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Newtype 2009.11
Under investigation, ed. Newtype Nov. 2009. Tokyo: Kadokawa, 2009. Print.

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Macross F Theatrical Edition
Sheryl and Ranka
8 piece postcard set

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Evolving movies - Macross F Theatrical Version: The False Diva
What changes are there in the form that appears in the theatrical version? And, what does it mean? A clear, low resolution analysis of the subject of the films.


Pgs. 042-043

Various works are presented in the media that are called "movies". In becoming a "movie", what is inherited [from the original], and what becomes new? From the one's already released to the super topic of the newest productions... we've thoroughly investigated the evolutionary system of these large titles!

Evolving Movies - "Macross F Theatrical Edition: the False Diva"
Nationwide premier from Nov. 21
The privileged advance volume second part (Character Fortune/Ranka Ver.) is now on sale. The third part (same / Sheryl Ver.) sale scheduled for Oct. 24.
Web: [article staff, contents in English]

(Movie) Staff: (Under investigation) (Movie) Cast: (Under investigation)

Caption: Sheryl Nome - she has come into the Frontier fleet not only for the live performances, but with another purpose. In addition, on the left is the new costume for the live performances. There's a secret also in the point where two Sheryl's are lining up, and...

TV Series -> Theatrical Edition
... A suspected Spy surfaces in the diva

A story which is transformed into the scandal?! of the "fairy of the galaxy".
It's already been one year from the end of the TV series' broadcast. The opening of the theatrical version draws near, and the voltage in the fans' expectations has also risen considerably.
In the midst of that, the suspicions that Sheryl is a spy sent into Frontier have been clarified in Ozuma's speech in the trailer that was released in theatres at the same time as this magazine was published.
"Because the theme this time is 'truth and lies', a mysterious part has been concentrated on Sheryl. The keyword 'black and white rabbit' has also been announced, and it is a keyword that hints at Sheryl's dual nature. As yet, it is still not possible to say in detail, but Sheryl has some purposes besides the live performances, and it isn't by mistake that she has come into the Frontier." (Director Kawamori Shoji)
Then, naturally, the changes arises in Sheryl's character and story arc.
"In the post recording, Ms. Endo (Aya) said, 'more than at the beginning of the TV series as well, there were a few certain reasons for growth in the role that came to happen.' The mood has become a little bit more mature, because that is important for the movie version of Sheryl." (Kawamori)
In addition to this, the mysteries talked about in the TV series, such as "Aimo", "Sheryl's earring" and so on, are clearly defined, and a more mysterious development seems to be anticipated. Of course, the scale of the battle scenes are greatly improved, and the new equipment for the VF-25, which is presented on the next page, has a suitable power and feeling of speed for the large screen - thus we have heard that an exhilarating feeling has been added to the climactic battle scene [in the movie].
They have begun to gradually take off the veil from the the new "F" story, which has been greatly changed [from the TV series].


Pgs. 044-045

Beyond Your Imagination
The theatrical version's latest scenes are released to the public!

Caption (up): Michael spiting out severe words as a friend to Aruto, Ranka and so on. Notice in his appearance how he's become firmly like an adult.

Caption (left); Though there are two shots of a nonchalant Aruto and Sheryl, the relationship between the two is also a differing variant from the TV series.

Caption (right): Sheryl has a sexy bathing scene not in the TV series, in addition to her appearance while standing around for a while, in her tour performance costume and causing a disruption in Frontier, and so on. Sheryl, in the theatrical version, seems to be conducting herself in a cuter and more mysterious way [than the TV series version did].

Caption (up): Grace, who is using Sheryl's tour as a cover to put her own conspiracy into effect. Though, it's unsatisfying that it seems like she's the only villain...

Caption (up): Aruto, who is flying over the the urban area that was destroyed by the attacking Vajra. People run about trying to escape the battle that has been carried to even more violent extremes. Can Aruto's hand, which is being extended to Sheryl and then to Ranka, save them?

Caption (down): Ranka, who is scouted by Elmo in the Island 3 shopping mall Forumo. Even though it is a familiar episode of the TV series, Ranka's growth (to adulthood) is depicted in a newly produced drawings.

Hints of new twists sprinkled here and there
The Vajra attack on Frontier; the appearance of Sheryl, who runs about trying to escape in the Frontier streets; Aruto and Sheryl in Island 3; and then the scene where Ranka is scouted; have all been depicted in the new scenes that have recently been released. For the casual scenes as well, there is new directing and newly drawn pictures, and one can guess at what ways the theatrical version has been remade. One can guess from Sheryl pausing in the rubble while in her stage clothes, that she is more involved in the Vajra attack scene than in the TV series version. And it might be good to guess the whole image of the theatrical version from these scenes.

Also, the post-recording of this original version of Macross F has already ended, and it has been said that the production work is really in the last spurt, aiming at the theatrical release. Until this masterpiece's birth, it has accomplished a little toward the abundant harvest of animated movies that is appropriately the total sum of '09.

After the end of recording... immediately following the reciting of the character voices... the truth of the theatrical version!!
Question content:
1) What are your thoughts on your character in the theatrical version?
2) What are your impressions of the story and images of the theatrical version?
3) What is the episode that especially left an impression in post recording?
4) A message for the fans waiting for the opening!

Miyake Kenta role: Bobby Margo: (answers under investigation)
Hoshi Soichiro role: Brera Stern: (answers under investigation)
Inoue Kikuko role: Grace O'conner: (answers under investigation)
Sugita Tomokazu role: Leon Mishima: (answers under investigation)
Konishi Katsuyuki role: Ozuma Lee: (answers under investigation)
Kamiya Hiroshi role: Michael Blanc: (answers under investigation)
Fukuyama Jun role: Luca Angeloni: (answers under investigation)
Toyoguchi Megumi role: Kuran Kuran: (answers under investigation)
Nakamura Yuichi role: Saotome Aruto: (answers under investigation)
Endo Aya role: Sheryl Nome (answers: under investigation)
Nakajima Megumi role: Ranka Lee: (answers under investigation)

VF-25 Tornado Pack
Rotary Engine Pod
Beam Cannon Cooling Hatch*
Power Capacitor Cooling Unit* (FED-115R)
High Manoeuvrability Vernier
Combined Jet and Rocket Nozzle
Micro-missile Launcher
Rotating Beam-cannon Turret (ROV-E95X)
High-manoeuvrability Vernier

* expanded when at low-speed in an atmosphere and outside the atmosphere.

Introducing The VF-25's New Equipment! What is that wonder's performance?
The new model of enhancement equipment exclusive for the VF-25 that appears in the theatrical version has been made public. The characteristic rotating beam cannons, which are installed on the back, are reminiscent of the VF-1's strike pack. The rotary engine pods achieve more advanced fighter mobility. "We've drawn a high-manoeuvrability scene that hasn't been [done] until now. Of course it's possible to transform this Tornado equipment to Battroid." (Kawamori)

CD Single Pink Monsoon
Releasing Oct. 21, 1,155 tax included, Flying Dog
The new single, "Pink Monsoon" is Sheryl's debut song, as well as a tune incorporated into the theatrical version of Macross F. It is also coupled with the new song "[I regrettably] Became An Angel".

Message from May'n
(Under investigation)

Book: Macross F Visual Collection Sheryl Nome
Releasing Oct. 20th, 1,000 tax included, Kadokawa-shoten

A compilation focusing on illustrations newly drawn specifically for the publication, works published in Newtype and so on. One book dedicated entirely to all kinds of Sheryl!!


Pgs. 066-067

Pg 066

Macross Ultimate Frontier Ad
(Under investigation)

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"Re:Fire" complete commemoration interview with Akiko Lipps Executive Producer Akiko Hojo
(Under investigation)

"Macross 7" 15th Anniversary Live "The revival of Fire Bomber 2009" openings
Tokyo Hall (Under investigation)
Osaka Hall (Under investigation)

"Re.Fire!!" ad
(Under investigation)


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8x postcards:
3x Ranka
3x Sheryl
2x Ranka & Sheryl

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NT Research
Top 10 popular female characters: #9 Sheryl Nome (same as last month)
Top 20 popular productions: #6 Macross F (up from #9)


Pgs. 180 and 188

Pg 180

Questionnaire mail-in prizes
#B The one being pushed this month:
1) 3 people: Ranka and Sheryl Jigsaw puzzle in an Osansho-san box
2) 3 people: all cast jigsaw puzzle in Nyan-nyan bento-box
2) 1 person: 4x theatrical edition Macross F Puroppupurasupuchi
3) 2 people: VF-25 T-shirt
4) 2 people: Osansho-san T-shirt
5) 5 people: Galaxy Tour Final in Budokan Blu-ray poster

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(preview for next month's issue)

The cover and the opening of the magazine: "Macross F Theatrical Edition - The False Diva"
Director Kawamori speaking on the movie.
Special Appendix: "Macross F" Newtype Special Super-Silverscreen CD
Yuichi Nakamura & Hiroshi Kamiya & Nakajima Megumi & Toyoguchi Megumi (Aruto's, Mikhail's, Ranka's and Klan Klan's voice actors)


Pgs. 190 and Back Cover

Pg 190

Intermission Vol.7: Frontier Intermission
Even after disembarking in the new world, the competition of Ranka and Sheryl over Aruto continues. What about the unexpected pitfalls of Ranka, who I thought... led for a moment...?
Author: (Under investigation)

Information: The rush of sales of Macross's music!
(Under investigation)

The feeling of Bomba
(Under investigation)

Back Cover

Pink Monsoon CD ad
Macross First Year Commemoration Single Ad
Re. Fire!! Fire Bomber ad


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