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Fact File: Macross F The Movie The False Diva
Kitsukawa, Tomo et al, Fact File Macross F The Movie Isuwari No Utahime. Newtype Feb. 2010: Appendix.

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Macross Quarter
Compared to the TV series, the entire colouring and the design of the main guns has been changed. "In order to suit the theatrical edition, all the textures were changed to new high resolution ones. At the time, a change was also applied to the colouring." (Yagishita)

Caption: TV series version


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CG Mechanics II
Not only the friendly craft, but the Vajra were also greatly changed

Vajra Battleship
The flagship of the Vajra forces. "It was necessary to have a battleship that is bigger than the TV series Vajra carrier. The final design was stuffed with 3DCG at the time that the direction of the model image was 60 to 70% complete." (Yagishita)

Vajra Destroyer
A combat ship type Vajra that accompanies the Vajra Battleship. "When lined up with Vajra Battleship, it was devised to show the differences in scale in each of the designs." (Yagishita)

Mantis type Vajra
The medium Vajra that captured Ranka. "From the start, it was decided that a new Vajra would be revealed. Not that I would do it thoroughly... fortunately, Takahashi is also an insect lover, and I think that he was able to express insect-like movement." (Yagishita)

Caption: chest closeup


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