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Official Setting information is in darkgreen. Extended Universe information is in steelblue.

Modular VF Internal Pallet System

The following optional internally mounted pallets can be exchanged between one another in approximately the time it takes for a VF to be refueled and reloaded.

Official Setting:
  • Control And Electronic Warfare Equipment
  • B-7 Standard Internal Pallet
  • B-11A Specialized Internal Pallet
  • Unofficial:
  • Additional Storage
  • Micronized Fold Booster
  • Unofficial:
  • Prototype Active Stealth Generator
  • Power Blade Cradle And Charger

  • Control And Electronic Warfare Equipment

    The following Control, ECM and ECCM equipment can be mounted within a pallet. Refer to Airborne Control and ECM/ECCM Devices for details.

    Note: non-Electronic Warfare designated craft (E.g.: VE-1) can only operate 2 Control, ECM or ECCM devices at the same time. The FCS of these non-EW craft simply cannot handle more than 2 at the same time.

    Stonewell/Royce B-7 Standard Internal Pallet

    The Stonewell/Royce B-7 Standard Internal Pallet carries either micro-missiles, short range missiles, or bombs. When activated, the cover of the multi-weapon bay opens, and the pallet slightly extends outwards - allowing all of its payload to be activated at once, if necessary. The pallet can be activated in any mode.

    Stonewell/Royce B-11A Specialized Internal Pallet

    The B-11A Internal Weapons Pallet is designed to carry either 2 medium range missiles, 1 RMS missile, or 1 bomb, each.

    Additional Storage

    Any type of equipment can be stored within the space dimensions of the pallet. The following are the writers suggestions.

    Micronized Fold Booster

    The Micronized Space Fold Drive is a derivative of the Shinnakasu Industry/OTEC FBF-1000A External Fighter Fold Booster. The micronized fold drive is a recent (2050) development for use in Special Forces activities. Currently, its existance is top secret. Users are ordered to destroy the equipment rather than let it fall into enemy hands.

    This equipment is only available for Variable Craft that are fold-navigation capable (essentially the VF-17 onwards).

    Prototype Active Stealth Generator

    The Unified Forces experimented with making the Active Stealth generator modular enough to fit inside of a pallet. By the late 2040's, prototypes exist, but they are more on the experimental side of a work-in-progress, and less of a consistantly working device. The prime reason for this is the difficulties in power supply (internal pallets aren't designed for the constant high-energy demands of the Active Stealth generator) and that the generator projects the active stealth field from within the internal pallet without assistance from any structure or antennae on the surface of the vehicle it is mounted inside.

    Given that everything needed for the system being crammed into a pallet, the system is described as 'faulty.' It is best not relied upon 100% for mission success.

    The system is useful against fighter mounted radar, radard-guided missiles and so on, but it is difficult to deceive large radars and the like. -20% to read sensory instrument checks to detect the vehicle, and when being attacked by missiles, either add +15% when chaff and flares are used, or roll on the following:

    Since the stealth capability is a faulty system, there is a 5% chance that the system will fail every minute the system is active (evil GMs can roll every melee).

    Also, since the system is only stored within the airframe, it can be damaged or destroyed. Once the mecha has lost a quarter of its main body MDC and/or the MDC of the location the pallet is stored within, there is a 50% chance that the stealth system will fail every time the main body and/pr location of the craft is hit thereafter. The system crashes entirely when half the MDC of the main body and/or part the generator is stored within is lost.

    Once the stealth system has failed, it will not work again until repaired at a New Unified Forces base. For more information on stealth, please refer to the stealth rules.

    Power Blade Cradle And Charger

    Check with their GM if Power Blades are a part of the game.

    A VF-sized version of the power blade has also been produced. The Power Blade requires a cradle and recharger, which occupies one entire pallet. When activated, the pallet door extends outwards, and the Power Blade hilt extends upwards allowing the VF's hands to retrieve or return the weapon to its cradle.

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