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Sketchey's Statistics: Stats Index

Character generation, equipment, and weapons. Sourcebook (additional rules, setting, and timeline). Avionics devices, boosters, pallets, and missiles.

Aerospace Vehicles

Ground Mecha

Ground Vehicles


Power Armour

Ships - Space going

Ships - Surface going

Variable Vehicles

Inspection Forces - Ships

Vajra Life Stages

Varōta - Variable Vehicles

Varōta - Ships

Zentrādi - Mobile Weapons

Zentrādi - Ships

  1. Organization: in general, equipment is organized by meta user, class, and then primary in-unverse user when applicable.
  2. Bullet meanings:
    o Official setting—the most up-to-date and complete stats. Official Setting (Canon Information) & Extended Universe Information are highlighted in different colours.
    (CE) Canon and Extended setting—up-to-date. Official Setting (Canon Information) & Extended Universe Information are highlighted in different colours.
    • either not updated, or not hosted on this site (= not maintained by me). They *may* not be appropriately balanced for the stats from this site.
Character Generation, Equipment, & Weapons

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Additional rules, setting & timeline.

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Avionics Devices, Boosters, Pallets, & Missiles

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  • Vehicles that can only operate inside of an atmosphere.
  • Anti-Unification Alliance
  • (CE) MiG-23 Flogger
  • (CE) MiG-29 Fulcrum
  • MiM-31 Karyobin, (Compendium Article)
  • (CE) Su-27K/Su-33 Flanker
  • (CE) Su-34/32FN Fullback
    Unified Forces - Civilian
  • Civilian Helicopter
  • Fan Racer, (Compendium Article)
  • Fan Liner
  • Unified Forces - Combat Aircraft
  • (CE) B-2 Spirit
  • (CE) B-52 Stratofortress
  • Comanchero
  • (CE) F-14A+ Kai
  • (CE) F/A-18 Super Hornet
  • FL-200 Misutoraru
  • F-203 Dragon II, (Compendium Article)
  • LVT Avenger II, (Compendium Article)
  • (CE) Lynx Mark 8 Navy Helicopter
  • (CE) Panavia Tornado
  • (CE) Sea Harrier FA2
  • Sea Sergeant
  • (CE) UH-60 Black Hawk
  • (CE) WS-61 Sea King Commando
    Unified Forces - Support Aircraft
  • (CE) AW-101 Merlin Helicopter
  • EC-33B Disk Sensor
  • Howard LH-2000
  • (CE) Small Transport Aircraft (Macross 7)
  • (CE) Transport Helicopter (Macross 7)
  • VC-27 Tunny
  • VC-33 Mom's Kitchen

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    Aerospace Vehicles
  • In general, these vehicles can operate both inside and outside an atmosphere.
  • Some vehicles are limited to space only (Eg: Spider Bug).
  • Anti-Unified Government Camp
  • Junk Fighter (fanfic)
  • Transport Shuttle (fanfic)
    Kingdom Of The Wind
  • LD-262S Lilldraken
    Unified Forces - Civilian
  • Large Transport Craft (Sky Truck) (Macross 7)
  • News Helicopter (Macross 7)
  • SF-1 Mk III Hound Dog
  • (CE) SF-3A Lancer II, (Compendium Article)
  • (CE) Sound Booster No. 1 Craft
  • (CE) Sound Booster No. 2 Craft
  • Sound Booster No. 3 Craft
    Unified Forces - Support
  • (CE) ES-11D Cat's Eye
  • Rapid Deployment Cargo Shuttle
  • (CE) RC-4E Rabbit
  • Stonewell SC-27 Star Goose
  • Shuttle (Macross F)
  • Spider Bug

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    Ground Mecha
    Anti-Unification Alliance
  • Annabella Lasiodora
  • Gjagravan Va
    Unified Forces - ET (Earth Trekker) series
    (written out of the Official Setting as of Macross Zero)
  • ET-01-Mk II Spider
  • ET-01-Mk IV Tarantula
  • ET-01-Mk V Black Widow
  • WBR-02-Mk II Scorpion
  • DTR-03-Mk I Dinosaur
  • Unified Forces - 00 series
  • HWR-00 Monster, (Compendium Article)
  • (CE) HWR-00-Mk II Monster, (Compendium Article)
    Unified Forces - 03 series
  • (CE) ADR-03-Mk II Cheyenne, (Compendium Article)
  • (CE) Cheyenne II
  • (CE) Works
    Unified Forces - 04 series
    MBR-04-Mk I Destroid Mark I
    MBR-04-Mk II Enhanced Main Battle Robot
    MBR-04 Mk IV Tomahawk early type

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    Ground Vehicles

    M0 and SDFM

    DYRL ~ MF
    Note: some of these vehicles are able to operate in outer space.

    2020's (DYRL)
  • (CE) Generic Vehicles 2020's
  • (CE) Renault A510
  • 2040's (M7)
  • Generic Vehicles 2040's
    2050's (MF)
  • Generic Vehicles 2050's
  • (CE) Beatrice 8x8 Armoured Fighting Vehicle

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    Gun Batteries (Gun Turrets)
  • (CE) Gun Battery A/Gun Battery B
  • Communications Satellite (various)
  • (CE) Conserax Probe Satellite
  • Fold Communications Satellite
  • Planet Vulcan Defence Satellite
  • Sensor Buoy
  • (CE) Unified Forces Defence Satellite
    Unified Forces Strategic Warfare Systems
  • Grand Cannon
  • Sector Seven Space Pirates
  • (CE) Black Samba (Fanfic)
  • Black Samba Mk II (Fanfic)
  • Black Samba Mk III (Fanfic)
  • WACS-003 (Fanfic)

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    Power Armour
  • (CE) Power Suit (M7 Trash) WORK IN PROGRESS
  • Civilian EX-Gear, temp stats (Compendium Article)
  • Military EX-Gear, (Compendium Article)
  • (CE) Power Armour Hand-Held Weapons (fanfic)
    Non-Unified Forces
  • (CE) Enemy Power Armour (fanfic)

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    Ships - Space Going
  • All ships not otherwise indicated are able to land on water.
  • Ships labeled aerospace are able to operate in an atmosphere, land on a body of water, and operate in water.
  • Ships labeled space are generally only able to operate in outer space.
  • Ships that look like a water going vessel can land and operate in water, even if labeled space.

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    Ships - Surface Going
  • Ships limited to operating on or in a body of water.
  • Some of the semi-submersible ships have gravity-control that allows them to travel to, and perform limited manuevers in orbit.
  • Anti-Unification Alliance
  • (CE) Admiral Kuznetsov class Aircraft Carrier
  • Auerstädt Submarsible Carrier, (Compendium Article)
  • (CE) Kirov class Battlecruiser
  • (CE) Neustrashimyy class Frigate
  • Pochov class Attack Submarine, (Compendium Article)
  • (CE) Sovremenny class Destroyer
  • (CE) Udaloy II class Destroyer
    Anti-Unified Government Camp
  • (CE) Roqual Stealth Unmanned Submarine
  • Unified Forces - (Semi-)Submersible
  • (CE) Daedalus Semi-Submersible Assault Landing Vessel
  • Prince Marco Attack Submarine
  • (CE) Prometheus Semi-Submersible Aircraft Carrier
    Unified Forces - Surface Only
  • (CE) Arleigh Burke class Destroyer
  • (CE) Asagiri class Destroyer
  • (CE) CVN-99 Asuka II Aircraft Carrier
  • Athabasca Cruiser
  • (CE) Duke Class Type 23 Frigate
  • (CE) HMS Ocean Helicopter Carrier
  • Iowa Provisions Supply Ship
  • (CE) Kitty Hawk class Aircraft Carrier (Illustria), (Compendium Article)
  • Intrepid Aircraft Carrier
  • (CE) Iowa class Battleship
  • (CE) Invincible class Aircraft Carrier
  • (CE) Kongō class Destroyer
  • Minsk Warship
  • Nichirin Submarine Aircraft Carrier
  • (CE) Nimitz class Aircraft Carrier
  • Sentinel Aircraft Carrier
  • (CE) Tarawa class Amphibious Assault Ship
  • (CE) Ticonderoga class Cruiser

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    Variable Vehicles
  • Note: surplus VFs can be converted into Ghosts [drones], like the QVF-11 Thunderbolt.
  • Neo-Gurāji Series (Zentrādi & Miclone versions exist)
  • (CE) Variable Gurāji
    o VBP-1/VA-110 Neo-Gurāji [manned and drone ver.]
    o VBP-1/VA-110 Neo-Gurāji Bis [Bis = Kai]

    Octos Series
  • (CE) OCTOS Variable Amphibious Destroid
    • Unifed Forces produced OCTOS

    Sv Series
  • (CE) Sv-51
    • Sv-52
    (CE) Sv-52γ Oryol
  • Sv-154 Svard
  • (CE) Sv-262 Draken III
    Variable Police Series
  • (CE) Variable Police Air Patrol Craft
  • (CE) Variable Police Space Patrol Craft
  • (CE) Variable Ground Police Patrol Craft
    VF-0 Series
    o VF-0A/B/S Phoenix
  • (CE) VF-0D Phoenix
  • PWS-0X Reactive Armour VF-0 Phoenix
    • VF-0 Kai Zeak

    VF-1 Series
  • (CE) GBP-1S Ground-Combat Protector
    SDP-1 Stampede VF-1 Valkyrie
  • (CE) VEFR-1 Electronic Warfare [VF-1G]
  • (CE) VE-1 Elint Seeker
    o VF-1 Valkyrie
    o VF-1A+ Valkyrie [VF-1N]
    o VF-1J+/S+ Valkyrie
    o VF-1B "Half-S" Valkyrie
    o VF-1P Freya Valkyrie
  • (CE) VF-1X Valkyrie [X+ Upgrade] (FCS 30&40; X+: VF-11 Radar)
  • (CE) VF-1X++ Double Plus (FCS 50, VF-171? Radar) [VF-1Z Valkyrie]
    (CE) VF-1X++ Hakuna Special
  • (CE) VF-1D Valkyrie
  • VF-1EX Valkyrie
  • (CE) VT-1 Super Ostrich
  • (CE) VT-1C Ostrich "Customer" Valkyrie
    VAB-2 Series
  • (CE) VAB-2 Wraith (Compendium Article)
    VA-3 Series
  • (CE) EVA-3 Invader
  • (CE) VA-3 Invader
    (CE) VA-3C Kai Invader Kai [VA-3C Invader]
  • (CE) VA-3M Invader
    VF-3000 Series
    o VF-3000 Crusader
  • (CE) VF-3000B Bomber Valkyrie
  • VF-4 Series
  • (CE) VF-4 Lightning III
    • VF-4SL Lightning III

    VF-5000 Series
  • (CE) VF-5000B Star Mirage
  • (CE) VF-5000G Star Mirage
    VB-6 Series
  • (CE) VB-6 König Monster
    VF-9 Series
  • (CE) VF-9 Cutlass
    • VF-9E Cutlass
    VF-9 Cutlass Kai (fanfic)

    VF-11 Series
  • (CE) VF-11 Thunderbolt
    (CE) QVF-11 Thunderbolt
    • VF-11B Nothung II
    • VF-11B Kai "Shenandoah"/"El Camino Real"
    • VF-11B/X "Sister Valkyrie"
    • VF-11C Thunderbolt Interceptor
  • (CE) VF-11D Kai Thunderblot "Jamming Birds"
    • VF-11D Thunderbolt Focus
  • (CE) VF-11MAXL Thunderbolt
    (CE) VF-11MAXL Kai Thunderbolt
  • (CE) APS-11 Full Armour VF-11 Thunderbolt
    VF-14 Series
  • (CE) VF-14 Vampire
    (CE) VA-14 Hunter (Compendium Article)

    VF-17 Series
  • (CE) VF-17 Nightmare
  • VF-17T Nightmare
    VF-17T Kai Nightmare

    VF-171 Series
  • (CE) VF-171 Nightmare Plus
    (CE) VB-171 Nightmare Plus
  • (CE) RVF-171 Nightmare Plus
  • (CE) VF-171EX Nightmare Plus EX
  • AAS-171EX VF-171EX Nightmare Plus Armour Pack
  • (CE) RVF-171EX Nightmare Plus EX
    VF-19 Series
    (CE) YF-19 (Alpha One) see VF-19A/B/C/D
  • (CE) VF-19A/B/C/D Excalibur
    • VF-19A2 Excalibur
    • VF-19C/MG21 Excalibur
  • (CE) VF-19E/F/S Excalibur
    (CE) VF-19E Kai Excalibur Fire Valkyrie
  • (CE) VF-19EF/EFs Caliburn
    • VF-19EF/A "Isamu Special"
  • (CE) VF-19P Excaliber
  • (CE) VF-19ACTIVE Nothung
    (CE) VC-19V VIP-Calibur
    (CE) VFA-19A Assault-Calibur
  • • VEF-19D Warning-Calibur I
    • VRF-19D Recon-Calibur
    • VEF-19E Warning-Calibur II

    VF-21/22 Series
  • YF-21 (Omega One)
  • (CE) VF-22 Sturmvogel II
    • VF-22HG Schwalbe Zwei

    YF-24 Series
  • (CE) YF-24
  • (CE) YF-24 Evolution
    VF-25 Series
  • (CE) YF-25 Prophecy
    • YF-25 Paladin Prophecy [Paladin Pack]
  • (CE) VF-25 Messiah
  • (CE) RVF-25 Messiah Mainstay
  • (CE) APS-25S/MF25 VF-25 Messiah Armoured Pack
  • VF-25F/TW1 Tornado Valkyrie
    VF-27 Series
  • (CE) VF-27 Lucifer
    • YF-27-5 Shaher ♀ (Female)

    YF-29 Series
  • YF-29 Durandal
    • YF-29B Perceval

    YF-30 Series
  • (CE) YF-30 Chronos
    VF-31 Series
  • (CE) VF-31 Kairos see VF-31 Siegfried
  • (CE) VF-31 Siegfried
  • VF-31 Armoured Siegfried
  • GBP-2S JOTUN Protect Armour VF-1
  • SGP-1 Armoured VF-1 Gerwalk
  • SW-XA1 (Compendium Article)
  • SW-XAII Schneegans (Compendium Article)
  • (CE) VF-X
  • (CE) VF-X-1
  • (CE) VF-X-2
  • (CE) VF-X-3
  • VF-3 (VF-X3) Star Crusader (Compendium Article)
  • (CE) VF-X-4
  • (CE) VF-X-11
  • XVF-19-1
  • (CE) Pheyos Valkyrie [EVA/Enemy VAlkyrie]
  • Quadoran Aruma
  • VF-5 (Compendium Article)
  • VF-6 (Compendium Article)
  • VF-7 (Compendium Article)
  • VF-15 (Compendium Article)
  • VF-16 (Compendium Article)

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    Inspection Forces
  • (CE) Gun Destroyer

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    Vajra Life Stages
  • Vajra Egg
  • Vajra Larva [Ai-kun]
  • Vajra Chrysalis
  • Vajra 2nd Larva Form [Mihael killer]
  • (CE) Small Vajra [Mobile Soldier Vajra]
  • Vajra Hound [Medium Vajra]
  • Large Vajra [Heavy Soldier Vajra]
  • New Heavy Vajra
  • Vajra Semi-Queen
  • Vajra Queen
  • Vajra Carrier (Small) [Knight class]
  • Vajra Carrier (Large) [Bishop class]
  • (CE) Destroyer Vajra
  • Vajra Battleship type

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    Varōta Variable Vehicles

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    Varōta Ships

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    Zentrādi Mobile Weapons
  • Note: equipment operated by Zentrādi who haven't come in contact with humans *may* have 10%–30% lower performance—as they don't have the concept of repair..
  • Battle Suits
  • (CE) Battle Suit [Renegade Power Armour]
  • Nūjaderu-Gā [Nousjadeul-Ger] TV ver.
  • (CE) Nūjaderu-Gā [Nousjadeul-Ger] movie ver.
  • Quadoran-Aruma [Queadluun-Alma]
  • Quadoran-Kiruka [Quaedluun-Quilqua]
  • (CE) Quadoran-Nona [Queadluun-Nona]
  • (CE) Quadoran-Rea [Queadluun-Rhea]
  • (CE) Quadoran-Rō [Quaedluun-Rau]
  • Pods
    o Gurāji [Glaug]
  • Gurāji Kai [Stealth Gurāji]
  • Super Gurāji: right arm replaced by Quadoran-type manupulator and Tri-barrel Pulse Laser. A 2nd Long Range Charged Particle Beam Gun is added on top. Used by Al-Shahal's New Unified Force's Zentrādi garrison.
    o Jināru Air-battle Pod [Dogfight Pod, Gnerl]
  • Jināru Air-Battle Pod Kai [Stealth Air-battle Pod]
  • Recovery Pod
  • (CE) Rigādo [Regult]: Standard, Light/Heavy Missile Carrier, Tactical Scout
  • Rigādo Kai [Stealth Rigādo]
  • ZBP-104 Rigādo: hardly any improvements, however its augmentability is high, and various varients exist. It is deployed in the Al-Shahal's New Unified Force's Zentrādi garrison.
    Standard Type: the anti-aircraft laser is omitted, and there is only 1 anti-personnel laser machine-gun in the lower front.
    Missile Pod Type: the shape of the missile pod is new, and is loaded with 46 missiles.
  • ZBP-106 Rigādo: Type with Quadoran arms and backpack added. The lower front anti-personnel laser machine-gun is omitted. It is deployed in the Al-Shahal's New Unified Force's Zentrādi garrison.

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    Zentrādi Ships
    50–100 m Sized
  • Automated Resupply Craft [Refueling Tanker], images
  • ECM Pod
  • Gun Boat
  • (CE) Heavy Attacker
  • (CE) Kerukaria [Quel-Quallie] Reconnaissance Pod
  • (CE) Liaison Craft
    o Light Transport Boat
  • Re-entry Pod
  • Stealth Kerukaria [Quel-Quallie] Reconnaissance Pod
  • 100+ m Sized
  • (CE) Factory Satellite, (VF-X2 appearance)
  • Furubusu Barensu [Fulbtzs-Berrentzs] Mobile Fortress
  • (CE) "Goru Bodoruzā" Mobile Fortress
  • Keadouru Magudomira [Queadol-Magdomilla] Command Battleship, (Compendium Article)
    o Kirutora Keramittsu Medium Gunship
    o Kirutora Keruēru [Quiltra Queleual] Landing Assault Ship
  • Noputi Baganisu [Nupetiet-Vergnitzs] Medium Fleet Command Battleship, (Compendium Article)
    o Picket Ship
    o Electronic Warfare Scout Ship
    o Suvāru Saran [Thuverl Salan] Standard Battleship
  • Meltrandi Ships
  • (CE) Assault Landing Ship
  • (CE) High-Speed Cruiser
  • (CE) Large Battleship
  • (CE) Large Frigate
  • Long-Range Medium Gunship
  • (CE) Medium Gunship (Miria's Ship)
  • (CE) Picket Ship
  • Salvage Ship
  • (CE) Standard Battleship

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