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Sourcebook: FCS and Weapons Rules

Table Of Contents
  • FAST Packs, Super Packs and Super Parts
  • Firing Missiles at Multiple Targets
  • Gun Pods and Beam Machine Gun Burst and Spray Rules
  • Weapons in Variable Craft

  • FAST Packs, Super Packs and Super Parts

    FAST packs, Super Packs and Super Parts are generally written per single unit. Therefore, two packs or parts of the same kind can be fire linked. For example, a pair of NP-BP-01 FAST packs have a combined total of 32 missiles and a rate of fire (ROF) of 1 to 8 missiles.

    In this arrangement, if one pack or part is destroyed, malfunctions, is rendered useless from battle damage or is purged, the details revert to a single unit. In addition, the flight characteristics of the vehicle may be sufficiently disrupted, forcing either a great reduction in speed or the purging of the remaining pack or part.

    Regarding missile loads, GM should endeavor to list the stats reflecting their individual loads, so that there is no argument when a pack or part is lost.

    Firing Missiles at Multiple Targets AKA Itano Missile Circus

    Gun Pods and Beam Machine Gun Burst and Spray Rules

    Gun pods and beam machine guns can be set to fire single shots or bursts. The bursts can be directed at a single target or sprayed at a number of targets close to each other.

    Burst and spray rules:

    As gun pods fire at rates of 1,800 rounds per minute or faster, they can expend all of their rounds in 3 melee rounds (or 600 rounds per melee round). Due to the act of shooting a gun pod requiries aiming, leading the target, checking what's being the target, depressing the trigger and so on, 100 rounds is the recommended maximum per single attack. Bursts of more than 100 rounds will require additional actions to fire.

    Shooting Missiles

    is possible, but the effects vary with the type of weapon used and the amount of shots fired. In almost all cases, if a missile is hit, it's destroyed. Roll a D100. If the result is less than the fratricide %, then ALL the missiles in the volley are destroyed.

    Weapons in Variable Craft

    In addition to paying attention to ranges, speeds, weapon performance, keep in mind that if you cannot directly see or detect a target, you can't hit it if you shoot at it.

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