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Rules (conversion & house rules, and über-Simple). Character generation, equipment, and weapons. Sourcebook (creatures, setting, and timeline). Avionics devices, boosters, pallets, and missiles.

Aerospace Vehicles

Ground Mecha

Ground Vehicles


Power Armour

Ships—Space going

Ships—Surface going

Variable Vehicles

Inspection Forces

Vajra Life Stages

Varōta—Variable Vehicles


Zentrādi—Mobile Weapons


  1. Organization: in general, equipment is organized by meta user, class, and then primary in-unverse user when applicable.
  2. Bullet meanings:
  3. o Official setting—the most up-to-date and complete stats. Official Setting (Canon Information) & Extended Universe Information are highlighted in different colours.
    (CE) Canon and Extended setting—up-to-date. Official Setting (Canon Information) & Extended Universe Information are highlighted in different colours.
    • either not updated, or not hosted on this site (= not maintained by me). They *may* not be appropriately balanced for the stats from this site.

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Character Generation, Equipment, & Weapons

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Avionics Devices, Boosters, Pallets, & Missiles

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  • Vehicles that can only operate inside of an atmosphere.
  • Anti-Unification Alliance
  • (CE) MiG-23 Flogger
  • (CE) MiG-29 Fulcrum
  • MiM-31 Karyobin, (Compendium Article)
  • (CE) Su-27K/Su-33 Flanker
  • (CE) Su-34/32FN Fullback

  • Unified Forces - Civilian
  • Civilian Helicopter
  • Fan Racer, (Compendium Article)
  • Fan Liner
  • Unified Forces - Combat Aircraft
  • (CE) B-2 Spirit
  • (CE) B-52 Stratofortress
  • Comanchero
  • (CE) F-14A+ Kai
  • (CE) F/A-18 Super Hornet
  • FL-200 Misutoraru
  • F-203 Dragon II, (Compendium Article)
  • LVT Avenger II, (Compendium Article)
  • (CE) Lynx Mark 8 Navy Helicopter
  • (CE) Panavia Tornado
  • (CE) Sea Harrier FA2
  • Sea Sergeant
  • (CE) UH-60 Black Hawk
  • (CE) WS-61 Sea King Commando

  • Unified Forces - Support Aircraft
  • (CE) AW-101 Merlin Helicopter
  • EC-33B Disk Sensor
  • Howard LH-2000
  • (CE) Small Transport Aircraft (Macross 7)
  • (CE) Transport Helicopter (Macross 7)
  • VC-27 Tunny
  • VC-33 Mom's Kitchen

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    Aerospace Vehicles
  • In general, these vehicles can operate both inside and outside an atmosphere.
  • Some vehicles are limited to space only (Eg: Spider Bug).
  • Anti-Unified Government Camp
  • Junk Fighter (fanfic)
  • Transport Shuttle (fanfic)

  • Kingdom Of The Wind
  • LD-262S Lilldraken

  • Unified Forces - Civilian
  • Large Transport Craft (Sky Truck) (Macross 7)
  • News Helicopter (Macross 7)
  • SF-1 Mk III Hound Dog
  • (CE) SF-3A Lancer II, (Compendium Article)
  • (CE) Sound Booster No. 1 Craft
  • (CE) Sound Booster No. 2 Craft
  • Sound Booster No. 3 Craft

  • Unified Forces - Support
  • (CE) ES-11D Cat's Eye
  • Rapid Deployment Cargo Shuttle
  • (CE) RC-4E Rabbit
  • Stonewell SC-27 Star Goose
  • Shuttle (Macross F)
  • Shuttle (Delta)
  • Spider Bug

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    Ground Mecha
    Anti-Unification Alliance
  • Annabella Lasiodora
  • Gjagravan Va

  • Unified Forces - ET (Earth Trekker) series
    (written out of the Official Setting as of Macross Zero)
  • ET-01-Mk II Spider
  • ET-01-Mk IV Tarantula
  • ET-01-Mk V Black Widow
  • WBR-02-Mk II Scorpion
  • DTR-03-Mk I Dinosaur
  • Unified Forces - 00 series
  • HWR-00 Monster, (Compendium Article)
  • (CE) HWR-00-Mk II Monster, (Compendium Article)

  • Unified Forces - 03 series
  • (CE) ADR-03-Mk II Cheyenne, (Compendium Article)
  • (CE) Cheyenne II
  • (CE) Works
  • Workroid

  • Unified Forces - 04 series
    MBR-04-Mk I Destroid Mark I
    MBR-04-Mk II Enhanced Main Battle Robot

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    Ground Vehicles

    M0 and SDFM

    DYRL ~ MF
    Note: some of these vehicles are able to operate in outer space.

    2020's (DYRL)
  • (CE) Generic Vehicles 2020's
  • (CE) Renault A510
  • 2040's (M7)
  • Generic Vehicles 2040's

  • 2050's (MF)
  • Generic Vehicles 2050's
  • (CE) Beatrice 8x8 Armoured Fighting Vehicle

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    Gun Batteries (Gun Turrets)
  • (CE) Gun Battery A/Gun Battery B

  • Satellites
  • Communications Satellite (various)
  • (CE) Conserax Probe Satellite
  • Fold Communications Satellite
  • Planet Vulcan Defence Satellite
  • Sensor Buoy
  • (CE) Unified Forces Defence Satellite

  • Unified Forces Strategic Warfare Systems
  • Grand Cannon
  • Sector Seven Space Pirates
  • (CE) Black Samba (Fanfic)
  • Black Samba Mk II (Fanfic)
  • Black Samba Mk III (Fanfic)
  • WACS-003 (Fanfic)

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    Power Armour
  • (CE) Power Suit (M7 Trash) WORK IN PROGRESS
  • Civilian EX-Gear, temp stats (Compendium Article)
  • Military EX-Gear, (Compendium Article)
  • (CE) Power Armour Hand-Held Weapons (fanfic)

  • Non-Unified Forces
  • (CE) Enemy Power Armour (fanfic)

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    Ships—Space Going
  • All ships not otherwise indicated are able to land on water.
  • Ships labeled aerospace are able to operate in an atmosphere, land on a body of water, and operate in water.
  • Ships labeled space are generally only able to operate in outer space.
  • Ships that look like a water going vessel can land and operate in water, even if labeled space.
  • Anti-Unified Government Camp
  • (CE) Gigantic Beam Gun Attack Gunship "Vandal"
  • (CE) Hatchet class Destroyer "Untammed"

  • Civilian / Other Ships
  • Cargo Ship (fanfic)
  • Catcher Boat
  • Cargo Transport (Delta)
  • Embateron Transport
  • Fuel Transport Craft (fanfic)
  • (CE) Miscellanious Ships (fanfic)
  • (CE) Miscellanious Shuttles (fanfic)
  • (CE) Patrol Corps Mothership
  • (CE) Poaching Group Mothership
  • Poaching Group Small Vessels
  • o Private Research Ship (Zentrādi Scout Ship)
  • (CE) Stellar Whale Passenger Liner

  • Kingdom of Windermere
  • Battleship
  • Sigur Berrentzs

  • Unified Forces: Carriers / Motherships
  • (CE) ARMD Combat Space Carrier
  • (CE) L-5 Front-Line Station
    (CE) ARMD Combat Space Carrier (2038 ver.)
  • (CE) ARMD-II Space Carrier
  • (CE) ARMD-L Carrier
  • (CE) Assault Submersible Mothership "Valhalla III"
  • Battle Variable Stealth Attack Space Carrier
  • Battle Astraea

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    Ships—Surface Going
  • Ships limited to operating on or in a body of water.
  • Some of the semi-submersible ships have gravity-control that allows them to travel to, and perform limited manuevers in orbit.
  • Anti-Unification Alliance
  • (CE) Admiral Kuznetsov class Aircraft Carrier
  • Auerstädt Submarsible Carrier, (Compendium Article)
  • (CE) Kirov class Battlecruiser
  • (CE) Neustrashimyy class Frigate
  • Pochov class Attack Submarine, (Compendium Article)
  • (CE) Sovremenny class Destroyer
  • (CE) Udaloy II class Destroyer

  • Anti-Unified Government Camp
  • (CE) Roqual Stealth Unmanned Submarine
  • Unified Forces - (Semi-)Submersible
  • (CE) Daedalus Semi-Submersible Assault Landing Vessel
  • Prince Marco Attack Submarine
  • (CE) Prometheus Semi-Submersible Aircraft Carrier

  • Unified Forces - Surface Only
  • (CE) Arleigh Burke class Destroyer
  • (CE) Asagiri class Destroyer
  • (CE) CVN-99 Asuka II Aircraft Carrier
  • Athabasca Cruiser
  • (CE) Duke Class Type 23 Frigate
  • (CE) HMS Ocean Helicopter Carrier
  • Iowa Provisions Supply Ship
  • (CE) Kitty Hawk class Aircraft Carrier (Illustria), (Compendium Article)
  • Intrepid Aircraft Carrier
  • (CE) Iowa class Battleship
  • (CE) Invincible class Aircraft Carrier
  • (CE) Kongō class Destroyer
  • Minsk Warship
  • Nichirin Submarine Aircraft Carrier
  • (CE) Nimitz class Aircraft Carrier
  • Sentinel Aircraft Carrier
  • (CE) Tarawa class Amphibious Assault Ship
  • (CE) Ticonderoga class Cruiser

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    Variable Vehicles
  • Note: surplus VFs can be converted into Ghosts [drones], like the QVF-11 Thunderbolt.
  • Neo-Gurāji Series (Zentrādi & Miclone versions exist)
  • (CE) Variable Gurāji
  • o VBP-1/VA-110 Neo-Gurāji [manned and drone ver.]
    o VBP-1/VA-110 Neo-Gurāji Bis [Bis = Kai]

    Octos Series
  • (CE) OCTOS Variable Amphibious Destroid
  • • Unifed Forces produced OCTOS

    Sv Series
  • (CE) Sv-51
  • • Sv-52
    (CE) Sv-52γ Oryol
  • Sv-154 Svard
  • (CE) Sv-262 Draken III
  • Sv-303 Vivasvat

  • Variable Police Series
  • (CE) Variable Police Air Patrol Craft
  • (CE) Variable Police Space Patrol Craft
  • (CE) Variable Ground Police Patrol Craft

  • VF-0 Series
    o VF-0A/B/S Phoenix
  • (CE) VF-0D Phoenix
  • PWS-0X Reactive Armour VF-0 Phoenix
  • • VF-0 Kai Zeak

    VF-1 Series
  • (CE) GBP-1S Ground-Combat Protector
  • SDP-1 Stampede VF-1 Valkyrie
  • (CE) VEFR-1 Electronic Warfare [VF-1G]
  • (CE) VE-1 Elint Seeker
  • o VF-1 Valkyrie
    o VF-1A+ Valkyrie [VF-1N]
    o VF-1J+/S+ Valkyrie
    o VF-1B "Half-S" Valkyrie
    o VF-1P Freya Valkyrie
  • (CE) VF-1X Valkyrie [X+ Upgrade] (FCS 30&40; X+: VF-11 Radar)
  • (CE) VF-1X++ Double Plus (FCS 50, VF-171? Radar) [VF-1Z Valkyrie]
  • (CE) VF-1X++ Hakuna Special
  • (CE) VF-1D Valkyrie
  • VF-1EX Valkyrie
  • (CE) VT-1 Super Ostrich
  • (CE) VT-1C Ostrich "Customer" Valkyrie

  • VAB-2 Series
  • (CE) VAB-2 Wraith (Compendium Article)

  • VA-3 Series
  • (CE) EVA-3 Invader
  • (CE) VA-3 Invader
  • (CE) VA-3C Kai Invader Kai [VA-3C Invader]
  • (CE) VA-3M Invader

  • VF-3000 Series
    o VF-3000 Crusader
  • (CE) VF-3000B Bomber Valkyrie
  • VF-4 Series
  • (CE) VF-4 Lightning III
  • • VF-4SL Lightning III

    VF-5000 Series
  • (CE) VF-5000B Star Mirage
  • (CE) VF-5000G Star Mirage

  • VB-6 Series
  • (CE) VB-6 König Monster

  • VF-9 Series
  • (CE) VF-9 Cutlass
  • • VF-9E Cutlass
    VF-9 Cutlass Kai (fanfic)

    VF-11 Series
  • (CE) VF-11 Thunderbolt
  • (CE) QVF-11 Thunderbolt
    • VF-11B Nothung II
    • VF-11B Kai "Shenandoah"/"El Camino Real"
    • VF-11B/X "Sister Valkyrie"
    • VF-11C Thunderbolt Interceptor
  • (CE) VF-11D Kai Thunderblot "Jamming Birds"
  • • VF-11D Thunderbolt Focus
  • (CE) VF-11MAXL Thunderbolt
  • (CE) VF-11MAXL Kai Thunderbolt
  • (CE) APS-11 Full Armour VF-11 Thunderbolt

  • VF-14 Series
  • (CE) VF-14 Vampire
  • (CE) VA-14 Hunter (Compendium Article)

    VF-17 Series
  • (CE) VF-17 Nightmare
  • VF-17T Nightmare
  • VF-17T Kai Nightmare

    VF-171 Series
  • (CE) VF-171 Nightmare Plus
  • (CE) VB-171 Nightmare Plus
  • (CE) RVF-171 Nightmare Plus
  • (CE) VF-171EX Nightmare Plus EX
  • AAS-171EX VF-171EX Nightmare Plus Armour Pack
  • (CE) RVF-171EX Nightmare Plus EX

  • VF-19 Series
    (CE) YF-19 (Alpha One) see VF-19A/B/C/D
  • (CE) VF-19A/B/C/D Excalibur
  • • VF-19A2 Excalibur
    • VF-19C/MG21 Excalibur
  • (CE) VF-19E/F/S Excalibur
  • (CE) VF-19E Kai Excalibur Fire Valkyrie
  • (CE) VF-19EF/EFs Caliburn
  • • VF-19EF/A "Isamu Special"
  • (CE) VF-19P Excaliber
  • (CE) VF-19ACTIVE Nothung
  • (CE) VC-19V VIP-Calibur
    (CE) VFA-19A Assault-Calibur
    • VEF-19D Warning-Calibur I
    • VRF-19D Recon-Calibur
    • VEF-19E Warning-Calibur II

    VF-21/22 Series
  • YF-21 (Omega One)
  • (CE) VF-22 Sturmvogel II
  • • VF-22HG Schwalbe Zwei

    YF-24 Series
  • (CE) YF-24
  • (CE) YF-24 Evolution

  • VF-25 Series
  • (CE) YF-25 Prophecy
  • • YF-25 Paladin Prophecy [Paladin Pack]
  • (CE) VF-25 Messiah
  • (CE) RVF-25 Messiah Mainstay
  • (CE) APS-25S/MF25 VF-25 Messiah Armoured Pack
  • VF-25F/TW1 Tornado Valkyrie

  • VF-27 Series
  • (CE) VF-27 Lucifer
  • • YF-27-5 Shaher ♀ (Female)

    YF-29 Series
  • YF-29 Durandal
  • • YF-29B Perceval

    YF-30 Series
  • (CE) YF-30 Chronos

  • VF-31 Series
  • (CE) VF-31 Kairos see VF-31 Siegfried
  • VF-31AX Kairos Plus
  • VF-31AX Armoured Kairos Plus
  • (CE) VF-31 Siegfried
  • VF-31 Armoured Siegfried

  • Experimental
  • GBP-2S JOTUN Protect Armour VF-1
  • SGP-1 Armoured VF-1 Gerwalk
  • SW-XA1 (Compendium Article)
  • SW-XAII Schneegans (Compendium Article)
  • (CE) VF-X
  • (CE) VF-X-1
  • (CE) VF-X-2
  • (CE) VF-X-3
  • VF-3 (VF-X3) Star Crusader (Compendium Article)
  • (CE) VF-X-4
  • (CE) VF-X-11
  • XVF-19-1

  • Other
  • (CE) Pheyos Valkyrie [EVA/Enemy VAlkyrie]
  • Quadoran Aruma
  • VF-5 (Compendium Article)
  • VF-6 (Compendium Article)
  • VF-7 (Compendium Article)
  • VF-15 (Compendium Article)
  • VF-16 (Compendium Article)

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    Inspection Forces
  • (CE) Gun Destroyer

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    Vajra Life Stages
  • Vajra Egg
  • Vajra Larva [Ai-kun]
  • Vajra Chrysalis
  • Vajra 2nd Larva Form [Mihael killer]
  • (CE) Small Vajra [Mobile Soldier Vajra]
  • Vajra Hound [Medium Vajra]
  • Large Vajra [Heavy Soldier Vajra]
  • New Heavy Vajra
  • Vajra Semi-Queen
  • Vajra Queen
  • Vajra Carrier (Small) [Knight class]
  • Vajra Carrier (Large) [Bishop class]
  • (CE) Destroyer Vajra
  • Vajra Battleship type

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    Varōta—Variable Vehicles

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    Zentrādi—Mobile Weapons

    Note: equipment operated by Zentrādi who haven't come in contact with humans *may* have 10%–30% lower performance—as they don't have the concept of repair.

    Battle Suits
  • (CE) Battle Suit [Renegade Power Armour]
  • Nūjaderu-Gā [Nousjadeul-Ger] TV ver.
  • (CE) Nūjaderu-Gā [Nousjadeul-Ger] movie ver.
  • Quadoran-Aruma [Queadluun-Alma]
  • Quadoran-Kiruka [Quaedluun-Quilqua]
  • (CE) Quadoran-Nona [Queadluun-Nona]
  • (CE) Quadoran-Rea [Queadluun-Rhea]
  • (CE) Quadoran-Rō [Quaedluun-Rau]
  • Pods
    o Gurāji [Glaug]
  • Gurāji Kai [Stealth Gurāji]
  • Super Gurāji: right arm replaced by Quadoran-type manupulator and Tri-barrel Pulse Laser. A 2nd Long Range Charged Particle Beam Gun is added on top. Used by Al-Shahal's New Unified Force's Zentrādi garrison.
  • o Jināru Air-battle Pod [Dogfight Pod, Gnerl]
  • Jināru Air-Battle Pod Kai [Stealth Air-battle Pod]
  • Recovery Pod
  • (CE) Rigādo [Regult]: Standard, Light/Heavy Missile Carrier, Tactical Scout
  • Rigādo Kai [Stealth Rigādo]
  • ZBP-104 Rigādo: hardly any improvements, however its augmentability is high, and various varients exist. It is deployed in the Al-Shahal's New Unified Force's Zentrādi garrison.
  • Standard Type: the anti-aircraft laser is omitted, and there is only 1 anti-personnel laser machine-gun in the lower front.
    Missile Pod Type: the shape of the missile pod is new, and is loaded with 46 missiles.
  • ZBP-106 Rigādo: Type with Quadoran arms and backpack added. The lower front anti-personnel laser machine-gun is omitted. It is deployed in the Al-Shahal's New Unified Force's Zentrādi garrison.

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    50–100 m Sized
  • Automated Resupply Craft [Refueling Tanker], images
  • ECM Pod
  • Gun Boat
  • (CE) Heavy Attacker
  • (CE) Kerukaria [Quel-Quallie] Reconnaissance Pod
  • (CE) Liaison Craft
  • o Light Transport Boat
  • Re-entry Pod
  • Stealth Kerukaria [Quel-Quallie] Reconnaissance Pod
  • Meltrandi Ships
  • (CE) Assault Landing Ship
  • (CE) High-Speed Cruiser
  • (CE) Large Battleship
  • (CE) Large Frigate
  • Long-Range Medium Gunship
  • (CE) Medium Gunship (Miria's Ship)
  • (CE) Picket Ship
  • Salvage Ship
  • (CE) Standard Battleship

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