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Locations: Charest / Britannia

Britannia is one of the largest and oldest colonies in the Unified Government.

After the devastation of Earth by the Zentraadi, many of the surviving people desired to be as far away as possible from Earth in case another Zentraadi Fleet appeared to complete the unfinished job. Such was the feeling of many of the people of England, who strived to flee Earth and start afresh somewhere else.

In 2014, a planet capable of sustaining human life was found in the Charest system. The second planet of the Charest system was named Britannia, and many of the surviving English people and clones of English people came to make a new world, very similar in fact to the Pilgrims leaving England and starting afresh in the new land of North America. To begin with, life was hard on Britannia, but the emigrants fought to make their mark and build their new home. After much exploration of the planet and the star system it lay in, the emigrants discovered that it was rich in various minerals and ores, especially the two moons of Britannia: Brit A & Brit B.

Following these discoveries, the Unified Government funded the Britannia Colony, and began to use it as a resupply and repair base for its forces. The Britannia Colony world now stands as a major part of the machine that keeps the Unified Space Forces running.

Culture: under investigation

Education: under investigation

Economy: under investigation

Government: Independant / Unified Government Supported Emigrant Planet Government.


Allegiance: under investigation

How Perceived Others: under investigation
How Perceived By Others: under investigation


  • medium sized yellow star similar to Sol.
  • 67 Lightyears (6 hours & 42 minutes Space Fold) from Sol
  • Charest I
    Hot and rocky with a violently dangerous atmosphere. Natural Satellites
  • Charest Ia
    - a small moon.
  • Britannia
    Emigrant Planet, Unified Space Forces Fleet Repair and Supply Base. Britannia is in almost the exact same position and orbit as Earth. Such a planet so similar to, and so near Earth shocked and surprised Earth's Scientists, leading them to believe that more such planets should exist nearby.

  • Atmosphere: Earth standard
  • Gravity: 1.0 Earth standard
  • Navigation: buoys, military ships, satellites
  • Orbit: non-eliptical
  • Population: 10 million
  • Resources: under investigation
  • Size: under investigation
  • Temperature: under investigation
  • Volcanoes: under investigation
  • Water: under investigation

  • 1 AU from Charest
  • Equatorial Diameter: 11,253 km
  • Length of Day: 23.98 hours
  • Length of Year: 365.23 days

    Natural Satellites
  • Charest IIa
  • Charest IIb
  • Cities:
    New London
  • (former) Capital City
  • Population: under investigation
      - was competely destroyed in March, 2050.
    New Cardiff
    New Edinburgh
    New Portsmouth

    Major Towns

    Rural Settlements:
  • under investigation

    Military Bases
    RM Poole & RMAS Plymouth
    UNAF Halton & UNAF Yeovilton
    UNN New Portsmouth
    UNAY Fleetlands
  • Charest III
    A dead planet with no atmosphere.
  • Under investigation
  • Charest IV
    A large gas giant. Natural Satellites:
  • Charest IVa
  • Charest IVb
  • Charest IVc
  • Charest IVd
  • Charest V
    A gas giant. Natural Satellites:
  • Charest IVa
  • Charest IVb
  • Charest IVc
  • Charest IVd
  • Charest IVe
  • Charest IVf
  • Charest IVg
  • Charest IVh
  • Charest IVi
  • The Newton Asteroid Belt
    A huge asteroid belt that circles the entire star system. It is sparsely filled with large and small asteroids in slow orbits. Dangerous for large ships to fly through, but not so much of a problem for small fighters. The Unified Space Forces Galaxy Patrol frequently does sweeps of the asteroid field to ensure no pirates or Anti-UN Rebels are hiding in it.
    Charest VI
    A frigid planet of frozen ice Natural Satellites:
  • Charest VIa
  • Charest VII
    A frozen dead planet with only a minimal atmosphere of freezing cold winds. Military Bases:
  • Unified Space Forces Small Listening Outpost

    Natural Satellites:
  • Charest VIIa
    • Unified Space Forces' Space Fold Communications Relay Station.

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