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"Goru Bodoruzā" Mobile Fortress

FurubusuBarensu1 (179K)


The Zentrādi Forces are several thousand main fleets spread out in the galaxy. Each fleet is composed of several hundred thousand to several million ships. The command ship that controls each of these fleets is the "Goru Bodoruzā" Mobile Fortress class. This class has to function as a large-scale fleet's command and administration, and to maintain the attached warships. The role that this class of ship takes care of is as the core of the main fleets. In the First Interstellar War, the "Goru Bodoruzā" Mobile Fortress class, which controlled the 118th Main Fleet, battled Earth's mankind.

About 5,000 "Goru Bodoruzā" Mobile Fortress class were mass produced, and even now there is thought to be about 2,000 ~ 3,000 being operated within the galaxy. To say nothing of the main fleet's powerful unit of war potential that this class controls, this class itself also functions as a strengthened fortress that's armed with huge armaments. However, it is said that they currently use normal warheads as either the majority of the reaction weapons that existed when they were first commissioned have been used up, or it's impossible to use the weapons as the reaction materials have passed their half lives. The "Goru Bodoruzā" Mobile Fortress class began being operated from the golden age of the Galactic Empire's break-up War. The age of the warships exceeds 100,000 cycles on average, and warships that have reached 300,000 cycles also exist. "Goru Bodoruzā" Mobile Fortress, which was the flagship of the approximately 4.8 million warship strong 118th Main Fleet, was driven to destruction by the all-out attack of Earth. It was destroyed by the SDF-1 Macross's storming attack (the Macross Attack).


Vehicle Type: Fulbtzs-Berrentzs Base
Government: Zentrādi Forces
Manufacturer: Unknown
Crew: approximately 200 thousand to 1 million people. The command base also has complete cloning facility, as well as reduction and enlargement facilities.


(1) Commander                                                     1,000
    Retractable Laser Turrets (4,400)                               150 each
    Retractable Missile Turrets (3000)                              100 each
    Particle Beam Cannons (500)                                   5,000 each
    Main Converging Beam Cannon                                 175,000
(2) Main Factory                                              7,000,000
    Sensor Arrays (10)                                            1,000 each
(3) Main Thrusters (8)                                            8,000 each
(3) Auxiliary Engine (16)                                         1,000 each (3)
    Maneuvering Thrusters (192)                                      50 each
    Armored outer hull (per 40ft area)                              200
    Interior walls (per 20ft area)                                   50
    Large Airlocks/Access Hatches (200)                            1000 each
    Small Airlocks/Access Hatches (500)                             400 each
    Interior Airlocks/Access Hatches (Numerous)                     200 each
  1. Killing the Commander will cause the entire command base to die. All power systems, thrusters, weapon systems, and life support will fail, and (2D4X10)% of the crew will be killed instantly by explosions, debris, and loss of atmosphere. There is a 100% chance the ship will violently explode. Thats an explosion inflicting 2D6X10,000 MD to any object within 50 miles. In order to get to Lord Bodolza, you must get past his defenses, which include numerous missile turrets, internal lasers, and thousands of internal mecha units and specialized automated defense units.
  2. Depleting the MDC of the Main Factory will destroy the weapons plant. All power systems, thrusters, weapon systems, and life support will fail, and (2D4X10)% of the crew will be killed instantly by explosions, debris, and loss of atmosphere. There is a 70% chance the factory will violently explode. Thats an explosion inflicting 2D6X10,000 MD to any object within 50 miles. If the ship does not explode, then the ship will be an unsalvageable wreck.
  3. Depleting the MDC of the main thrusters will force the ship to rely on its secondary thrusters. Depleting the MDC of the main AND secondary thrusters will leave the ship adrift in space. In an atmosphere, the battlecruiser will still be able to land and achieve orbit using antigravity generators. The maneuvering thrusters will propel the ship at 10kph in any direction.


Speed (Sublight): 0.24 speed of light (38,400 miles per second)
Speed (Auxiliary Drives): Mach 2.0
Speed (Space Fold): 1 light year every 6 minutes
Planet bound: Can not enter a planet's atmosphere.
Maximum Range: Unlimited (estimated life span unknown)


Height: 890 km
Length: 510 km
Weight: approximately 1.2 quintillion t

Main Power System: Wookeri Katafirura heat pile mega-cluster system
Propulsion System: Wookeri Katafirura nozzle mega-cluster system
Fold System: Wookeri Katafirura fold system mega-cluster system
Sensor System: Standard Tracking Cluster


FurubusuBarensuGun (17K)


Located on the front of the command base, is a large converging beam cannon capable of immense damage. This weapon drains a hideous amount of power from the base(s power systems which means it can only be fired once every 12 hours.


Located randomly across the surface of the Fulbtzs-Berrentzs Base are numerous particle beam cannons similar to the ones mounted on Zentrādi battleships. These weapons were capable of destroying all but the largest and most determined hostiles.


As a final line of defense, the command fortress has retractable laser turrets mounted at various strategic places along the hull. These short-range lasers were apparently intended primarily for anti-aircraft and anti-mecha defense but can do moderate damage against enemy spacecraft if they get too close. When not in use gun turrets are concealed within the hull underneath a sliding hatch. At most 20 lasers can be brought to bear on a single target.


These are very similar to the Laser Turrets except that they fire missiles instead of laser beams. They can use several types of missiles according to the mission at hand. Each turret is capable of 360* rotation with a 180* arc.


Ship-borne Vehicles (STANDARD):

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