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Model Graphix #299
Furuya Tomoyasu, ed. Model Graphix #299. Oct. 2009. Print.

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Pg 06

Bandai Operations Department Design Development Team -who are in charge of the Macross F plastic model development- Interview

Pg 08-09

"Macross the Dream Fighter"

Pg 10-15

VF-25Gu +APS-25E/MF25P Armoured Messiah Valkyrie Klan Custom
If there was a Messiah for Captain Kuran Kuran... (a wild idea)

[Following gleaned from images:
- 3 barrel Mauler ROV-127C 12.7mm Coaxial Beam Gun (text does say that it was based on an F head, with parts of a G head added on top)
- one SSL-9B Dragunov sniper rifle (no GU-17A or GU-17V)
- APS-25A/MF25 Armour Pack with the following changes: additional or enlarged shoulder and lower leg armour parts. The Otto/Sentinel 57 mm Anti-Ship Anti-Air Rapid-Fire - Swivelling Beam Turrets have been replaced by Twin Barrel (Beam?) Gun Turrets (comparable in size to the 55 mm barrel of the SSL-9B) and a single supplementary (Beam?) Gun Turret (slightly smaller than the ROV-127C). Folding chain saw on right forearm.
- Colouring: dark purple with light grey and pink highlights.]


Pg 16-30

Pg 16-17

Super Dimensional New Release Information - Rev-Up Macross Side A

[Announcement of the development of the "1/72 VF-27 Lucifer Brera's Aircraft (tentative)".
The article contains some 3D modelling art for the kit of: head (front and rear), wing and wing engine nacelle (top, bottom and rear), leg engine nacelle (top 3/4 front and bottom 3/4 rear views), arm shield with knife/sword (top and bottom), upper leg (forward 3/4 top view), foot (top and bottom 3/4 views) and rear landing gear.]

Macross Fighter Collection 2
(...) [advertisement]

Pg 18-23

[Article and some B&W photos detailing the following kits/scenes and their construction: VF-25Gu Klan Custom Armoured Special, VF-25S Ozma Custom "Low Visibility", RVF-25 Luca Custom "GERWALK Form", and Wild River's F-World "Last Armageddon".]

Pg 25

Does The Bandai 1/72 VF-25 Have The Dream Of An Airplane Model?
"Real" detailing is carried to the extremes as a non-transformable model!

Pg 27-29


One More Possibility For What Is Called "Low Viz Paint"

Here Is A Realistic SF Fighter! VF-25S Messiah Valkyrie Ozuma Custom "Low Visibility"

[Following gleaned from images:
- different landing gear (text says the large landing gear comes from a 1/32 F-14 kit)
- IRST system "ball" added just to the front right of the cockpit
- afterburner nozzles inside of the thrust vectoring plates of the foot assembly
- wing armaments: centreline mounted large fuel tank, on each wing: GU-17A with a pair of Anti-Ship Reaction Missiles on the inner hardpoints. Single AGM-84E or ASM-2 on middle hardpoints, and single AAM-3 or AN/APX-95 on outer hardpoints (missile designation unclear. Article states that they came from the Hasegawa 1/48 Aircraft Weapon Set - of which at least 4 different kits exist...).

Pg 30

RVF-25S Super Messiah Valkyire Luca Custom "Gerwalk Form"

[Article stats that it's a combination of the RVF-25 and VF-25 Super Parts kits. Article also has a picture of the VF-1QR with GU-17A from the January 2009 issue and the VF-25G from the July 2009 issue; both VFs in GERWALK.]


Pg 31-40

Pg 33

Super Dimensional New Release Information - Rev up Macross Side B
The "Theatrical Version of Macross F -The False Songstress-" is scheduled to be released on November 21st. It is packed with maniac charm due to the new aircraft design that commemorates that. In addition, 2 items for the latest trial production of the Deculture Decals have been released, and are also considerably wacky content here. Now, everyone also "Nihao nyan"!

Left: Here is an illustration to scrutinize the YF-24 Prophecy's markings. There is a blue line in the center part of the fuselage, and a white line is arranged on the main wings. The exterior of the airframe is reproduced in molded white and orange. Parts on the upper surface of the body have new molding according to the shape of the head, and there is a left and right asymmetry in the gaps for the folded left and right asymmetrical antenna on the head.

Down: Because it is a testing aircraft, it simultaneously also does the EX-Gear control testing, and the rear seat also supports EX-Gear. After the testing ends, it is a model conversion training aircraft, whose setting says that it is used as an EX-Gear training aircraft.

Commemorating "Theatrical Macross F -The False Songstress-"
"YF-24 Prophecy X Advance Movie Ticket Sale Set"
At last, reservations are being accepted starting on Sept. 1, 2009 (Tuesday).

YF-24 Prophecy X Advance Movie Ticket Sale Set
(1/72 reservation acceptance planned from Sept. 1, 6,025 tax included)
Source: "Macross F"
Bandai. Questions: Bandai Shizuoka Call Centre

Caption: The 1/72 plastic model series perfect reproduction of the new creation and design "YF-25 Prophecy", which ties together the YF-24 Evolution and the VF-25 Messiah, commemorates the release of "Macross F Theatrical Edition -The False Songstress-". This aircraft was a testing craft with only a few manufactured at that stage, before putting the VF-25 into S.M.S. for actual combat trials; and its said to have an unarmed configuration (as the item is still being developed, the setting, design, and so on might change).

Up: The new mold of the head is composed of several sensors, cameras and so on, which can gather and collect data and images through multiple ways. The cover consists of a clear part, and the asymmetrical left and right equipment is fascinating.

Caption: [summary: it says that you can make reservations for this product at the Family Mart website starting from 24:00 on Sept. 1, along with the website's address.]

[Deculture Decals]

Which Kuran is your favourite?
(...) [There are two new Kuran decals for the VF-25G]

A New Design Corresponding To The Transformation
(...) [New Ranka Lee decals for the VF-25F]

Pg 34-40

"Last Armaggedon" - Wild River's [Macross] F-World
[Article on a VF-25S Armoured Messiah Ozma Custom and VF-25G Messiah Michael Custom diorama. Not canon, as the VF's have missiles popping out of places they're not supposed to!]


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