitute equipment for the Super Parts was advanced.

Design & Manufacturing: Shinsei Industry (the craft that are deployed to S.M.S. are original improved models due to the collaboration of Shinsei Industry and Macross Frontier Arsenal/L.A.I. Co..)
Length: 18.72 m
Width: 15.50 m (when wings are at maximum extension)
Height: 4.03 m
Gross Weight: 8,450 kg

2x Shinsei Industry/P&W/RR FF-3001A Stage II Thermonuclear Reaction Turbines equipped with thrust reverses and 3D vectoring nozzles P&W HMMM-9 High Manoeuvrability Vernier Thrusters

The basic armaments of the VF-25
(1) 1x Mauler ROV 217C 12.7 mm Laser Machine-gun
(2) 2x Rammington ES-25A 25 mm High Speed Machine-guns
(3) 2x Mauler ROV-25A 25 mm Beam Machine-guns
(4) 1x Ka-bar OTEC AK/VF-M9 Assault Knife
(5) 1x Howard GU-17A 58 mm Gun Pod
* Later improved to Anti-Vajra MDE warhead supporting GU-17V

VF-25S Armoured Pack
A heavy armament option that's equipped with such things as increased armour, micro-missile pods and additional boosters. The weight of the airframe increases substantially. Moreover, because it equipment that's difficult to handle, in S.M.S., it's equipment that only the squadron leader Ozuma is permitted to use.

Captions: Fighter form, Battroid form, GERWALK form

RVF-25 Super Pack
The form when high-speed optional super parts are equipped on the RVF-25, which is equipped with electronic equipment. Later, it is loaded with a system that jams the Vajra Fold Network.

VF-25 Variations [translator's note: chart form. Indicating that all variations can take all enhancing parts]

Variations: VF-25S (Commander type), VF-25F, RVF-25 (Electronic Warfare type), VF-25G (Precision-Shooting type)
Enhancing Parts: Super Pack, Tornado Pack, Armoured Pack


Pg 78

Macross Quarter - The small mother ship that's become the keystone of S.M.S..
A variable type space carrier that's the S.M.S.'s mother ship. Even though it is crowned with the name Macross, it's total length is about 400 m, which amounts to 1/4 that of the existing Macross class ships. Even though its a small ship, in addition to such things as a Macross Cannon and Pinpoint Barrier, it uses a transformation system to change from Fortress Warship form to Strengthened Attack form. Anti-Vajra improvements have been performed to the bridge.
Even though it seems like its a single ship, it's actually composed of 5 warships; the Centre Hull, the ARMD-L (Carrier), ARMD-R (Gunship), the Baster-L (Mobile Gun Battery Ship), and the BASTER-R (Mobile Gun Battery Ship). They are able to operated separately. Including the VF-25, it is possible to load up to a maximum of 80 craft, such as every kind of VF and Destroid, into the ARMD-L.

Fortress Warship Form
Quarter Cannon
Auxiliary guns that are built into such places as the shoulders and legs. They are powerful beam guns and are the main armament when the ship is in
Fortress Warship form.

Length: 402 m
Width: 152 m (Strengthened Attack Form: 270 m)
Gross Weight: 165,000 t

Carrier (ARMD-L)
Length: about 217 m
Gross Weight: 35,000 t

Gun Ship (ARMD-R)
Length: about 194 m
Gross Weight: 30,000 t

Number Loaded Aboard: 60~80 craft (VF, Destroids, etc.)

Strengthened Attack Form
Macross Cannon

A Heavy Quantum Beam emitting weapon that's built into the tip of the ARMD-R. It is only possible to use it in Strengthened Attack form, and after transformation, it is equipment that is fired like a rifle.

Formation Big Wednesday
The formation that captain Wilder thought out when they rushed into the Vajra's main world. At the moment of atmospheric entry, the outside wall of a destroyed warship was used in order to prevent the Macross Quarter from burning up. Surfing seems to be captain Wilder's hobby, and he drove the ruined outer wall like a surfboard, riding the waves of the air currents.


Pg 79

Macross Quarter Variations
The Macross Quarter isn't a ship that's only used by the Frontier Fleet. Ships of the same model are operated by S.M.S. in each fleet. In the fight at the Vajra's main world, a great number of Macross Quarters gathered from each fleet in response to the call for reinforcements.

Attached to Macross 17
From the number on the hull that's had camouflage-like colouring applied to it, it's thought that this Macross Quarter belongs to the Macross 17 Fleet. The differences with the ship that belongs to Frontier can be perceived in the details, such as an increase in the number of gun turrets on the shoulders and legs.

Caption: Strengthened Attack Form
Caption: Fortress Warship Form

Attached to Macross 23
From the hull number, it is guessed that the ship belongs to the Macross 23 Fleet. It features a blue colouring. In relation to the armaments, they are in common with the ones used by Frontier's S.M.S..

Caption: Strengthened Attack Form
Caption: Fortress Warship Form

Armaments - Their performance is basically the same
The Macross Quarter is composed of 5 small ships, such as a Macross Cannon and carrier. The only differences are in the details of the armaments, and the basic composition is also in common with the warships belong to each fleet.

Ship-Borne Craft - A personal craft that's also based on the VF-25
The carrier borne craft that the other S.M.S. branches use are things such as the VF-25 and Destroids. In addition, veterans like Isamu Dyson, who has forcibly equipped his craft with the VF-25's Super Packs, also use VF-19 series aircraft. In addition, the craft that Isamu drives isn't the YF-19, but is a another craft from the VF-19 series that has had it's colouring altered.


Pg 80

Battle Frontier
Strengthened Attack Form

The Battle Frontier is taken over by the leaders of the Macross Galaxy Fleet and sorties. It transforms to Strengthened Attack Form within the atmosphere, and has an eye on the Vajra Queen's nest (hive).

Length: 1,681 m
Width: 521 m
Gross Weight: 16,550,000 t

Fortress Warship Form
The Battle class Stealth Space Attack Carrier, which is the cornerstone of the Macross Frontier Fleet's defence, is placed under the jurisdiction of the Frontier Government. It differs from the former Megaroad class, as the residential areas and combat facilities are separated, and it is usually connected to the tip of Island 1. In an emergency, such as when Island 1's defensive line has been penetrated, it separates and supports the battle.
The basic performance, starting with the transformation system, is common to the other Battle class ships. It boasts a total length of about 1,600 m, approximately 4 times that of the Macross Quarter, and it can fire the Macross Cannon from the bow even in Fortress Warship form. It is composed of 6 ships, and each one can be operated individually.

Equipment of the Frontier Forces - Camouflage EX-Gear
EX-Gear isn't only a pilot suit but also has a high performance as a combat power suit. For that reason, an EX-Gear corps that has had city camouflage applied to it belongs to the Frontier Government. They proved more than equal to Macross Galaxy's implant soldiers.


Pg 81

Queen Frontier
The management of the Macross Galaxy Fleet aimed for the fusion of the Battle Frontier and a Vajra Queen. They succeeded in accomplishing the forced fusion by making use of communications cables in order to eliminate interference from the outside. The strange-looking form that was a fusion of living things and machines, blocked the way in front of Aruto et al.

Normal Body
The appearance when the Queen's intentions have been usurped and the Galaxy Fleet's leaders are manipulating it. With such things as the firing of the Macross Cannon aimed at Island 1, it is completely changed into Galaxy's pawn.

Abnormal Body
The appearance when the leaders' control has been undone by Burera's efforts. The surface colour has also changed from green to purple. By such things as responding to the dance of Aruto's light, the Vajra Queen intentions are restored.

Fold Wave Control Systems
Control Tower

A Vajra control system that was brought from the Macross Galaxy. They were built in various parts of Island 1 and were used to control the Vajra into which the Implant Shells had been shot.

Caption: Large Fold Jamming Apparatus
Caption: Medium Fold Jamming Apparatus

Implant Shells
They are special armaments that are shot into the Vajra, enabling them to be controlled. The body colour of the Vajra who have been shot changes. The Vajra are put under control by fold wave emissions.


Pg 82

The Macross Frontier Fleet encountered the Vajra, a space creature. Their mode of life, which defies conventional wisdom, isn't only one sided as a threat to mankind, but also hides a possibility as a resource. Fold Quartz, a rare mineral, ties the entire Galaxy into a fold network of Earth-like planets... It becomes the trigger of a new war for resources.

Vajra Classifications
Caption: The Queen Candidate makes a temporary nest inside a mother-ship type Vajra and travels around space. It's goal is an Earth-like planet.

[Translator's note: following is organized as a flow chart in the book]

Queen Vajra
The Queen Vajra, without exception, makes a nest on an Earth-like planet. After becoming established on a home world, the queen rears and develops larvae. The Queen Candidates who are born from among those larvae starts on a journey to other stars.

Larvae Vajra
The larvae are born from eggs that are produced by the Vajra Queen. Even Ai-kun, who met Ranka, was that larvae. The larvae are thought to evolved into the various types of Vajra via this second stage that has wings.

[Translator's note: flow chart breaks into two branches: Combat Types and Battleship Types]

Combat Type
Various types of combat Vajra exist, from the human-side's VF-weapon sized ones to large-scale ones. Their purpose is to defend the Queen from external enemies. They generate means of attack similar to such things as internal beam guns and missiles, and they can also fold on their own.

Hound Vajra
The rare Vajra that kidnapped Ranka. It has an excellent hand-to-hand fighting ability due to it's forearms, which are shaped like a mantis's scythes. It's a high-speed type that has a manoeuvrability that matches that of the YF-29 even within an atmosphere.

New Heavy Vajra
As an individual, it is the largest class of heavy combat type Vajra. It is equipped with a large turret on its back, and also has the ability to fly. It lay dormant in a defensive role on the surface of the Botoruzaa class fortress where the Vajra had made their nest.

Battleship Types
Warship-like extra-large Vajra. They are not actually a single body, but are formed from several individuals. Unlike the individual Vajra, the battleship types can deploy a fold barrier. Moreover, they possess means of attack similar to the combat type Vajra.

Warship Type
The Vajra that guards the Battleship Type is the smallest type among the vessel type of Vajra. Even though it doesn't have a fighting ability to the extent of the Battleship Type, they're overwhelming number is a threat.

Battleship Type
It plays a central role among the Vajra who travel in space. It has great fighting abilities, and it is protected even against the Macross Quarter's Macross Cannon.

[Translator's note: end of the flow chart]

Vajra Merits [Value of the Vajra]

Fold Network
A wide area network where fold faults are not controlled. With it, It's not even a dream to put the galaxy in one's hands.

Fold Quartz
A rare mineral that is involved with the inside of the Vajra's bodies. It's potential of becoming a new energy source for the human race is hidden.

Structure of the Vajra
It was thought that the Vajra didn't have their own minds, because their brains don't exist. However, due to such things as helping their wounded comrades, it has been confirmed that they must have such things as feelings and their own minds in order to undertake those kinds of actions. The means of communication that the Vajra who don't have brains use is Fold bacterium in their abdomen. Fold communications become possible by using this bacterium, and they can communicate with other Vajra.


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