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Character Generation: Step 7 - Round Out the Character

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Table Of Contents
  • Summary
  • Expanded Rules
  • Round out the character
  • Fill-out any remaining sections of the character sheet
  • Optional Rules
  • Example Character
  • Step 7 Summary

    a: Round out the character: fill-in, or roll and/or pick on the Random Character Background Rolls.

    b: Fill-out any remaining sections of the character sheet.

    For über-simple creation:

    Same as above.

    link to Step 8

    Expanded Rules

    A: Round out the character

    Fill-in, or roll and/or pick on the Random Character Background Rolls.

    The background rolls are handy for quick-roll PCs and NPCs, or providing a guide or inspiration if you have writers block. With just a few quick rolls of the dice, you've got ourself a rather interesting background, with plenty of things to embellish.

    B: Fill-out any remaining sections of the character sheet

    Write up the background and fill out any remaining detail in the character sheet not filled in by preceeding steps.

    link to Step 8.

    Example character:

    Description: results of the rolls added to the example character. I'm only pasting them into the character sheet, as their embellishment isn't part of this example PC creation.

    Character Sheet:

    Character's Name: Elp Ams
    IQ: 13
    ME: 10
    MA: 8
    PS: 10
    PP: 18
    PE: 8
    PB: 12
    Spd: 11

    Derived Attributes
    Luck 12
    Affected By /Resistance to Disease 40%

    Derived Attribute-like Skills
    Perception 46%
    Base Loyalty 40%
    Affected By Disease/Resistance to Disease 40%
    Get Noticed 60%

    HP: 21
    SDC: 22
    Level equivalent: 1 year experience
    Education Class: regular person

    Base Skills
    Language: English 123%
    Language: Zentraadi 79%
    Pilot Wheeled Vehicles 60%
    Navigation 69%
    Zero Gravity Movement 130%

    Skill Programs
    Office Assistant
    Intelligence 58%
    Streetwise 58%
    Math 76%
    Computer Operation 79%
    Research 58%

    Bodyguard & Bouncer/Doorman
    Camouflage 58%
    Athletics 58%
    Hand to Hand: Basic 56%
    Streetwise 58%
    WP: Pistol 61% +3 aimed, +1 burst

    Secondary Skills
    Art: Dance 42%
    General Repair & Maintenance 42%
    Gambling 42%
    First Aid 42%
    Prowl 50%
    Swimming 30%
    Pilot: Spacecraft 38%
    Wilderness Survival 42%

    Additional Skills:
    Cooking 22%

    Combat Bonuses:
    +(16) initiative
    2 actions
    +2 strike
    +4 parry
    +4 dodge
    +2 pull punch
    +3 roll w/ punch/fall
    +2 roll w/ impact
    Kick attack 1D6

    Age: 20
    Gender: female
    Handedness: left
    Hair colour: black
    Eye colour: light blue
    Height: 168 cm
    Weight: 57.6 kg
    Family Ethniticity: Europe (non-English speaking)
    Description: always wears a friendship bracelet on her right arm (a gift from mother). Has dyed a couple of blonde streaks into her hair.
    Birthplace World: M15 Emigrant Fleet
    Birthplace Settlement: Emigrant Fleet
    Birthplace Class: Middle Class
    Birth Order: 3rd of 3
    Family: father, mother, brother, sister, grandparents.

    Who do you value most: yourself
    What do you value most: power
    Basic Personality: stable and serious
    World View: I'm neutral to most people
    Current Outlook: I crave more money and power.
    Belief System: Pragmatism and Vegetarianism

    Likes: peanut butter
    Dislikes: natto

    Closest Ally or Friend: lover
    Worst Enemy or Rival: 3 enemies: bitter ex-lover, bitter ex-friend, powerful group.

    Biggest Secret: entire family was exiled. Returned under an alias.
    Short Term Goal: get more power (money will come with it)

    Long Term Goal: restore family's status
    Reason For Joining: to get more power

    Childhood event: your entire family was exiled. You returned under an alias.
    Life Events:

    1. Enemy - bitter ex-lover
    2. You incurred the wrath of a powerful person, family or group. Enemy complication.
    3. Enemy - bitter ex-friend
    4. Happy love affair.

    Background: ###

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  • The numerous players of the MRG and MRC over the years who have play-tested these rules.

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