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Pash! Animation File 02: Macross Frontier
Mamoru Haruna, ed. Pash! Animation File 02: Macross Frontier. Tokyo: Shufu To Seikatsu Co., 2009. Print.

Table of Contents

Macross Frontier - Characters

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Pash! Animation File 02: Macross Frontier - Characters
Aruto Saotome, Michael Blanc, Luca Angeloni, Brera Sterne, Leon Mishima, Ozma Lee, Yasaburō Saotome
Sheryl Nome, Ranka Lee

Pg 04-05

From their private lives to secret photos, their real faces are thoroughly checked!
The Utterly Stark Naked F7 Topic!
Captions (R to L): Aruto Saotome, Michael Blanc, Luca Angeloni, Brera Sterne, Leon Mishima, Ozuma Lee, Yasaburō Saotome

Pg 06

Doing just as I feel... I fly!
Aruto Saotome

CV: Nakamura Yūichi

Head: (...)
Brain: (...)
Character: (...)
Special Skill: (...)
Weak Point: (...)
Physical Ability: (...)

The People Surrounding Aruto (...)* *Both Ranka and Sheryl are shown liking him, but the feeling isn't being reciprocated.

Personal Data: Aruto Saotome
Date Of Birth: born July 27, 2042
Age: 17
Blood type: unknown
Sign: Leo
Academic Background: Mihoshi Academy High School Spaceflight Department 2nd year
Hobby: making paper airplanes

Pg 08


Check 2 Private - A First-Class Cook!

Cooking Is The Refinement Of An Enabled Man

Caption: (...)

Caption: (...)

Check 2 Private - Important Things
Is Aruto Actually Religious?

The amulet that Aruto always wore under his shirt next to his skin. Maybe he has a very religious personality... Precisely because it was such an important object, he once exchanged it for Sheryl's earring, wishing her good luck. He is quite romantic to give her something that he touches all the time.

Caption: This amulet was purchased at the "Space Flight Shrine". Shinto shrines also exist in Frontier.

Aruto's Lucky Item

Caption: If it is cherished that much, could it be a memento of his mother?


Pg 10

Check 4: Face & Body

Check 5: Item
His Favourite Mobile Phone Is An Orthodox Type

Mobile phones are the most popular kind of equipment in Frontier. Aruto can slide the window part to the side on his phone. Although mail from Ranka gets through to him, his replies are rather short.

Caption: The incoming screen can be set by the person recording it. Ranka was also an e-mail friend.

The Latest Information On The Frontier Mobile Phones
(right) Nanase's favourite mobile phone. It is small and popular with girls. (left) The mobile phone that bears the mark of Skull Platoon is Ozuma's custom-made phone. The signature-stamp box shape is very cool!

Pg 12

Everyone, Maybe I Want To Say I Love Someone
Michael Blanc

CV: Kamiya Hiroshi

Head: (...)
Brain: (...)
Character: (...)
Special Skill: (...)
Weak Point: (...)
Physical Ability: (...)

The People Surrounding Michael
*Klan is shown liking him, and they are both indicated as childhood friends.

Personal Data: Michael Blanc
Date Of Birth: born 2042
Age: 17
Blood type: unknown
Sign: unknown
Academic Background: Mihoshi Academy High School Spaceflight Department 2nd year
Hobby: casual flirtation

Pg 16

I'll Defend You Without Fail!
Luca Angeloni

CV: Fukuyama Jun

Head: (...)
Brain: (...)
Character: (...)
Special Skill: (...)
Weak Point: (...)
Physical Ability: (...)

The People Surrounding Luca
*has a one-sided love with Nanase

Personal Data: Luca Angeloni
Date Of Birth: born 2043
Age: 15
Blood type: unknown
Sign: unknown
Academic Background: Mihoshi Academy High School Spaceflight Department 2nd year
Hobby: tinkering with mecha

Pg 19

I'll Grant Your Wish
Brera Sterne

Head: (...)
Brain: (...)
Character: (...)
Special Skill: (...)
Weak Point: (...)
Physical Ability: (...)

The People Surrounding Brera

Personal Data: Brera Sterne
Date Of Birth: born 2040
Age: 19
Blood type: unknown
Sign: unknown
Academic Background: Galaxy Fleet, affiliated with Antares Squadron; 2nd Lt.
Hobby: playing the harmonica

Pg 22

I'm Not An Adult, I'm A Man!!
Ozuma Lee

Head: (...)
Brain: (...)
Character: (...)
Special Skill: (...)
Weak Point: (...)
Physical Ability: (...)

The People Surrounding Ozuma
*Bobby is shown liking him, and they are both indicated as friends

Personal Data: Ozuma Lee
Date Of Birth: born Jan. 05, 2032
Age: 27
Blood type: O
Sign: Capricorn
Academic Background: SMS Skull Squadron Captain
Hobby: listening to Fire Bomber music

Pg 24

All Right, It's My Turn.
Leon Mishima

Head: (...)
Brain: (...)
Character: (...)
Special Skill: (...)
Weak Point: (...)
Physical Ability: (...)

The People Surrounding Leon Mishima

Personal Data: Leon Mishima
Date Of Birth: born Jul. 27, 2033
Age: 26
Blood type: unknown
Sign: unknown
Academic Background: New Unified Government Chief of Staff -> 5th President
Hobby: success in life

Pg 26

As People's Wishes Don't Come True, Do They Dream? As Wishes Don't Come True, Is It A Dream?
Yasaburō Saotome

Head: (...)
Brain: (...)
Character: (...)
Special Skill: (...)
Weak Point: (...)
Physical Ability: (...)

The People Surrounding Yasaburō Saotome

Personal Data: Yasaburō Saotome
Date Of Birth: unknown
Age: unknown
Blood type: unknown
Sign: unknown
Academic Background: Saotome family Kabuki actor
Hobby: reaching to the extremes of the art


Because You're Rarely With Such A Good Woman!

Pg 36

Because You're Rarely Not With Such A Good Woman!
Sheryl Nome

The People Surrounding Sheryl Nome
(...) *Shown as liking Aruto, being a rival of Ranka, and granddaughter of Mao Nome (who's also mentioned as the head of the 117th Large-Scale Survey Fleet)

Personal Data: Sheryl Nome
Date Of Birth: unknown
Age: publicly announced as 17
Blood type: unknown
Sign: unknown
Academic Background: Top Artist / Mihoshi Academy High School, Spaceflight Department, 2nd year
Hobby: body care

Pg 40

I'll Hold You Tight! To The End Of The Galaxy
Ranka Lee

The People Surrounding Ranka Lee

Personal Data: Ranka Lee
Date Of Birth: born Apr. 29, 2043
Age: 16
Blood type: Oz
Sign: unknown
Height: 156 cm
Weight: 42 kg
Address: 381 Dox Street, Frontier Midtown, AS 13451
Telephone number: +83-3-2641-7460
Social Insurance Number: 624-31-9124
Academic Background: Top Artist / Mihoshi Academy High School, Entertainment Department, 1st year
Hobby: collecting goods that are both attractive and repellent at the same time

Pg 42

Learn From This! A Lolita Body That Boys Long For


Still Developing

Caption: (...)

Learn From This! A High School Girl's Cinderella Story


Caption: (...)

Quite A Few Chances To Attract Good Luck

Caption: (...)

Caption: (...)

Caption: (...)

Learn From This! Plenty Of Guts When It's Most Important


She'll Take On Any Challenge

Caption: (...)

Caption: (...)

Learn From This! Ranka's Lovely Items That You'll Want To Imitate For some reason, she is the disgusting-but-cute type. Her mobile phone, which looks comfortable to touch, is in the shape of a giant salamander. Even Ai-kun isn't cute when you look closely... Let's copy Ranka's unique sense of beauty.

Starting with her mobile phone, Ranka's room is full of disgusting-but-cute stuffed animals. Because she was fond of disgusting-but-cute things from the beginning, Ranka was not disgusted by the unfamiliar larval Vajra creature (Ai-kun). The disgusting-but-cute type... they can be profound, can't they?

Caption: Ranka's mobile phone looks like totally like a living creature. It's an exceptional product that also has a music playback function.

Caption: Ai-kun is a Vajra larvae. It's actually a violation of the Ecosystem Protection Law, but she kept it without telling anyone. ♪

Caption: When held in the hand, one would react with a shocked sigh of disgust. If there actually were a mobile phone like this, I would absolutely buy it!

Ranka Loves Disgusting-But-Cute Things!?

Caption: Ranka has a giant giant-salamander stuffed animal in her home. It's gross and cute at the same time, but lovely when you carry it to extremes.

Pg 43

Dress Style
Down: (...)

Right: (...)

Up: (...)

Right: (...)

Sweet Style

Left: (...)

Right: (...)

Left: (...)

Ranka's Style: Her Sweet & Cute Dressing Style

Casual Style

Right: (...)

Left: (...)

Left: The Valkyrie-style backpack that she always uses.

Right: (...)

Left: (...)

Left: (...)

Cosplay Style
Left: (...)

Right: (...)

Left: (...)

Right: The pilot suit that Ranka wore when she went to Gaul 4. It just might look surprisingly good on her!?

Hop - Step - Jump: Ranka's Biography

The High School Girl That Wants To Become A Singer

Contest Appearance

Debut In The Entertainment Industry

Becoming A Top Idol

Building Bridges Between The Vajra And Mankind

Pg 44

Assessing Sheryl's And Ranka's Triangle With Aruto, Who Strolled Along
The Songstresses' Love Equation



Scoop! We've Obtained The Secret Photos Of F7 And The Songstresses!

Pg 46

Scoop! We've Obtained The Secret Photos Of F7 And The Songstresses!
Zoom In On The Childhood Of Aruto And The Others!


Saotome Aruto
He's been a beauty since he was small



Siblings Ranka Lee And Brera Sterne
Encircled By A Warm Family



Michael Blanc
With Childhood Friend Kuran



Sheryl Nome
An Orphan Who Lived Alone




Let's Play Until We're Exhausted In Frontier!

Pg 47

Super Conservation Edition: There's Also Ranka And Sheryl's Advice Navigation
Let's Play Until We're Exhausted In Frontier!

We're going to grandly introduce the latest popular spots of Frontier, where the near future and retro things mix in a beautiful townscape that is conscious of Earth's cities.

Macross Frontier City Frontier Interior Chart Captions: 1. San Francisco Area, 2. Shibuya Area, 3. Beijing Area, 4. Executive Office Of The President, 5. Mihoshi Academy, 6. Griffith Hill, 7. View Pier, 8. Military Hospital, 9. Residential Hilly Area, 10. Macross Quarter On Chart: Shanghai, Taiwan

Area 1: The San Francisco Area - Where The Cable Car Is Popular
The shopping district that's popular among young people where the cable car (tram) runs. The Stargate Bridge that spans the river that flows in the middle of the district is also famous as a sightseeing spot. Also, large monitors are installed in the town, and the music videos of popular artists and so on are broadcast on them.

Spot: The Cable Car - The District's Speciality
The retro atmosphere of the cable car that runs on the hilly roads of the San Francisco area is popular. It is also used by citizens to commute to work or school.

The high-class hotel where you want to slowly pass the weekend with your boyfriend, and where Sheryl also stayed.
The High Class Hotel
Sheryl also stayed in the suite room. A large TV, and canopy bed are in the room, and the bathroom that's also assumed to be spacious. It offers the highest degree of relaxation.

Let's get thrilled together in the hope of Frontier ♡
Sky Lounge
The lounge that Aruto visited with Sheryl on a date. After enjoying the great 360° panorama, where one has an unbroken view of Frontier, we recommend the tea corner.

[Sheryl's] Recommendation: Even though it's a little scary because the floor under your feet is glass, the view is the best! If you come with your boyfriend, definitely stay from dusk to evening!

[Sheryl's] Recommendation: The hot dog shop here is superb! The Super Chili Chili Dog is particularly recommended!!

The Freshly Made Hot Dogs Are Superb
Mellow At The Café That's Very Popular With Students
This is the place where they celebrated Ranka's debut, and Michael and the others formed Ranka's fan club.

Silver Moon
An open cafe where the Mihoshi Academy students hang out. The prices are also low, and it is friendly to students. The sandwiches and desserts are especially delicious ♥

[Ranka's] Recommendation: The tables here have a deculture function where you can tell your companions your emotions. It's very exciting!

Pg 48

Area 2: Shibuya Area - The Shopping District Where Young People Gather
As there are fashion buildings oriented toward young people, a branch of the popular Chinese "Nyan-Nyan" chain restaurant, and so on, it shows crowds of people from the weekdays. There are also the deep blocks, such as "Deep Akihabara" and "Deep Kabukicho".

Shop: The Origin Of Fads
Shibuya 199

The place where the Frontier trends originate. If you're a woman who loves being stylish, you absolutely cannot leave, as there are many terribly lovely items. If you're shopping with your boyfriend, do it here!

There Are Bargain Sales
Before Super Long Range Folds, simultaneous bargain sales break out! You can't miss this opportunity!

Caption: As the place where Ranka did business at the time of her debut, it is holy ground among her fans.

[Ranka's] Recommendation: It is assuredly a profoundly memorable place where I distributed tissue packs to promote my debut song, "Cat Diary".

Eat This!
"Nyan-Nyan", Where Ranka Was Working
Super Dimensional Restaurant "Nyan-Nyan"
The Chinese restaurant that started from the Chinese restaurant that was the home of legendary songstress Minmei, and expanded into a chain that's in every Emigrant Fleet. The Kaitaku Road branch where Ranka had a part-time job, is congested to the extent that numbered tickets are distributed to customers. A reservation is required.

[Ranka's] Recommendation: When you come to the restaurant, absolutely eat the "Tuna-Bun". Because it uses tuna, it is healthy and is delicious even when it cools!

The Waterfront Is Very Popular ♥
The waterfront is a hot place right now. While strolling at the seashore with your boyfriend, you seem to play all day long as there are fashionable shops, food courts, and even movie theatres.

Caption: The soft ice cream that Ranka and Brera ate is rich with the taste of milk! It's a deliciousness that you want to eat even if you have to queue up in the process. Also, the spot on the seashore where Michael and Kuran stopped by where you can closely see fur seals basking in the sun, is popular with girls. You can really sweetly spend time with your important person here.

Area 3: Beijing Area - Where It's Possible To Have A Good Time In The Multipurpose Space
The area where "Tenkūmon Plaza" is the symbol - where there are such things as ponds, water fountains, and a forest. As there is a sea, if you walk a short distance, on top of there being a lot of greenery, couples and naturally parents and children want to go and visit it. Live performances, which are held every day in "Tenkūmon" are also hot!

People Got Excited For The Live Performances Of The Two Great Songstresses
Spot: Tenkūmon

Frontier's largest multipurpose auditorium, where the huge dragon objet d'art stand out. Such things as Sheryl's concert when she came to the ship, and Ranka's first concert were also held in Tenkūmon.

[Sheryl's] Recommendation: The acoustics are good, and it's a stage that's very easy to sing on. When I give live performances again, everyone absolutely come and see it!

I Want To Enjoy A Date In A Park
Spot: Tenkūmon Plaza
A park that was made imaging "Tienanmen" on Earth. The Frontier Metro is convenient for access. As there are parking lots inside the park, it's also alright to go on a date by car.

Pg 49

Coordinate A Perfect Date - When You Want To Go With Your Boyfriend
There are many spots in Frontier where you can fully enjoy lushly green places, such as parks, and outer space. Leisurely spend the daytime in the parks, and while gazing at the stars at night as-is, immerse yourself in a sweet mood ♥

The Panorama Spot Where You Have An Unbroken View Of Island 1
You Can Part From The Hustle And Bustle Of The City And Peacefully Spend Time ♪

[Ranka's] Recommendation: I also often went when I met Aruto-kun. As it's a very quiet place, it's good when you want to talk with your important person. The setting sun, seen from the building, is also assuredly awfully beautiful ♥

6: Griffith Park Hill
As the park is on a hill, it has an exceptional view! The old-fashioned building design, which is aware of the Griffith Observatory on Earth, is also popular. If you enjoy yourself leisurely talking under the gigantic monument, it's no accident that you'll be quickly intimate in love.

Caption: The place that Ranka used when she told her dream to Aruto, and when she bid farewell to him. If you talk together in the beautiful sunset, you'll naturally make a congenial atmosphere ♥

While Watching Fighter Aircraft Take Off, Get Into A Love Mood
7: View Pier And View Park
It's a popular spot where you can closely see the fighter aircraft and so on that take off into space. Inside the enclosing skylight dome, objet d'art that image the galaxy and water fountains also give the mood a perfect score.

[Sheryl's] Recommendation: As the spaceship docking port is directly beside it, it's fun to see the VFs that take off. As there are telescopes, it's also nice to do astronomical observations with your boyfriend.

Caption: As there are also refuge shelters, you're safe even if by chance the skylight breaks. When Aruto and the others were attacked by the Vajra, they took shelter here.

Island 3 - Frontier's Tourist Attraction
It is a tourist spot that people from other Emigrant Fleets certainly want to be shown, as the Zentrādi live as-is as giants. It is one of the prides of Frontier, with a cobalt blue sea, coral reefs, and deep green jungles that are superior compared to the other Emigrant Fleets!

The Hippo-cows Can Be Seen From Close-by!
Hippo-cow Ranch
In the Island 3 agricultural plant you can visit the place where the Zentrādi raise the "Hippo-cows". After enjoying the giant Hippo-cows, you must have the superb ice-cream at Forumo that uses Hippo-cow milk!

It's Like You've Lost Your Way In A Fairyland!
Forumo A Zentrādi shopping mall. It's fun when you completely fall into the feeling where you've lost your way in a fairyland, as the whole mall is gigantic! Here is also holy ground between fans as the place where Ranka performed a live performance on the road before her debut.

[Sheryl's] Recommendation: In any case, the whole place gets very excited. I recommend Forumo if you want to frolic a child with your boyfriend.

Pg 50

I Want To Live In Frontier!
The Foremost Line On The Residential Conditions
Information on the latest housing situation and recommended property for the people who want to live in the ground block of Frontier. However, for the people who hope to live on in the ground block, in Frontier only administrators, aviation related, military related, artists and so on can live in the ground block.

Access To The Shopping District By Cable-car Is Perfect! The Admired San Francisco Area
The San Francisco Area where Ranka and Sheryl live has many small, stylish apartment buildings and apartment houses. It holds the No.1 rank in the districts that people want to live. A reason why it's popular is also curious atmosphere where houses in the British style, Chinese style, and so on, stand in a row according to the block.

[Ranka's] Recommendation: Even though there are a lot of hill roads, the San Francisco Area is convenient for commuting to work and school, because the cable car runs on the roads. As the Shibuya Area is also close, there are many places to enjoy yourself.

The Apartment House Where Ranka Lives
The apartment where Ranka and Ozuma live. As a property with 4 rooms -a living room, kitchen, Ozuma's room, and Ranka's room-, it is the most popular kind. Ranka's room is filled with goods that are revolting and cute at the same time. There is also a basket for Ai-kun next to the bed.

The Large Apartment Where Sheryl Lives
The room that Sheryl -who came to live in the Frontier Fleet- borrowed when the Galaxy Fleet was destroyed, is a high class large apartment that has a spacious living room and kitchen. The sunlight that comes in from the bay windows feels good. It is a property that's just right for you to live with your boyfriend.

The Quiet Hilly Residential Area
The hilly residential area that's located roughly in the centre of Island 1 is a high-end residential district, where artists and government officials live. Single houses line up their eaves, and it is a place that the citizens aspire to live in.

The Saotome Residence
The purely Japanese style house that has such things as a small pond in the garden. There is the principal residence where Ranzō lives, the detached room that Aruto's mother used to recuperate, and a training room. Yasaburō used the detached room to carry in and look after Sheryl, who had collapsed in the town.

When Push Comes To Shove, What Are The Facilities?

Military Hospital
As it is a general hospital directly controlled by the New Unified Forces, the scale and medical care facilities are No.1 in Frontier. There's also a heliport, and it also supports the delivery of emergency patients. For those reasons, celebrities such as Sheryl often use it.

Arlington Cemetery
The place where citizens, and of course the military personnel who died in action, sleep. However, as S.M.S. isn't the regular army, their tombstones aren't erected in the cemetery even if they die in action. Take heed!


Sightseeing Spots That Are The Talk Of The Town - Where I Want To Go And Use The Weekend

Pg 51

One Flight From Frontier!
Sightseeing Spots That Are The Talk Of The Town - Where I Want To Go And Use The Weekend
*****2 night, 3 day petite trips*****
Dates in Frontier are good, but... how about having a petite trip with your boyfriend on the weekend once in a while? If you stretch your legs and go out, then the now popular "Gaul 4" and "Vajra Homeworld" are the best!

If You Like Trips Where You Seek Stimulation, Go To Gaul 4, Where The Insurrection Continues!
The Global Warship, When Seen Against The Background Of The Sunset, Is A Superb View!

As an atmosphere exists on it, it became a popular spot in one go as Sheryl and Ranka performed a sympathy call on it. Because the orbital period and rotation period are synchronized, the difference in temperature between the surface of the hot day side and the cold night side is intense. For that reason, the vegetation has only propagated on the surface of the day side, and the appearance is completely like a jungle on Earth. Will you see if you can have a deculture experience with your boyfriend?

If Your Lucky, You'll Even Be Able To Enjoy A Swarm Of Vajra Motherships

Caption: The Motherships of the Vajra usually hide themselves at the bottom of the lake. As they only occasionally rise to the surface, you're lucky if you're able to encounter them☆

Option: Swimming Underwater And In The Sky As Options
As an option, you can ride a VF-25 and enjoy a rendezvous. You can experience a gravity that has a genuine "atmosphere". Also, you can put on an EX-Gear, and take flight in the valley where the Fold Ore tracking "Royal Chasefoot" grows en masse. Let's freely fly about Gaul 4!

First Day: Explore The Jungle
Take a walk in the mangrove jungle. After personally experiencing the sultry heat that's characteristic of the jungle, you can enjoy bathing in a waterfall.

Second Day: Field Trip Into The Global Warship
A field trip in the Global Warship, which has descended into a lake. In the Vajra spawning room, which is underground, sit and rest on the pedestal to get a tactile sense of the unusual Vajra Semi-Queen.

Yasaburō: Visit The Base
You can visit the 33rd Marine Force Base, that Sheryl and the others also visited on a sympathy call. The beauty of the base, which shines in the evening sun, is spellbinding. The superb view will enthrall you and your boyfriend ♥

The Vajra Homeworld - If You Want To Be Healed On A Lushly Green Ground
The Vajra Homeworld has been recently discovered, that people are abuzz about. Unlike Gaul 4, it is popular as a blue planet that closely resembles Earth. Even without a helmet, it is safe, as the environment is also close to that of Earth. You can be completely satisfied by the plateaus where flowers bloom, the sky blue oceans, and the sky that extends everywhere. You can peacefully flutter about having your fill on the ambience of the old Earth. ♪

Relaxation In A Space Walk

Caption: You're able to watch the Vajra Homeworld from space. Swim while viewing the blue world is recommended to women, as you can relax your body and mind.

Experience The Greenery Of Nature

First Day: Walk On The Planet
As the first day is free, please start by enjoying the green ground and blue sky with all your might. You can also enjoy excursions where you board a VF-25.

Second Day: Vajra Watching
Watch the Vajra who fly in the air. It's also possible to closely experience them, if you can aptly interpret their communication.

Third Day: Field Trip To See The Vajra Mating
Presently, it's the valuable mating period of the Vajra, which is possible to see only once every tens of thousands to hundreds of million of years. Don't miss this opportunity, as you'll never be able to see it again!


Mihoshi Academy - Magazine Campus Tour

Pg 52

The Greatest Specialist Training School In Frontier
Mihoshi Academy - Magazine Campus Tour
A campus tour in Mihoshi Academy is now being carried out for the young people who carry tomorrow's Frontier on their shoulders. While freely inspecting the facilities, will you touch the traditional and liberal atmosphere? If you're lucky, will you also have the chance to meet the Galactic songstresses!?

What Kind Of Place Is Mihoshi Academy?
It is the sole school in Frontier that trains specialists. It aims at the acquisition and inheritance of of traditional culture and skills, and 8 courses in total are set up; such as the public entertainment, the comprehensive vocational training, the information, and the spaceflight departments. Given that it is completely a credit system, you can learn in classes that match your skills.

Space Flight Department Section & Pin Badge
The general education curriculum has a badge with a design of the "Mihoshi" = "3 stars"*, on the collar. The Spaceflight Department is affixed to the chest with a crest that depicts a Valkyrie.

* Translator's note: a pun. '3 stars' can be read in the same way as 'beautiful star', the kanji used for the school's name.

Boy's Uniform
It is basically a shirt that has blue lines on the shoulders, and navy blue pants. The necktie arranges 3 kinds of colours - red, blue, and green. The independence respecting hairdo is as you please. You can use your shoes and bag.

Girl's Uniform
A brown skirt is on a beige sailor suit. The scar is red, and there isn't a rule on how you should tie the knot. Three stars are the design on the school designated socks that Ranka puts on.

Space Flight Department Girl's Uniform

Specified Socks

An Enrolled Student's Review
Nanase Matsūra

CV: Kuwashima Houko
She belongs to the Art Department. She really likes Ranka, as they're friends from "Nyan-Nyan", where she previously worked with Ranka. She rooted for Ranka in order for her to become a top idol.

Guide To The Facilities

There is a lot of greenery on the high grounds. Of course there is a baseball ground and ground track, and there are also such things as a swimming pool and 4 tennis courts. There's the point that they don't use artificial grass, and use dirt. It is also complete with lighting, and is perfect for nighttime practise.

Although classes also exist for the higher grades in school, for convenience students usually study in the classrooms for each subject that they major in. Each desk is fully equipped with 2 monitors.

Front Gate
Exit, and there is a streetcar station on the right; and many students commute to school by train.

As it is entirely glass-sided, there is sunshine and often a preeminent sense of freedom. For that reason, many students chat pleasantly in them.

Campus Exterior
The school building has a design that imitates the "Macross", and a Valkyrie has been placed on the rooftop. The projecting parts are catapults used by the Spaceflight Department students.

Fine Arts Room
The artist students who aim at being tomorrows artists in the middle of studying art.

Shower Room And Changing Room
As there are also dryers, it's OK even if you shed plenty of sweat in the extracurricular activities. That Galactic Fairy, Sheryl Nome, also used them.

Pg 53

I Want To Know The Atmosphere Of The Academy
The as you please school tradition is something that fosters carefree sensitivity and creativity. At this school, the management of such things as events are left up to the students independence.

This Is The Campus Life Of Mihoshi

I Can Be This Close To Sheryl Wearing A School Swimsuit!?
The spectacle of being able to see Sheryl's precious appearance in a school swimsuit, and the enrolment of famous people is a spectacle that's unique to our school.

We Had A Live Performance By Ranka!
We celebrated the "Aimo Anniversary", and student Ranka held a live performance. The Spaceflight Department students also displayed an acrobatic flight and got the venue excited.

Lunchtime Is Enjoyable As You Please
You're even free to bring a bento even if you use the school cafeteria. The character bento made by Nanase are already art!

There Are Many Students In Individual Cliques ♥
Everyone is unique in their hairstyle and the way that they stylishly dress. They compete to be stylish.

The School Is Elevated With Festival Merrymaking
All of the students at the school kicked up a fuss like a festival when they searched for Sheryl's panties. It's a school tradition that students can enjoy ridiculous things.

[Guide To Facilities Con't]

There's also a pool next to the gym. In the summer season, there are also swimming lessons.

The library that was also used when Michael and Kuran searched for the V-type Infectious Disease. The book collection is also large, and useful.

Rooftop Catapult
A catapult for the Spaceflight Department students is installed in the roof. Such things as the storehouse where the EX-Gear are put away are also arranged in the vicinity of the entrance.

Caption: Speaking of the rooftop, it is the staple spot to confess your love. Is that also the appearance of students who are mustering their courage, and communicating their feelings?*

* Translator's note: picture of Aruto and Sheryl.

Caption: You can take in an unbroken view of Island 1, as our school is on high ground. The view seen while flying in the sky is the best!

Spaceflight Department's Storehouse
The room that the Spaceflight Department students use. Incidentally, the lockers are a place to put away bags. They're not a place to confine yourself with a girl...

Our School Pride: Aim At Tomorrow's Fighters In Frontier's Unique Pilot Training Course!
Attention is focused on the cultivation of elite pilots in the Spaceflight Department. Of course there is aerodynamics, and the curriculum is also enriched with such things as muscle training. Their abilities are highly appreciated, and after graduation, students are in great demand in from each airline company, the New Unified Forces, and S.M.S..

We Also Participated In Sheryl's Live Performance

Seniors Who Are Active On The Front Lines: From Galactic Songstresses To The Son Of A Distinguished Kabuki Family, Celebrities Took An Active Part
Among the enrolled students, there is also the form of students whose abilities are valued and are active as professionals from early on. Accordingly, Mihoshi Academy introduced the credit system into the classes, and we provide support so that professional activities and studies may coexist. You too aim at being tomorrow's star, just like Ranka!

Singing Debut And Movie Appearances, Tomorrow's Star Is You!

Mihoshi Academy School Store

Boy's Uniform Dress Shirt
Price: ¥10,290; Size: XS/S/M/L

There's Also The Costume That Ranka Wore When She Sang Live!

Flight Department Crest
Price: ¥1,800

Ranka Lee / Stage Costume
Price: ¥44,100; Size: S/M/L/XL

* All items are goods provided by COSPA.


Private Military Provider S.M.S. Is Taking Applications Now!!

Pg 54

Seeking People Who Are Confident In Their Skills! Protect The Peace And Livelihoods Of The Frontier Citizens
Private Military Provider S.M.S. Is Taking Applications Now!!
Precisely because S.M.S. assembles the in space the pilots who have memorized their skills, they are perfectly suited for the unsatisfactory people in the halfhearted New Unified Forces. They cannot stop making the best use of their proud skills, and the smouldering people come and plunge right into things!

The Role And History Of S.M.S.
The Private Military Provider (Strategic Military Services) is managed by Richard Birla. While active as an interstellar transport enterprise, upon request from the government, it performs from the new armament performance evaluation tests to such things as scouting out the planned route, and escorting important persons.

Owner Richard Birla
CV: Miyazawa Tadashi
A Zentrādi who made a name in a the transportation industry. He established S.M.S. based on his vast capital in order to monopolize galactic distribution and communication. He is a fan of the legendary idol "Lynn Minmei".

Captain Geoffrey Wilder
CV: Okawa Tohru
Even though he once sounded out his skill as a New Unified Forces pilot, he now serves as the captain of the Macross Quarter. Although his looks have plenty of dignity, he also has a lot of an unexpected playful nature.

Embarking In The State-Of-The-Art Valkyrie!
Aruto's Aircraft: VF-25 Battroid
VF-25 Fighter

Michael's Aircraft: VF-25G Battroid
Luca's Aircraft: RVF-25 Battroid
Ozuma's Aircraft: VF-25S Battroid

VF-25 Messiah
It was developed as the successor to the New Unified Forces VF-171 main fighter, and is a new-generation of Variable Fighter. Due to the technical support of the L.A.I. Technical Research Institute, the VF-25 has performance that greatly surpasses that of the existing aircraft.

The Pride Of S.M.S. - The Space Carrier That Boasts The Strongest Transformation Manoeuvrability

Macross Quarter
The Macross Quarter excels in hand-to-hand combat abilities, and has a Macross Cannon (Heavy Reaction Gun) on the right arm, and a combined shield and flight deck on the left arm.

Female Combatants Are Also On The Front Line!
Canaria's Aircraft: VB-6 König Monster
A large Variable Bomber. It is equipped with 4 Rail Guns, and boasts overwhelming firepower and defensive capabilities.

An armament that the female Zentrādi soldiers have boarded from ancient times. The Pixie Platoon uses it. It has manoeuvrability that equals the VF-25.

Kuran's Aircraft
Nene & Laramia's Aircraft

Pg 55

It's All Right Even If You Haven't Experienced Actual Combat, As Your Seniors Will Give You Amiable Guidance
Even though there are a lot of ruffians, everyone's skills are tip-top. Such comrades capitalize on their abundant knowledge and experience, and bring you up one-on-one to become someone who splendidly rides a Valkyrie. Our place of activity is close by!

Aruto Was Also Raised To A Leader Half A Year After Enlistment!
"I realized my dream where I wanted to fly in the sky!" - Aruto

I enlisted to realize my dream of flying in the air. Even though I already had experience flight that used the EX-Gear in school lessons, my combat experience was zero. I had too much pride despite that... er, thanks to the leadership of my reliable seniors and comrades, I could very quickly build up my strengths in a short time. I had peace of mind before combat because I could personally experience mock battles. The environment in S.M.S. is satisfying.

1 An Abundant Training Curriculum
We give thorough guidance on marksmanship and martial arts so that you can cope with any situation. We also give support with aviation lecture studies.

2 Enduring The Gruelling Training From Love...
The shortcut to acquiring your true strength. That is the whip of love from your elder team members. If you can overcome that, than your abilities go up all at once!

3 The Carrot And Stick Policy Of Your Seniors
The seniors with great pilot skills are occasionally strict and at times follow with kindness, and they show the way to becoming an adult.

4 Your Debut In Combat At Last
When you've built up your strengths, you finally head to the battlefield. As the Vajra are currently coming and may attack, this is your best chance to polish your skills as you'll sortie many times!

Your Skills Are Polished On The Front Line!

With Our Welfare Program, You Can Work With Complete Peace Of Mind!
As S.M.S. is an affiliate company to an interstellar transport enterprise, that travels all over the galaxy, your basic livelihood and treatment are guaranteed. There's also a unit song, and you'll be roused when everyone sings it!!

Dormitory Room
We're fully equipped with simple dormitories within the ship. Officers are assigned single rooms, and those below officer rank are assigned double rooms, and it's alright to lodge in the dormitory while working.

Bringing A Girl In Is Strictly Forbidden
In order to protect the order within ship, bringing a lover of the opposite sex in is strictly forbidden! Take heed, as if you're exposed, you'll suffer disciplinary punishment. When you stealthily bring someone in, it's adult manners to inform the occupants of the same room in advance!

A Fully Equipped Dormitory!

There's Also A Resident Doctor

Medical Room
As there are team members who hold a medical licence, you can receive medical treatment for injuries and illness, as well as emotional counselling.

Shower Room
After combat and training, you can wash off your sweat and feel refreshed. If you're a man, you'll deepen your friendship with socializing with your naked fellows* and it'll raise the espirit de corps!

* Translator's note: it's a Japanese thing.

Briefing Room
A space that is used for strategy meetings while on standby. It's possible to take a breather as they've established both a darts board and a bar.

Reduce Stress With Darts

There Are Also Substantial Recreation Facilities

The Uniforms Are Also Cool
Squadron Mark

It is different for each platoon [squadron], and the one for the Ozuma led Skull Platoon is a skull. It's quietly cool!!

Macross Quarter's Mark
There's also a badge that indicates you are attached to the Quarter on the jacket.

A jacket in the red and black key notes. The S.M.S. badge is on the chest, and the Quarter's mark is on the tip of the shoulder.

Pilot Suit
Several colours are provided, and the helmet also has a different shape according to the pilot's abilities.

You Too Can Transform Into A Team Member With These!
For the people who not only feel like an S.M.S. team member but want to taste it, we recommend these goods!

MA-1 Type Jacket (2)
Price: ¥16,900, Size: M/L/XL

S.M.S. Jacket (2)
Price: ¥12,600, Size: M

Shoulder Bag VF-25 (2)
Price: ¥2,100

Mesh Cap (2)
Price: ¥2,100

Business Card Case
Price: ¥1,050

Pocket Pouch (2)
Price: ¥1,575

Neck Strap (1)
Price: ¥1,260

Wristband (2)
Price: ¥1,050

* Goods provided by (1) COSPA and (2) Bandai Fashion Net.

Pg 56

Ship Information

It is the central part of the Macross Quarter, and has both navigation bridge and CIC functions. When not in battle, the operators become animated with such things as talking about love.


It's the place where the initially retained VF-25 are stored and maintained. Arranged on the right-hand side of the picture are the VF-25, on the left-hand side are the Quadoran-Rea, and inserted between in the middle are elevators.

Pilot's Console
The main monitor is in the centre, and the sub-monitor is inside the control wheel. Attacks and defence are done via the slots and triggers that are on the left and right of the wheel.

The Zentra-fication Water Tanks
The water tank that is used when the Zentrādi are Micronized from giants. The Zentrādi, who have a power that's equal to heavy machinery, are warmly received in S.M.S. as there is a lot of extra-vehicular work, such as resource mining. The ship is fully equipped with the water tanks.

Simulator Room
The simulation room that the team members use for flight training. When he enlisted in S.M.S., Aruto also attempted to improve his skills here.

Women Also Play An Active Role In S.M.S.

Kuran Kuran

CV: Toyoguchi Megumi
A 19 year old born in 2040. While normally coming and going to university, she serves as the commanding officer of Pixy Squadron. As she has awkward genes, her body changes into that of a child when she's Micronized.

Canaria Berstein
CV: Kuwashima Houko
The pilot of the König Monster. She's a married person. Canaria has a doctor's licence, and she is the good person for the team members to turn to about their concerns.

Nene Nōra
CV: Hirano Aya
As a Zentrādi subordinate of Kuran, she adores Kuran as an "older sister".

Laramia Lerenia
CV: Omura Kana
A Zentrādi subordinate of Kuran. She suffered an attack from the Vajra, and was killed in an explosion in the 14th episode.

Monica Lange

CV: Tanaka Rie
The operator who is in charge of search operations. She is in the midst of an unrequited love for Geoffrey.

Mīna Roshan
CV: Hirano Aya
The operator who controls the status within the ship. She is a genius who boasts of an IQ of 180.

Ram Hoa
CV: Fukuhara Kaori
The operator who is in charge of communications and firearm control. She has interests in data acquisition and analysis.

Ship's Pilot
Bobby Margo

CV: Miyake Kenta
The Macross Quarter's helmsman. He was a legendary makeup artist before he enlisted. Although he normally used effeminate phrases and is also deep with the trust of the female crew, once he grasps the control column, he becomes an "honourable man". He has ♥ for Ozuma.

From Love Troubles To Fashion Discussions, Leave It To Me


Frontier Government Public Relations No.10025

Pg 57

Frontier Government Public Relations No.10025
You Can Also Fight The Vajra! We're Taking Urgent Recruiting For Members In The Countermeasures Against The Vajra!

Pilots to fight against the Vajra who are suddenly attacked are being recruited by the New Unified Forces, who were established in 2010 AD, and approached their 50th year this year. As the armed forces are directly controlled by the New Unified Government, your reception is also a sure thing. Won't you work for the citizens in a secure setting?

The Appeal Of Working For The Regular Armed Forces
It's replete with welfare programs, military pensions, family allowances, and so on. We also give support with our influence and the acquisition of special licences preceding retirement. Being able to work in a secure environment is above all other points of appeal.

Workplace Guide
The Executive Office Of The President (left), The President's Office (down)

The Presidential Office Building is wrapped in solar battery glass over the entire building, and it was conscious of being eco. There's also a heliport on the rooftop. The fireplace in the room is nostalgic.

Mishima's Office
The room that Mishima uses. If you become an aide, than you rule the administration of justice, legislation, and administration, and you'll also be able to make things move at your personal discretion. Are you able to enjoy an office romance!?

If You Have A Successful Career, Are You Also Able To Enjoy An Office Romance!?

General Staff Headquarters First Lieutenant Catherine Glass

CV: Kobayashi Sanae
The president's daughter, she has has a keen mind, and an attractive face and figure. Although she was associated with Mishima, she returned to her former lover Ozuma, who she's close to. Her pet name is "Cathy".

President Howard Glass
CV: Nishimura Tomomichi
He takes command of the administration as Frontier's 4th President. He's Catherine's father.

Officer Uniforms
The uniform for the office working troops has a blue line that stands out. An emblem and rank insignia are attached to the shoulders.

Protect The Peace In The Latest Aircraft!!
The Main Fighter Of The Armed Forces: The VF-171

The main multipurpose Heavy Variable Fighter of the New Unified Forces. As it's comparatively easy to fly, it's easy to handle.

The Battle Frontier Is The "Key" To The Defence
Battle Frontier

The Battle Class Variable Stealth Space Attack Carrier that protects Frontier. It is equipped with a large Macross Cannon, which boasts of a tremendous destructive power, and the Battle Frontier is normally docked on the tip of Island 1.

The centre part of the Battle Frontier, where the movements of the Frontier Fleet are controlled. A seat has also been prepared in the CIC for the president.


Macross F, The Basis Of Its Foundation

Pg 92

Because Such Questions Are Rarely Answered!
Macross F, The Basis Of Its Foundation

***We introduce the basic information of "F" and behind the scenes of the setting, as there wasn't much of an explanation in the original story of the anime.***

Ranka: I want you to teach it!

How Is Life In The Frontier Fleet Going?
As the 25th Super Long Range Emigrant Fleet that started on its journey aiming at a new world, the "Frontier Fleet" in the middle of a space flight aiming at the centre of the galaxy. Several Ecosystem Ships*, such as the agricultural plant "Island 3", the fishing plant "Island 11" and industrial ships, are connected centred on "Island 1", which amounts to the main island. Movement in each plant uses the Frontier Metro.
The length of Island 1 is about 15 km, and the height from the ground surface to the topmost part of the dome is 2,000 m. City planning was modelled on the cities that exist on the Earth. The total population in the ship is about 10 million people. Even though most of them reside in "Island 1", as it has multilayer levels, there isn't a problem if the population increases up to about 100 million people. As the humans who live in the above ground blocks are people who are favourably treated professionally, such as administration and armed forces related people and artists, a lot of the people live in the residential sections of the underground blocks. Many kinds of people, such as Earthlings, Zentrādi, Earthling and Zentrādi mixed people, and emigrants from other planets, mix and live together, and the common language is a mix of English, Japanese, and Chinese. Money uses digital cash. The rate varies, as the currency in each fleet is a unique national denomination.
An Island 1 shaped lunch box is famous as Frontier's special souvenir.

* Translator's note: referred to as "Environment Ships" in other sources.

What Kind Of Creature Are The Vajra?
They are a species that lives on a blue coloured planet that's in the vicinity of the centre of the galaxy. One day, they suddenly came and attacked the Frontier Fleet. Also, a little while before that, they destroyed the Galaxy Fleet, as well as the 117th Large-Scale Fleet 15 years ago. Their appearance is like a rhinoceros beetle, and they seem to grow from a larva up to an adult while undergoing several stages. The thoughts of the Vajra aren't in the head, but take place in the guts. As they have a shared will through the Fold Quartz that is made inside their bodies, they don't individually have thoughts. Therefore, cannot comprehend that the human race are a life form that has individually different thoughts, and they came to attack the Frontier Fleet to try to protect Ranka -who emits Fold Waves- from mankind. "Aimo", that Ranka sings, is a song of love that is called out when the Vajra meet and mate with a swarm that lives in another galaxy once every several hundred million years. It has the meaning of "you"*.

* Translator's note: in the sense of "darling".

Caption Up: Vajra Adult

Caption Down: Vajra larvae

What Are The Fold Faults That Often Appear!?
They are faults that exist exist in outer space that cannot be penetrated that even the Protoculture (a human race that that built a great interstellar nation in the galaxy in ancient times) couldn't penetrate. As the Vajra kept the ability to penetrate the Fold Faults to themselves, they were used by Grace, who schemed to bind together the will of all of humanity in the galaxy into one.

What Kind Of Meaning Does "Deculture" Have?
The meaning in Zentrādi is "unbelievable", "surprising", and "startling". In addition, "yak = how", "proto = old", "Zentran = man", "Meltran = woman", "U Zargu = to strengthen", "de zantsu = to be destroyed", "me-zon = song/poetry", "culture = karchun", and "giant (as in giant person) = gorguran".

Originally, Who Were The Zentrādi?
They are a race that was created by genetic manipulation for combatant use by the Protoculture, and are the first aliens that Earthlings encountered, about 50 years ago. They only knew how to wage war, and they woke up to "culture" with Lynn Minmei's song. After that, they were bound by a peace treaty, and coexisted with Earthlings. Ordinarily they boast of a large body, but they can become as small as human size* by using a special capsule. Their feature is pointed ears.

* Translator's note: there's a nuance that they can become any size between the giant and human sizes.

Why Does Kuran's Appearance Change?
It's because her genes are awkward! Usually, even though a Zentrādi's appearance doesn't change during Micronization (when the giant becomes small), there are some, like Kuran, who do change appearance. There also seems to be weak Zentrādi, whose genes get sick after only two or three Micronizations. Incidentally, Michael's genes are a type that cannot return to human size after being changing into a giant.

So... What Is Fold Quartz?
A purple, crystal-shaped material that is generated inside the bodies of the Vajra. It is possible to communicate even with remotely distant space that is cut off by Fold Faults due to Fold Quartz resonance. The Vajra use this function to share information with the swarms that are a long way off. For that reason, Sheryl's and Ranka's singing voices reached Aruto in the midst of battle, as he had one of Sheryl's earrings; and those earrings use Fold Quartz (episode 7). Ranka, who kept the weak Fold Waves in her singing voice to herself, may surely be called natural Fold Quartz?!

Pg 93

Is Birla's Goal Minmei?
Birla talked about a dream of using the Vajra to make the galaxy one. Even though it appears that Birla is aiming for a galactic distribution and communications monopoly, because he is a talented man who built a reputation in the transportation business, in the last part of the end of the story, he appeared staring at a picture of Lynn Minmei?! Is it only a rumour that he only wants to ferret out Lynn Minmei, who has gone missing?

What is the V-type Infectious Disease?
It is a bacillus infection. The bacterium is formed inside the intestines of the Vajra. A treatment hasn't been found in the Frontier fleet. In Ranka's case, it is an infection that was passed from mother to child. Though it is understood that she naturally has Fold Waves inside her body because of the infection passed from her mother, the details on why she doesn't die and so on haven't been confirmed.

Is It True That Everyone Is Lovey-Dovey While Folding?
It's the truth. A Space Fold is a kind of warp. While moving, it is easy to feel high from tripping out as the sensation of separation from ones ethereal body is a kind of drug. In addition, people who play around appear one after another, because of that love-making mode, coupled with the feeling of tension from death - as the act of Folding sits side by side with the act of dying. This state is called "Fold Love".

What Is EX-Gear?
It is a newly developed G-proof suit developed for VFs, that integrates into the cockpit when boarding the aircraft. In addition to the reduction of large-scale G forces that are taken during combat, EX-Gear also ensures pilot safety. Also, EX-Gear can fly on its own, and can operate on its own in places where a VF cannot fly. What Aruto and the others were using at the academy is a simplified type of EX-Gear.

What Kind Of Fleet Is The 117th Large-Scale Research Fleet?
It was the investigation fleet that Ranka and her family embarked on in Ranka's past. In 2048, the fleet suffered a Vajra attack and was destroyed. Traces of an investigation of the Vajra's ecology and the V-type Infectious Disease were found. in the wreckage of the fleet discovered on Gaul 4. A young Ozuma was in the midst of the New Unified Forces that battled to rescue the fleet, when it was attacked by the Vajra.

I Want To Known Everyone's Call Signs
Call signs are am "identification signal", and are assigned to each aircraft. Aruto is "Skull 4". Michael is "Skull 2", Luca is "Skull 3", Ozuma is "Skull 1", Canaria is "Rabbit 1", and Brera is "Antares 1". The VF-171 that Aruto rode in is "Sagittarius (the Archer) 1".

Tell Me The Rumours Of The Events Concerned With Implants
Utensils and implants are embedded inside the body. On the one hand, they are useful, such as when Grace used implants to search for Sheryl's whereabouts Sheryl. On the other, they are conceived as a humane problem. In the Galaxy Fleet, which once endorsed their introduction, there was a confrontation between supporters and the opposition faction concerning their legalization. Even though the supporters of implants won, Sheryl's mother was killed - she was in the opposing faction at the time.

What Are The Codenames "Fairy 9" And "Q1"?
"Fairy" = an idol that is only allowed to exist in fantasy worlds, is a jargon that appears in "Project Fairy", the scheme by Grace and the others - in other words, it indicates Sheryl is indicated in the meaning of the idol. The Q of "Q1" is Queen, and it indicates Ranka, who has a power equal to a Vajra Queen. Until Ranka was found, Grace tried to achieve her objective by using Sheryl.

Why Can Sheryl Instantly Change Her Clothes?
She can, because a hologram is applied to her body. For that reason, it seems like her costume shape, colour and so on successively changes, even while she's dancing. This technology is an application of the program for the artificial singer, Sharon, introduced in "Macross Plus". Incidentally, although she looks naked in your imagination, if you looks closely, you can see her wearing an inner suit.

What Is The Dimension Eater That Broke Up Gaul 4?
It is a device that generates a Fold Fault. In spite of it being ultra-small upon activation, it generates a distortion in space, and proceeds to gulp down the magnetic fields of the surrounding area. Its power, which extends up to instantly shaving off more than half of the large Gaul 4 planet, is to be feared! From that, Grace's body was also blown off. The developer is the technical research institute L.A.I, which is Luca's household.

Is It True That Sheryl Got Sick Because Of Grace's Actions?
It's true. As the lack of effects from an infection of the V-type virus in people who have also converted to implants is understood, Grace dared to improve Sheryl's unmodified living flesh by infecting her. It wasn't an accident that Sheryl, who was an orphan as her mother had died, was found by Grace. It is known that Sheryl is a person from Mao's family lineage. On top of that, was Sheryl's mother's death just a link in Grace's plan!?

Isn't The Medicine That Sheryl Took Terrible?
It's pretty terrible! "Witchcraft", which is written on the capsule, is the name of a restricted company used by the Galaxy Fleet's military. The meaning of the name of the company is "the techniques of a witch". Even though the medicine inhibits deterioration from the V-type Infectious Disease, there are side-effects, such as fever, vomiting and the chills.

I Want To Know The Surprising True Faces Of The Female Characters!
It's obvious that there is eyesight correcting surgery in the future, where medical technology has advanced. Therefore, Nanase's glasses are ultimately for fashion, as her eyesight isn't bad. Speaking of that Nanase, her voluptuous breasts are a point in her appearance! Incidentally, she has a G cup size. Sheryl has a D cup size, and Ranka is A-B. Ram has a hidden side where she's said to have been a reputable hacker. Mīna is the daughter of a high-class family whose origins are in a zaibatsu from the old-India. Even though she is the owner of a talented brain that boasts an 180 IQ, she was addicted to the doujinshi "Shonen Mono", and in her past she left school during the middle of a term...

I Want To Known The Functions Of Ranka's Beloved Lifelike Mobile Phone!
It is a mobile phone that is imaged on the Japanese giant salamander. Of course it features telephone calls and mail. It has diverse functions, and can do such things as play back music that is on discs, which are ingested through the phone's mouth, and private mail that also expresses emotions. If it were to be sold, it would be absolutely wanted by fans!


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