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Newtype Ace Feb. 2012 Special Appendix 1: Macross F The Movie - My Best Memory
Kobayashi Hideaki, ed. "Macross F The Movie - My Best Memory Special Appendix 1." Newtype Ace. Feb. 2012. Print.

Table of Contents

First Third

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The Story That The Two Songstresses Spun
In 2008, a new page was added to the history of Macross. "Macross F" is the TV anime production that came 13 years after "Macross 7". In "Macross F", two lovable songstresses appear... Sheryl and Ranka.
Even though many generations of songstresses had been sent out in the "Macross" series, the very popular songstresses were new to memory. Lets look back once more at their songs along with the unfolding fascination of "Macross F".

A portion of the pages of this book are reedited articles that were published in Monthly "Gundam Ace's Special Edition Macross Ace" (Vol. 1 ~ Vol. 8).

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Interview with Matsui Rena (SKE48 member) about Macross F.

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Comments by SKE48 Team S and Team KII members on Macross F.

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Theatrical Macross F: the False Songstress

Staff: (...)

Cast: (...)

The gears move when Sheryl lands, and the gears of Aruto's and Ranka's fates are revealed.

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Check Point:

Aruto's Enlistment In S.M.S.

Caption: (...)

Ranka's Debut As A Singer

The Course Of Love

Caption: (...)

Grace's Secret Manoeuvring

Michael's Good Luck

Caption: (...)

Only By Changing Ones Viewpoint, One Can Enjoy The Story Any Number Of Ways

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Galactic Songstress Sheryl Nome Live In Frontier
(... basically about Sheryl's songs/concerts/fashion)

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Theatrical Macross F: the Wings of Goodbye
The respective futures that Sheryl, Ranka, and Aruto chose.

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Check Point
The Hypothesis Of The Origin Of The Internal Spirit


Princess Aruto Appears

Puppet Show

The Second Generation Of Max And Miria

Release From The Spell

"Theatrical Macross F" Is Completed By Taking On Board 30 Years Of History.

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Important Delivered Desires... Final Take Off
It's Been 3 Months Since The End Of The Engagement With The Vajra. The Frontier Fleet Has Been Reconstructing.
Macross Homages:
The Cross

(...) "Macross Zero"
VF-1 Takeoff
(...) "Super Dimensional Fortress Macross"


Middle Third

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The Wind To The Wing! The Song To The Galaxy!
The End Of Triangle - The Wings Of Goodbye


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A Movie That Is "experienced"
SuperVision - Kawamori Shouji


Ranka "Rainbow Coloured Kuma-kuma"
Director Kawamori Wanted To Make A Magical Girl Thing!?


Pg 24-25

Mighty Atom (Astro Boy)
The 100,000 Horsepower Mighty Atom That Had Descended On The Macross world

Translator's note: pictured is Mighty Atom on a small screen playing above Ranka in one still from the movie.

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Old And New - Forward Swept Wing Fighters
Disclosed! Isamu Dyson Was Driven Out Of The New Unified Forces!?

This time, the movie also seems to show all of the "Macross" series, and Isamu (from "Plus") appears as a member of S.M.S. in compensation for having been expelled from the New Unified Forces. As one would expect, he's not someone who personally buys a Valkyrie (laughs). As a matter of fact, as it had been decided that Isamu's beloved aircraft, the VF-19, would appear before the YF-29's design was completed, this movie ended up becoming a collaboration of new and old forward swept winged aircraft.

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Saotome Aruto
What's The Possibility Of A Sequel For Aruto, Who Had Flapped His Wings?

Even though there is a possibility, with regards to me, it is very difficult to draw a sequel. Unlike other productions, because there are a lot of songs, battles, love triangles and elements of "Macross", there is a lot of anxiety in concluding a series. If I have an idea for something that has a completely new conclusion, than I want to try my hardest to do it.

Caption: This movie is also the same "Macross F" story as the TV series. Various approaches to one setting is the point that makes the "Macross" series interesting.

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[Interview with Sound Creator Kanno Youko]


Last Third

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Ma-Cross Talk
[Interview with Sheryl Nome's and Ranka Lee's voice actors, Endo Aya and Nakajima Megumi]

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[Interview with Nakajima Megumi]

Pg 38

[Interview with May'n]

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[Game: "Macross Ultimate Frontier", "Macross Triangle Frontier" & 'Campus Mode']

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[BD & DVD: "Theatrical Macross F: The False Princess" and "Theatrical Macross F: the Wings of Goodbye" Hybrid Packs, "Macross Last Frontier" game, super dimensional special edition special items check]

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[Ad for and the Blu-ray release of SDFM.]

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[Ad for Kadokawa-shouten produced Macross manga.]


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