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One more element that closely ties each production of the "Macross" series. What is the placement and role of that newly created YF-25 aircraft, which commemorates the "Macross F Theatrical Edition", in the main fighter's genealogy?

Succession: Evolving Wings

The Missing Link Between the YF-24 and VF-25 Is this fuselage a VF-25J Messiah colouring variation? This design, which announces the latest information of the anxiously awaited November release of "Macross F Theatrical Edition: The False Diva", appears as the YF-25 (prototYpe Fighter) Prophecy in the Frontier Fleet. The YF-25 is the Shinsei Industry, Macross Frontier Arsenal, and L.A.I. Co. made experimental fighter for the VF-25's, based on the YF-24 Evolution development bed. In 2057, the YF-24 gained the next version main fighter seat because of it's overwhelming performance. That design was transmitted to each fleet's Shinsei Industry [Branch]. As a result of the original improvements and specification changes in the Frontier Fleet, the VF-25 was born. And then, there is this aircraft, which is newly designed by Director Kawamori's own hand, and is the prototype of the VF-25. This YF-25 has been reproduced as a 1/72 plastic model that is on sale as part of a set with a movie ticket, sold in advance from the end of September at only Famima dot com. If you're a Valkyrie fan, you absolutely want to get it!

Director Kawamori Shouji Explains the YF-25!
With a setup where the YF-25 was produced as a preliminary-stage testing craft to test the combat durability of the VF-25 that'll be sent to S.M.S., only a few of them were made. Even though it can be equipped with standard armaments such as machine-guns and gun pods, the YF-25 basically doesn't have any armaments.
As the cockpit is concurrently being used as a control test of the experimental EX-Gear, it is a two-seater with EX-Gear also in the rear seat. After the testing is finished, it can be specified as an EX-Gear training plane for model conversion training.
The head uses transparent covering parts, and is composed of such things as multiple sensors and cameras that can record and collect data and images from multiple directions. At times, the YF-25 is unmanned and remotely controlled to collect data.

YF-24 Evolution
The prototype of the next version main fighter that Shinsei Industry developed as the successor to the VF-171. There is an anecdote that in the Planet Eden test combat in 2057, Isamu Dyson ("Macross Plus"), who had retired from active duty, handed down a wonderful score for the fighter.

YF-25 Prophecy
Shinsei Industry improved and changed the specification of the base YF-24 Evolution with L.A.I. Co.'s powerful technology. The big differences with the YF-24 are that the wings have been made into swing-wings, and EX-Gear is adopted for the cockpit. It's pet name 'Prophecy' means prediction and promise.
Measurement markers are affixed to various parts of the prototype as they must measure such things as fuselage deformation due to the load of such things as anti-G [equipment] and the rigidity of the fuselage from the additional weight, in addition to the standard performance of such things as speed and turning ability.

Caption: An example of measurement markers attached to a YF-25.

VF-25 Messiah
The new model main fighter that was developed by Frontier. In order to realize its astounding combat manoeuvres, it uses an inertia control system that was puts super fold engine theory to practical use and it came to be endowed with fighting ability at the same level as an unmanned aircraft. As is well known, it's Saotome Aruto's favourite aircraft.

The Public Release of the Rough Design Penned by Director Kawamori Shouji
Multiple sensors. Sensor antenna. Small-bore laser gun.

Wide width. Support is forward. The support is approximately directly behind the main pilot. The canopy in this area has been raised.


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