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Character Generation: Step 8 - Equipment and Final Approval

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Table Of Contents
  • Summary
  • Expanded Rules
  • Accomodation & Transportation
  • Equipment
  • Savings
  • Rank and Wage
  • Final Approval
  • Optional Rules
  • Example Character
  • Step 8 Summary

    Decide if your character is someone who:

    Those who stay in one place tend to have larger and better furnished apartments, larger wardrobes, and a permanent vehicle in their possession. Those who move about tend to have smaller and not as well furnished apartments, smaller wardrobes, and a rented vehicle.

    Then determine the character's...

    a: Accomodation & Transportation
    b: Equipment
    c: Savings
    d: Wage & Rank

    Lastly, wait for final approval... once received, you're character is ready to play.

    For über-simple creation:
    Same as above.

    Expanded Rules

    A: Accomodation and Transportation

    Pending background, skill programs and GM approval, this could be anything from a small, damp, cold basement suite, to a luxury mansion.

    Choose one (1) of: automobile, bicycle, motorcycle, truck, or anything else the GM permits.
    Pending the character's background, skill programs and GM approval, this could be something heavily used, rusted and on its last legs, to the latest luxury model.

    B: Equipment

    Most characters already have personal items like clothes, personal momentos, music, smart phone, laptop or tablet PC, toiletries, and so on.

    Standard Equipment:
    Varies depending on the character's background, Skill Programs (their job) and GM approval. In general, work-sites will provide additional equipment and facilities for the job. (Ie: a cook has access to restuarant facilities and its personnel, cooking and serving materials, and food supplies and a food supplier. A doctor would have access to a hospital or clinic, and affiliated medical equipment and personnel.)

    Standard Equipment For Specific Occupations - Civilian:

    Civilian Variable Vehicle Test Pilot:
    Variable vehicle, flight suit, work uniform.

    Civilian Variable Vehicle and Mechanical Designer:
    Technical, aeronautical & aerospace engineering manuals, high-powered computer (desktop or portable), 2 coveralls uniforms, 1 lab coat.

    Auto pistol, extra ammo, club, handcuffs, ID card and police badge, notepad or police-use datapad, bullet proof vest, duty uniform, parade uniform, police vehicle (by P.O.S.), police radio, and utility belt.

    Recieve only what the organization can afford. Usually an auto Pistol, terrorist uniform (if applicable), combat/survival knife, and first aid kit (5 uses). May have a CSW1 or Field Kit2. Anything else is up to the GM.

    Assault rifle, auto pistol, camouflage uniform, body armour (Kevlar vest) or armoured flight suit, load-bearing vest with parachute & rucksack attachment points, and Field Kit2.

    Semi-Automatic Pistol, Spacesuit (could be an armoured flightsuit), GM's discretion for anything else PC may request.

    Standard Equipment For Specific Occupations - Military:

    All Have: ID/security badge, work and/or camouflage uniforms (DPM uniforms with 1 x Kevlar vest, & 1 x Kevlar helmet), dress uniforms, 1 mess uniform, first aid kit (5 uses), and CSW1 and/or Field Kit2.

    1CSW (Combat Survival Waistcoat): rescue radio/emergency locator beacon (encrypted), universal direction finder, small packet of water (1 pint), signal flares (2), pocket flashlight, 2 ammo clips for each weapon, and combat/survival knife.
    2Field Kit: rations (2 weeks worth), canteens (1x 2 L, 2 x 1 L), cooking equipment, thermal blanket, waterproof poncho, signal flares (3), infrared distancing binoculars, pocket flashlight, universal direction finder, 7 ammo clips for each weapon, and combat/survival knife.

    Intelligence Specialist:
    Assault rifle, auto pistol, casual clothes, disguise kit, civilian automobile or truck, and a spacesuit or flightsuit pending assignment.

    Medical Officers:
    Medical bag (standard), field surgical kit bag, auto pistol, surgical robes, and a spacesuit.

    Military Police:
    Auto pistol, assault rifle, military automobile or truck, and a spacesuit or flightsuit pending assignment.

    Air Force/Army soldiers and officers:
    Auto pistol, assault rifle, armoured vehicle or aircraft and flightsuit pending assignment, and military automobile or truck (officers only).

    Auto pistol, assault rifle, and load-bearing vest with parachute & rucksack attachment points.

    Navy/Space Forces soldiers and officers:
    Long dufflecoat, waterproofs, auto pistol, assault rifle (officers only), and a floatation vest or spacesuit.

    Navy/Space Forces ship captain:
    Naval warship or spaceship, long dufflecoat, waterproofs, auto pistol, assault rifle (officers only), and a floatation vest or spacesuit.

    Variable Craft Pilot:
    Variable craft, flightsuit, auto pistol, and flotation vest (Navy pilots only).

    (New) Unified Forces Zentraadi soldiers and officers:
    Two sets (giant and Miclone versions): auto pistol/energy pistol, assault rifle, flightsuit/armour, (New) Unified Forces or Zentraadi Mecha of choice pending their role.

    Zentraadi (full sized, hasn't joined with humans):
    Energy pistol, assault rifle, flightsuit/armour, shield pending assignment, and Zentraadi Mecha of choice pending their role.

    C: Savings

    Savings: 1D10x10,000.

    If your character is super rich: consider this your spending money. After all, you can't stay rich if you spend it like water! Getting access to larger funds is something that will be played out in the game.

    D: Rank and Wage

    Unified Space Forces (UNS) and New Unifed Space Forces (NUNS) ranks come from the Macross Compendium Ranks.
    The ranks of the other services come from UN Spacy Database.

    Civilians do not hold a military rank.

    Each month your character will get more money based on their salary. 50% of your character's salary automatically goes to accomodation, basic character expenses, and taxes. This includes going out to eat at cheap places, a round of beer at the local pub, gas, new underwear, replacement clothes and toiletries, and so on.

    Military characters receive a fixed income according to their rank. Civilians make whatever the GM's decides they make.

    Starting Wages Of Specific Jobs - Military:
    Intelligence Specialist
    Variable Craft Pilots (any branch)
    Officers (Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy, Space Force)
    Zentraadi Officers ([New] Unified Forces)
    start at O-1 Soldiers (Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy, Space Force) start at E-1
    Medical Officers start at O-3 Military Police start at E-3
    Warship Captains (Navy, Space Forces) start at O-4 Zentraadi soldiers ([New] Unified Forces) start at E-4

    Starting Wages Of Specific Jobs - Civilian:

    Civilian Test Pilots: start from O-4

    Civilian VF and Mecha Designers: start from 400,000 per month, or O-5.

    Mercenaries: make whatever the company, battalion, or regiment commander decides. If they are independent, it can be anywhere from 100,000 to 1,000,000 a month.

    Pirates: receive a share of whatever they steal or sell (their `wages' are dependant on the GM's position).
    Pirates hold no particular ranks, just specific jobs. The only ranks that a pirate can hope to obtain is 1st officer or captain of a pirate ship.

    Police: start from 120,000 a month, increasing by 40,000 per month for every rank increase, or E-2.

    Terrorists: rarely makes any money as this is something they do in between their regular civilian day job. Those working full time receive 80,000 a month.

    Zentraadi (full sized, hasn't joined with humans): receive no wages. Zentraadi who have joined with humans will hold a similar rank or position as a human in the same occupation.

    Wages and Normal Ages for Rank:
    The following are the pay scales for the 10 enlisted/NCO and 10 Officer ranks. E-1 is the lowest enlisted/NCO rank and O-1 is the lowest officer rank. In brackets is the normal age to be expected for someone holding that rank.

    Although this is not exactly accurate across the world today, it will give you a good idea of the general ages. Feel free to modify as you see fit.

    E-10.....260,000 per month (46)
    E-9.....220,000 per month (43)
    E-8.....200,000 per month (40)
    E-7.....190,000 per month (35)
    E-6.....185,000 per month (31)
    E-5.....180,000 per month (28)
    E-4.....170,000 per month (24)
    E-3.....150,000 per month (21)
    E-2.....100,000 per month (19)
    E-1.....80,000 per month (16)
    O-10.....900,000 per month (47)
    O-9.....700,000 per month (44)
    O-8.....600,000 per month (41)
    O-7.....550,000 per month (37)
    O-6.....500,000 per month (34)
    O-5.....460,000 per month (31)
    O-4.....380,000 per month (28)
    O-3.....320,000 per month (25)
    O-2.....240,000 per month (23)
    O-1.....200,000 per month (21)

    Conversion notes: amount / 100 = approx. $ amount. Eg.: 260,000 = $2,600.

    Hazard Pay:
    Hazard pay is given to personnel that must undertake dangerous jobs, flying patrol, bomb disposal, guarding dangerous prisoners, and so on. This is reflected by a 10% bonus on top of their monthly wages.

    Combat Pay:
    Combat pay is additional wages given to personnel that undertake pre-meditated combat situations - such as assaults, war, and rescue missions where combat will be involved. This is reflected by a 20% bonus on top of their monthly wages.

    E: Final Approval

    The GM will review your character sheet.

    If no changes are requested, the GM will inform you that the character is ready to play, and will give you instructions on how to join the game.

    Optional Rules

    The following are up to the GM. They may be applied all the time, some of the time, or never.

    For other equipment options, refer to a similar OCC to the skill program(s) and MOS you've selected. Additional non-standard equipment is still subject to GM approval.

    For ease, assign civilians a rank equivalent to help determine of wage, and to act as a guidline for raises.

    Example character:

    Description: I figure Ms. Ams is a bodyguard, so I've given her body guard type equipment.

    Character Sheet:

    Character's Name: Elp Ams
    Occupation: office assistant
    Rank: N/A

    IQ: 13
    ME: 10
    MA: 8
    PS: 10
    PP: 18
    PE: 8
    PB: 12
    Spd: 11

    Derived Attributes
    Luck 12
    Affected By /Resistance to Disease 40%

    Derived Attribute-like Skills
    Perception 46%
    Base Loyalty 40%
    Affected By Disease/Resistance to Disease 40%
    Get Noticed 60%

    HP: 21
    SDC: 22
    Level equivalent: 1 year experience
    Education Class: regular person

    Base Skills
    Language: English 123%
    Language: Zentraadi 79%
    Pilot Wheeled Vehicles 60%
    Navigation 69%
    Zero Gravity Movement 130%

    Skill Programs
    Office Assistant
    Intelligence 58%
    Streetwise 58%
    Math 76%
    Computer Operation 79%
    Research 58%

    Bodyguard & Bouncer/Doorman
    Camouflage 58%
    Athletics 58%
    Hand to Hand: Basic 56%
    Streetwise 58%
    WP: Pistol 61% +3 aimed, +1 burst

    Secondary Skills
    Art: Dance 42%
    General Repair & Maintenance 42%
    Gambling 42%
    First Aid 42%
    Prowl 50%
    Swimming 30%
    Pilot: Spacecraft 38%
    Wilderness Survival 42%

    Additional Skills:
    Cooking 22%

    Combat Bonuses:
    +(16) initiative
    2 actions
    +2 strike
    +4 parry
    +4 dodge
    +2 pull punch
    +3 roll w/ punch/fall
    +2 roll w/ impact
    Kick attack 1D6

    Savings: ¥70,000
    Wage: ¥120,000 / month
    Car: medium sized, kinda old

    Apartment: medium, not bad

    Cooking utensils, pots and tablewear: kinda expensive. Doesn't have enough time to use it.

    Personal items: slightly larger wardrobe as she occasionally has to "blend in" on body-guarding jobs; at least one set of black clothes for night jobs.

    Pack of cards and poker chips

    First aid kit (5 uses)

    Small laptop: drop and waterproof, and hardened to space radiation.

    Small tool kit

    9 mm caseless with 3 extra clips

    Age: 20
    Gender: female
    Handedness: left
    Hair colour: black
    Eye colour: light blue
    Height: 168 cm
    Weight: 57.6 kg
    Family Ethniticity: Europe (non-English speaking)

    Description: always wears a friendship bracelet on her right arm (a gift from mother). Has dyed a couple of blonde streaks into her hair.

    Birthplace World: M15 Emigrant Fleet
    Birthplace Settlement: Emigrant Fleet
    Birthplace Class: Middle Class
    Birth Order: 3rd of 3
    Family: father, mother, brother, sister, grandparents.

    Who do you value most: yourself
    What do you value most: power
    Basic Personality: stable and serious
    World View: I'm neutral to most people
    Current Outlook: I crave more money and power.
    Belief System: Pragmatism and Vegetarianism

    Likes: peanut butter
    Dislikes: natto

    Closest Ally or Friend: lover
    Worst Enemy or Rival: 3 enemies: bitter ex-lover, bitter ex-friend, powerful group.

    Biggest Secret: entire family was exiled. Returned under an alias.
    Short Term Goal: get more power (money will come with it)

    Long Term Goal: restore family's status
    Reason For Joining: to get more power

    Childhood event: your entire family was exiled. You returned under an alias.
    Life Events:

    1. Enemy - bitter ex-lover
    2. You incurred the wrath of a powerful person, family or group. Enemy complication.
    3. Enemy - bitter ex-friend
    4. Happy love affair.

    Background: ###

  • Based on the Palladium Books Game Engine
  • Wages and Ranks section adapted from rules by Jet Jockey
  • The numerous players of the MRG and MRC over the years who have play-tested these rules.

  • © Aaron Sketchley