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Newtype 2008.10
Under investigation, ed. Newtype Oct. 2008. Tokyo: Kadokawa, 2008. Print.

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Front: Lynn Minmei (by Haruhiko Mikimoto) and Ranka Rii (by Hajime Tsukahara).

Reverse: interview with Haruhiko Mikimoto and Shouji Kawamori.
Scanlation: has 2009, February, MACROSS BEGINS. (My impression is that it is not talking about a new series. The *real* Macross starts? Speaking of which, the events of Macross 0 take place this month (2008.09). Which is perhaps why the next episode of Macross F is called "True Begin(ning)"?)



2 2-page spreads:
- the first, with the English "Separate from..." (Ranka Lee and Brera having left Aruto).
- the second, "3 ways, 3 futures".

Episode titles:
23 "True Begin" 9/11
24 "Last Frontier" 9/18
25 "Your Sound" 9/25

Top 10s
Males: #2 Aruto
Females: #3 Ranka Lee, #4 Sheryl Nome
Anime: #2 (up from 3) Macross F
Viewer: #2 Macross F (after the one time Friday night movie special "Lupan the 3rd: Sweet Lost night")
DVD sales: #5 (from 18) Macross F
CD Album: #3 (from 36) Nyan Furo
CD Single: #3 (from 17) Space Trip (Ranka Lee)
Mobile Phone melody: #6 Triangular

Colour picts of the 1/72 fully transformable VF-25 Messiah, Aruto


Pgs 34 - 36

Pg 34

A main fighter that the NUNS could use - for the anti-Vajra extermination battle, a custom machine that's been throughly tuned up from the previous encounters with Vajra. Aruto's fighter has the same colours as his favourite aircraft up until now: the VF-25 Messiah.

Pg 36

The latest mecha for the NUNS appears on the scene

The aircraft spurred on by Aruto and Luca, who transfered into the NUNS. They have been given new aircraft - an anti-Vajra use VF-171 based on the old model.

Battle Frontier
The flagship of the Frontier Fleet, a Battle Class Variable Stealth Attack Space Carrier, with the greatest firepower in the fleet. It is the core of the NUNS [in the Frontier Fleet].


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