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Suvāru Saran [Thuverl Salan] Class Standard Battleship

Note: green is Official Setting information, blue is Extended Universe information, and brown is dojinshi information.


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The Zentrādi Forces have Main Fleets that are composed of several hundred thousand to several million ships. The Main Fleets are formed from such vessels as battleships, transport ships and gunships. While such ships as the Noputi Baganisu and Keadouru Magudomira are mainly used for fleet command; the Kirutora Keruēru, Suvāru Saran, and Medium Gunship are indispensable ships in the Main Fleets. The Suvāru Saran are the standard battleship that form the core of the Zentrādi fleets, and they are the main combat asset in the fleet. They pulverize such things as enemy ships and bases with armaments that are installed all over their hulls. In addition to fleet battles on the front line, the Kirutora Keruēru, Suvāru Saran and Medium Gunship perform such things as defending the Noputi Baganisu and managing the sorties of the small Mobile Weapons. The Suvāru Salan features a slender nose, in a shape that's similar to that of the Keadouru Magudomira. It is equipped with two thruster nozzles, on the left and right sides of the hull. The part in the center of the rear is a launch port for ship-borne craft. Inside, the passages are made to match the Zentrādi body size. Set in the walls are such things as armouries that are prepared for emergencies. Several gun ports are installed in such places as the nose, and the left and right sides of the warship. When attacking, the muzzles of the stowed Guided Focusing Beam Gun Systems and so on pop out from sliding hatches to fire. The Suvāru Saran's service life is excellent. The ship was reportedly developed from the closing period of the Protoculture.
The design is as simple as possible, with a gigantic hangar inserted between reactors and engines on both sides, and armour and armaments arranged around them. Since its shape is close to being cylindrical—aside from the engine parts—it has few actual differences from the other rod-shaped Zentrādi military vessels. At first glance, the Standard Battleship tends to be regarded as a battleship that emphasizes bombardment capabilities as it has a large number of guns. However, its firepower is not very high considering the size of its hull. This is generally true of all Zentrādi military ships, as they are focused on long-term durability rather than firepower. As a supplement to that firepower, a large number of ship-borne vehicles are installed in it, so the Standard Battleship's ability as an "aircraft carrier" is set higher than its "war-waging capability". Among the military vessels in the Zentrādi Forces, however, the Standard Battleship is the most balanced between the functions of "battleship" and "aircraft carrier". Even though it is called the "Standard Battleship", it is more appropriate to call it the "Main Battleship" and "Main Combat Ship", as this ship class accounts for more than half of the entire fleet (approximately 60%). As most of the rest—Scout Ships and Amphibious Assault Ships—are used for planetary drops and transport missions, the Standard Battleship is mostly responsible for combat in outer space. The blandness of its fighting power itself also brings about the uniformity of the military force and ease of command, and it is truly a "standard" for the commanders of the Zentrādi Forces who only knows how to fight. The Standard Battleship is also said to be "brittle" compared to the other ships. In actuality, the Standard Battleship has enough robustness, it is just "brittle" by the Zentrādi military standard.
Internal organization (generic ship):
  • Deck One (top) a Battle Pod hangar, which exit from approximately 32 airlocks in the ceiling/top of the vessel.
  • Deck Two a combination of crew and Mobile Weapons.
  • Deck Three a crew and Mobile Weapon storage level.
  • Deck Four crew quarters, storage, and the Fold System.
  • Deck Five is the command center; with bridge, communications, navigation, weapon systems control, and officer's quarters.
  • Deck Six crew quarters, medical (no laboratory), auxiliary systems, water reservoir, and additional Mobile Weapons. There is a Stand-by room with 50 full-size Zentrādi ready at all times to scramble. They mainly serve to prevent boarding assaults and provide cover for other scrambling units.
  • Deck Seven crew quarters, hangar area with side airlocks, and additional Mobile Weapons.
  • Deck Eight hangar with side and bottom exits, including one small, and one large bomb-bay style hatch.
  • Modified Ships In The Unified Forces

    After the remnants of the Bodoru Main Fleet were incorporated into the Unified Space Forces, the Destroyer became a common sight to Earthlings. Most incorporated vessels have been modified so that humans can serve alongside the giant Zentrādi crew, although many ships remain in their original—giants only—state. All Mobile Weapon hangars and Zentrādi sections on modified ships have human-size catwalks at half-height running along the walls.

    Internal organization (modified ship):

    Deck Four has been changed into a human-size park. This park is different in every ship of the fleet. Human-size quarters are built inside and around the park, making for a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. It covers nearly 90% of the level. The human-size quarters are eight storey-tall (about 40 m) buildings, containing 5x5 m rooms/apartments, equipped with very compact utilities; small, but comfortable. 'La Place': a collection of very small stands in the middle of the park, each offering delicacies from many old Earth countries. It is low priced and has a delightful atmosphere. 'Chez Maison': a combination restuarant and club in the park, that offers a good selection of higher end dishes, the perfect place for that romantic encounter. The sixth and seventh floors are clubs, with great music. The seventh floor is reserved for officers only.
    Standard Large Battleship
  • Crew: 650 human size

  • Unified Forces modified Standard Battleship
  • 190 giant size
  • 275 human size

    Vehicle Type: Battleship
    Class: Suvāru Saran [Thuverl Salan]
    Crew: 380 giant size; other versions: varies (detailed on right)
    Manufacturer: Zentrādi Forces
    Production: Geteru Makyura Zora 4,146,163th to 53,717,550th Zentrādi Automated Armoury Planets
    Government: Zentrādi Forces, Unified Government
    Customer: Zentrādi Forces

    Design Features: under investigation.
  • Standard Suvāru Saran class Standard Battleship
  • Unified Forces modified Suvāru Saran class Standard Battleship
  • Suvāru Saran class Standard Gunship (the bow of the Medium Gunship is affixed to the front of the ship)
  • Suvāru Saran class Standard Large Battleship (gun turrets changed to Unified Forces ones, rail guns on the sides [both weapons copied from the SDF-1])

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    MDC by Location
    (1) Forward 1/3 of ship                   75,000
    (2) Middle 1/3 of ship                    90,000
    (3) Rear 1/3 of ship                      85,000
    (4) Main Engines (2)                      10,000 each
    (4) Auxiliary Engine (4)                  5,000 each
        Large Beam Guns (3)                   250 each
        Standard Beam Guns (32)               150 each
        Large Missile Launchers (4)           200 each
        Small Missile Launchers (16)          150 each
    (5) Anti-Air Beam Guns (32)               100 each
    (5) Micro-Missile Launchers (12)          100 each
    (6) Outer Hull (per 12 m area)            60
    (6) Outer Hull (per 152 m area)           750
        Small 'Bomb Bay' Hatch                200
        Large Hatches (2)                     900 each
        Exterior Airlock Access Hatches (96)  100 each
    (6) Interior Walls (per 12 m area)        40
        Interior Hatches                      50 each
    (7) Pin-point Barrier System (4)          2,500 each

    (1) Depleting the MDC will put the Large Missile Launchers and a full third of the ship's offensive batteries out of commission. This handicaps the ship's fighting capabilities.
    (2) Depleting the MDC will put the command bridge and auxiliary command bridge out of commission. It will also shut down all weapon controls, and the majority of the Mobile Weapon launch facilities—rendering the ship flyable, but its weapon systems unable to fire, and its troops unable to scramble except for small batches.
    (3) Depleting the MDC will shut down communications and the engines, setting the ship adrift. Life support, gravity control, and weapons will be severely limited.
    (4) Depleting the MDC of the main engines will force the ship to rely on its auxiliary engine, and will render the Gravity Control System useless due to loss of power. Depleting the MDC of the main engines AND auxiliary engines will leave the ship adrift in space. If in an atmosphere, the ship will crash.
    (5) Not standard. Modified ships ONLY.
    (6) Punches a hole into a specific area of the hull. Note: with the outer hull, the hole will only give access to the weapon turret access corridor (approximately 31 m wide). To gain access to the inside of the ship, one must go through the second hull. The damage control system will automatically seal off any compartments that have been exposed to vacuum.
    (7) Not standard. Modified ships ONLY. See below (Defensive Systems) for details.

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    Sub-light: 0.16 speed of light (modified ships are 0.20 speed of light)
    Auxiliary Drive: Mach 1.65; Mach 5 in space.
    Space Fold Range: 50 light years if there are no Fold Faults.

    Planet bound: can land if necessary, but not designed to manoeuvre in an atmosphere. Can only land in a body of water.
    Maximum Range: estimated 20 year life span, which can be extended with regular maintenance and overhauls.

    Maximum rate of ascent: 400 m per minute using the anti-gravity propulsion system.
    Maximum instantaneous acceleration during combat: 1.4 G+

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    Statistical Data
    Height: 510 m
    Width: 610 m, not including antenna
    Length: 2,000 m

    Operational Interial Mass: 39.5 million t
    Empty Mass: under investigation

    Power System: 4 Geteru Makyura Zoriya Heat Pile System Cluster
    Gravity Control System: Geteru Makyura Gravity Control Cluster
    Super-Dimensional Navigation System: Shiku Terunakeru Fold System Cluster
    Jet Propulsion System: Main Thruster: Wōkeri Katafirura Macro Nozzle Cluster, Vernier Thruster: Wōkeri Katafirura Vernier Nozzle Cluster

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    Defensive Systems
    Note: Refer to the Ship Defensive Systems for stats unless otherwise noted herein.

    Ship-borne Pinpoint Barrier System
  • Damage Capacity: 2,500 MDC.
  • Regeneration Rate: 2,500 MD per melee round.
  • 1. Heat And Radiations Shields
    2. Energy Conversation Armour
    3. Self-destruct
    4. Ship-borne Pinpoint Barrier System
    : modified Zentrādi ships only!
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    Offensive Systems

    1. Large Guided Converging Beam Gun (3)

    The main anti-ship guns. Located in the middle of the ventral hull. The turrets stand ready to pop-up out from under their sliding hatches to fire. Each turret is capable of 360° rotation with a 180° arc of fire.

    2. Standard Guided Converging Beam Gun (32)

    The secondary anti-ship guns. Three rows of 4 turrets on either side of the ventral hull. One row of 4 on either side of the dorsal hull. The turrets stand ready to pop-up out from under their sliding hatches to fire. Each turret is capable of 360° rotation with a 180° arc of fire.

    3. Large Anti-Ship Missile Launcher (4)

    The main anti-ship missile launchers. The missiles fire out of ports concealed in the front of the ship. They are fixed to fire forwards only. Ships in the Unified Forces are able to launch Reaction Missiles. The anti-ship missiles use the RB-5 Reaction Warhead, whose explosive power is able to be set within the range of 20 and 100 kt. At maximum power, a single missile can incapacitate a Suvāru Saran class ship. editing here: Ideas: a) break into two columns: 1 for Zentradi, 1 for UN Spacy b) UN spacy: twice as many missiles/missile launchers, but 1/2 the size, reduced range/speed (moderate) c) damage: increase into SDC range?

    4. Small Anti-Air Missile Launcher (16 [8])

    One row of 4 is located on each side of the dorsal and ventral surfaces, above and below the large blister on the side. The turrets stand ready to pop-up out from under their sliding hatches to fire. Each Turret is capable of 360° rotation with a 180° arc of fire.

    5. Anti-Air Beam Guns (32)

    Evenly distributed over the hull. These CIWS (Close in Weapons Systems) can either be computer or manually controlled, and do not suffer the negative modifiers to hitting attacking Mobile Weapons that larger starship based weapons do. They are intended primarily for anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense, but can do moderate damage against smaller enemy spacecraft, if they get too close. The gun turrets can be set on automatic during combat, during which time they have a +2 to strike due to their advanced tracking systems. The gun turrets' tracking systems will target incoming missiles first, and attacking Mobile Weapons second. Unified Forces modified ships only! Standard ships rely on Mobile Weapons for close-in defence.

    6. Micro-Missile Launchers (12)

    Evenly distributed over the hull. These missile launchers can either be computer or manually controlled, and do not suffer the negative modifiers to hit attacking Mobile Weapons that the larger starship based weapons do. They are intended primarily for anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense, but can do moderate damage against smaller enemy spacecraft if they get too close. Unified Forces modified ships only! Standard ships rely on Mobile Weapons for close-in defence.

    7. Ship-borne Craft

    The ship carries a great number of carrier-borne small Mobile Weapons. The Mobile Weapons are primarily used for both defence and tactical missions. Due to space limitations, there is a bit of either/or with the number of Mobile Weapons that the ship is able to effectively maintain and sortie. For example:
    ✓ 160 Rigādo, 30 Jināru, and 10 Nūjaderu-Gā (200 total)
    ✓ 120 Rigādo, 60 Jināru, and 20 Nūjaderu-Gā (200 total)
    ✗ 160 Rigādo, 60 Jināru, and 20 Nūjaderu-Gā (240 total—not enough room)

    Unified Space Forces (mixed—giant and human sized):

    Zentrādi Equipment
  • 60–80 Rigādo [Regult] Battle Pods
  • 1–2 Gurāji [Glaug] Battle Pod
  • 15–30 Jināru [Gnerl] Fighter Pods
  • 5–10 Nūjaderu-Gā [Nousjadeul-Ger] Battle Suits
  • 20 Hover Platforms
  • 2 Re-entry Pods or 1 Light Landing Craft
  • 2 (Zentrādi) Shuttle/ Liason Craft
  • 4–5 Automatic Resupply Craft (Refueling Tanker)

  • Unified Forces Equipment
  • 60–80 VF (fixed shipboard craft only); usually divided into:
  • • 40–60 VF (main fighter of the era; usually VF-4, VF-11, VF-14, or VF-171) • 2–4 Armour Packs available • 5 Recon Packs available • 0–20 VA (main attacker/bomber of the era; usually VA-3, VA-14, or VB-171)
  • 0–20 Destroids (able to operate within the ship) (Cheyenne II, S-Defender or similar)
  • 10 small Launches (shipboard ships) (RC-4E Rabbit or similar)
  • 3 medium Launches (shipboard ships) (SC-27 Star Goose or similar)
  • Standard (Zentrādi only)

  • 120–160 Rigādo [Regult] Battle Pods (centered on reconnaissance)
  • 3–4 Gurāji [Glaug] Battle Pod
  • 30–60 Jināru [Gnerl] Fighter Pods
  • 10–20 Nūjaderu-Gā [Nousjadeul-Ger] Battle Suits rarely loaded
  • 4 Re-entry Pods
  • or 3 Re-entry Pods and 1 Kerukaria [Quel-Quallie] Reconnaissance Pod or 2 Re-entry Pods and 1 Light Landing Craft
  • 40 Hover Platforms
  • 12–15 Launches (shipboard ships - small):
  • • 3–4 Shuttles/Liason Craft • 2 Recovery Pods • 7–9 Automatic Resupply Craft (Refueling Tanker)
  • 2–4 Armoured Personnel Carrier
  • Unified Space Forces (human only):

  • 120–160 VF (fixed shipboard craft only); usually divided into:
  • • 90–120 VF (main fighter of the era; usually VF-4, VF-11, VF-14, or VF-171) • 4–8 Armour Packs available • 10 Recon Packs available • 30–40 VA (main attacker/bomber of the era; usually VA-3, VA-14, or VB-171)
  • 0–40 Destroids (able to operate within the ship) (Cheyenne II, S-Defender or similar)
  • 20 small Launches (shipboard ships) (RC-4E Rabbit or similar)
  • 6 medium Launches (shipboard ships) (SC-27 Star Goose or similar)

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    Sensor Systems
    Note: refer to the Ship Sensor Systems for details, unless otherwise noted herein.
    1. Control System
    2. Fold Communication
    3. Electromagnetic Wave Sensor: 1 AU
    4. Internal Sensors
    5. Long Range Laser/Satellite Relay Communications
    : range: effectively unlimited. Ranges greater than 1/4 AU (approx. 2 minutes one-way) becomes a one-sided transmission.
    6. Optics: Hybrid Sensor/TV Camera System
    7. Radio Interference Network
    : range: 80 km. Can be increased by linking additional battle cruisers (+80 km per ship). 8. Radar Jamming: range: 16 km area up to 650 km away.
    9. Search And Targeting Radar: range: 6,500 km
    10. Super Dimensional Space Communications: range: 500 ly

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    Other Standard Equipment
    Note: Refer to the Ship Other Systems for details, unless otherwise noted herein.
    0. Double Reinforced Hulls and Access Tunnels: line the full length of most deck levels. 1. Airlocks: scattered over the hull in the following positions:
  • Top Outer Hull: 32 Airlocks/Access Hatches
  • Side Outer Hull: 18 Airlocks/Access Hatches each side
  • Bottom Hull: 20 Airlocks/Access hatches, 1 Small 'Bomb Bay' Hatches, 1 Large Hatch
  • Rear Hull: 8 Airlocks/Access Hatches, 1 Large Hatch
  • 2. Docking—Hard & Soft
    3. Gravity Control
    4. IFF Antenna
    5. Laboratory
    6. Life Support Systems
    7. Medical Facilities
    8. Nutrient and Water Dispensaries
    9. Sublight Engines
    10. Space Fold System
    11. Water Supply
    12. Weapon Bays
    13. Zentrādi Command Center/Ship's Bridge

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    Combat Bonuses For Spacecraft Training
    Note: unless modified, the entirety of the ship is macron (Battroid) scale.
  • None!

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    To do list:
  • Suvāru Saran-class Battleship (UNS spec. variant)
  • UN optional equipment in new section w/ stats from SDF-1 and Oberth II?
  • 1x4 ultra-high speed electromagnetic acceleration gun (aka: railgun) (Dojinshi)
  • 68x 2x34 Large Guided Converging Beam Turrets (Dojinshi)
  • 24x 3x8 Small Guided Converging Beam Turrets (Dojinshi)
  • 6x Large Missile Launcher (for Reaction Missiles) (Dojinshi)
  • 34x 21-shotx2 x2 (not a typo) medium-close range Missile Launcher (Phalanx 2)Small Missile Launcher (Dojinshi)
  • many Anti-Air Beam Guns (Dojinshi)
  • many Micro-Missile Launchers (Dojinshi)

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