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Model Graphix #203
Furuya Tomoyasu, ed. Model Graphix #203. Oct. 2001. Print.

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source image Advanced Valkyrie In Action

VF-1J w/ Fast Pack "Strike Valkyrie"
SVF-113 "Enigma" (Night Screamers)

Hasegawa 1/72 injection-plastic kit
Production And Text: Hayato Kobayashi

Even though SVF-113 "Enigma" are primarily a flying corps deployed to an ocean aircraft carrier (called so to distinguish it from a Space Carrier) attached to the Unified Forces Pacific Fleet, there are situations where they are likely to launch into space at set intervals for capability maintenance and training. At first, the within atmosphere deployed units and space deployed units are assumed to be operated distinctly, and although it was arranged so that the required missions and the content of the training for that were assumed to have different systems according to each [type of unit], due to the demands of the tactical side - which demanded operational flexibility -, little by little unified operations, multi-missions, and multi-roll [capabilities] were promoted, and it came to be that skills in both the atmosphere and space would be at least unified at the training level. The VF-1, which is essentially a Variable Fighter, is an armament system that has an exceedingly high workload (crew burden) that demands extensive skills - such as hand-to-hand fighting in Battroid mode, firing while proceeding in GERWALK mode - which is a model that has part of the use of a tank -, in addition to normal dogfights [in Fighter mode. And its integrated operations, which forces more than double the training content due to each form, was naturally notorious as "a pilot killer". This aircraft exemplifies the state [of the VF-1] when it launches into space. Super Packs have arranged on the aircraft itself, and as packs that have been carefully painted on the ground, the patterns also have the intention of demonstrating the effectiveness of camouflage. At first it was expected that there wouldn't be any [light] diffusion due to being on standby, and as the contrast due to shadows cast by the unevenness of the airframe in outer space was high to begin with, it was reported that the painting on this craft, which had an [illegible] difference, wasn't very effective.

■ Even though one could think that the reason that FAST Packs are added onto a painted model that is assumed to be for within the atmosphere is unreasonable, the real American Naval F/A-18 was at first intended to be the F-18 units that were operated as fighter aircraft and the A-18 units that were operated as attack craft, and the aircraft itself and the operating units were, in the end, integrated. As a result, the attack craft units came to do dogfight training... as the story goes, and its possible that that sort of thing happens [in the Macross world].

(Explanation And Text: Asahi Wakajima)


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source image source image source image

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See link for text.

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[Scanlation] more text on the construction and details

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[Scanlation] more text on the construction with a mini-column by Isaku Ikabe titled: "Additional Equipment For Aircraft", which is written on real world aircraft (i.e.: the F-4 Phantom, A-4 Skyhawk, and the F-15, among other aircraft, are mentioned).
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[Scanlation] part of a writeup on a different VF-1 Super Valkyrie. If someone were to provide scans of the pages preceding and following this one, it would clarify what this page is about.


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source image

Translator's note: the preceding page and bottom line of the paragraph is missing from the scan. If someone where to provide the missing pages and a complete scan of the page, it would be greatly appreciated!

VF-1J w/ Fast Pack and Extra Booster Rocket
U.N. Spacy High Altitude Defence Fighter Squadron High-Angels

And finally, an example that has a somewhat unusual nature. It's a high-altitude air defence fighter that carries* an even more gigantic booster. In actuality, such equipment appears several times in the anime, and various ones can be seen, such as: the VF-1's atmospheric escape booster, the VF-11B's solid fuel boosters, and the YF-19's Fold Booster. This time, it is used to vividly remember the period of disorder after the Bodoru War, and we made a supplemental booster that uses appropriated parts.

* Translator's note: Preceding kanji in the kanji combination is illegible. Best fit guess here.

The subsequent text looks interesting, with such things as craters, Macross City, the Buritai Fleet, ICBMs, scrambling in 2-3 minutes and so on mentioned. Alas, it is nigh incomprehensible with the bottom row cut off.


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