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Newtype 2007.12
Under investigation, ed. Newtype Dec. 2007. Tokyo: Kadokawa, 2007. Print.

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Translation notes:
Some things don't translate easily with all the potential nuances of the original. The following are some of the terms used in the above with a brief, fuller description.

(The) New World - roughly speaking, it means a new colony. Poetically, consider it to be used in the same sense as Christopher Columbus 'discovery' of North and South America, and the changes it brought to Europe and the rest of the world.

Galaxy - the term used could also be translated as the Milky Way.

High school - in Japan, high school is not mandatory, nor are many of them strictly academic, as per North American concepts. High schools in Japan include agricultural and technical schools. Therefore, the high school in Macross F should be considered to be as much a vocational school specializing in piloting as it is a high school proper.

Frontiers of Macross - not a mistype or a mistranslation. That title is as it appears in the magazine, printed in romaji, on Pgs. 61 and 126-127. The title is referred to as temporary on Pg 61, but not on Pgs 126-127.

Pg 19

Table of Contents
A (student) candidate pilot girl intends to be a singer... then the galaxy's super idol! The anticipated new TV series starts in '08!


Pg 61

Newtype Express

Human beings looking for the new world are blocked by an unknown life form. 25 years after the first broadcast, the latest production, Macross F.

Frontiers of MACROSS
Macross F, the latest production of Super Dimension Fortress Macross, which was first broadcast in '82, will appear in '08.

207X AD. For the continuation of the species, Earth humans are starting on journeys to look for the new world in every direction of the galaxy. The 11th Super Long Distance Emigration Fleet, Macross Frontier, is voyaging in the neighbourhood of the galactic core. The Macross Frontier is a fighting ship together with a residential ship, where more than 10,000,000 people live.

The top idol singer Sheryl Nome, has come to that Frontier residential ship. Ranka Lee, a young girl who admires Sheryl Nome, while in the middle of hurrying to a concert hall, meets Saotome Aruto, a pilot training course high school student. At that time, the fleet encounters an unknown enemy. They have a powerful attack ability, and immediately the peaceful space fleet is driven into a battle situation. What action do Aruto. Ranka, and the other young people take? What choice will the humans [in the fleet] make?

The main axis (of the show) is the Valkyrie, a love triangle between pilots and heroins, and the main point of the story consists of "songs". You'll recover your fascination with the "Macross" world to your heart's content, as the new Macross story begins.

The staff are:
General superintendent, story composition, Valkyrie designer: Kawamori Shoji
Director: Kikuchi Yasuhito
Series organization: Yoshino Hiroyuki
Character designers: Ebata Risa, and Takahashi Yuichi
Mechanical design: Ishigaki Junya, and Takakura Takeshi
Music: Kanno Youko
Animation production: Satelight.
Besides the already announced use of Nakajima Megumi for the heroin Ranaka, at this time, the cast is still under construction.

Also, an origin broadcast on MBS and others of "The Frontiers of MACROSS" (provisional) in a Macross 25th Anniversary Commemoration Special show is planned for this winter.

"Super Dimension Fortress Macross", and "Macross 7" are the core of the "Macross series, and (we're) introducing each title's distinctive features and charms, as well as getting the latest images of the latest work, "Macross F", released to the public in one fell swoop.


Pg 126-127

Proceeding to the new world? They've decided to broadcast a special programme this winter.

Frontiers of MACROSS
The countdown to the beginning of the new Macross TV anime has started. This will be the standard for the 21st century air battle!

There is a provisional broadcast plan for a special 1 hour Macross 25th Anniversary Commemoration special, this winter, on MBS and others.

General superintendent, story composition, Valkyrie designer: Kawamori Shoji
Director: Kikuchi Yasuhito
Series organization: Yoshino Hiroyuki
Character designer: Ebata Risa, Takahashi Yuichi
Mechanical design: Ishigaki Junya, Takakura Takeshi
Music: Kanno Yoko
Animation production: Satelight.

Details of the set-up are on Pg. 61!

Saotome Aruto
What sort of new world will the beginner pilot discover in the struggle?

Ranka Lee
Her encounter with Aruto and Sheryl shakes her destiny?

Sheryl Nome
What melody will the top idol Sheryl carve in the galaxy?

Ozuma Lee
The battle experienced pilot also gently watches over his younger sister Ranka.

Newly designed VF-25
The Unified Forces' main Variable Fighter for the next period. It draws from the style of the VF-1 in a superior airframe.

Two attention points of Macross F:
For the first time, it's a story in an educational institution. It's about the educational institutional life of pilot and singer hatchlings?! The Macross series' first educational institution story. Without fail, the producers want pilot candidate Aruto's, and aspiring singer Ranka's, passing daily life routine to be noticed.

Another attention point is the songs.
The 2070 era's song princess has appeared on the scene! Sheryl is a Galaxy Network idol. In addition, the producers decided to use Nakajima Megumi for Ranka via an audition. What songs will she give to use for our listening pleasure?

The latest techniques are used in drawing the Emigrant Fleet's battles. The new production has started 12 years after the previous production, Macross 7. The already reported new Macross series title, "Macross F", has been formally decided! They've also announced the character and latest model Valkyrie designs.

Set in the AD 2070 era, the Super Long Range Emigrant Fleet Macross Frontier has begun violently fighting an unknown space life form. The story is about a pilot training school student, Saotome Aruto, the Galaxy Network song princess Sheryl Nome, and Ranka Lee, who admires Sheryl - the three forming the center of the story. What new world and hopes will they find? We've met the 25th anniversary of the first broadcast of the Macross series!

The producers have a good command of the latest techniques in 3DCG, and it is happy news that we can promptly witness the latest stage of its evolution.

In the special broadcast of "Frontiers of Macross", we've confirmed the first image of the beginning part of the 21st Century edition of a Macross TV series, and we have turned toward standing by for the broadcast from ?08!


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