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SDFM DYRL PS1 Game Mail-in Gift: Minmei's Last Message

• Minmei's Last Message. Tokyo: Bandai Visual., 1997 & 1999. Mail-in Gift.


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To everyone on dear Earth,

In the sea of stars that dazzles the eye, there's a vast, deep, open jet-black hole. A beautiful, yet heartrending enigmatic melody flows from the depths of the dark hole1 that fills the center of the galaxy2. Is this music merely a natural development, or does intelligent life live on the other side of that dark hole...? In order to confirm what's causing it, after wavering in the center of the galaxy, we—who boarded the Megaroad—have decided to start on a risky journey into unknown space. What really waits in the darkness of this dark hole? Nobody knows if we'll be able to return to this galaxy again.

However, as long as there is "something" there, I think I'll change songs of hope into light, and will willingly go.

July 7, 2016 AD (Thurs)
With love, from the center of the galaxy
Lynn Minmei
minmei l ⓖ

Translators notes:
1 dark hole = is not a black hole. From the description, it's more likely a portal to another dimension.
2 center of the galaxy = "in the area of", not "exactly in the center of".

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