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Character Generation: Step 6 - Determine Skill Percentages and Attribute Bonuses

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Table Of Contents
  • Summary
  • Expanded Rules
  • Determine Skill Percentages
  • Determine Attribute Bonuses
  • Determine Initiative Modifier
  • Optional Rules
  • Example Character
  • Step 6 Summary

    1. determine Skill Percentages: add the bonus percent to the base skill percent.
    2. determine Attribute Bonuses: refer to the appropriate attribute bonus chart.
    3. determine the Initiative Modifier: add (IQ+PP)/2 to initiative rolls.

    For über-simple creation:

    link to Step 7

    Expanded Rules

    A: Determine Skill Percentages

    To determine the percentages, add the bonus percent to the base skill percent as per the standard rules.

    For games using Attribute-based skills:

    * we recommended that you use the Attribute Based Skills Percent Increase Modifier Chart for every 25%, if the remaining percent is greater than 25%, after attaining 100% in the skill.

    B: Determine Attribute Bonuses

    Refer to the appropriate bonus chart in either "Robotech RPG Book One: Macross", "Robotech II RPG: The Sentinels", or "Macross II the RPG".

    For games using Attribute-based skills:

    C: Determine Initiative Modifier

    Average IQ and PP ({IQ+PP}/2) and add to any other initiative modifiers when rolling initiative (such as those from Hand To Hand and Mecha Combat).

    Link to Step 7.

    Optional Rules

    The following are up to the GM. They may be applied all the time, some of the time, or never.

    Ignore the attribute bonus chart. Instead, for each and every roll of the dice, add an attribute.
    Eg 1: characters with high intelligence (IQ) would have a higher chance of completing most skills.
    Eg 2: characters with a high PP would have a greater chance to strike, parry and dodge.

    Example character:

    Character Sheet:

    Space Born and Bred: Colonization Fleet - Middle Class.

    Age: 20
    Experience: 1 year

    HP: 21
    SDC: 22

    IQ: 13
    ME: 10
    MA: 8
    PS: 10
    PP: 18
    PE: 8
    PB: 12
    Spd: 11

    Perception 46%
    Base Loyalty 40%
    Affected By Disease/Resistance to Disease 40%
    Get Noticed 60%

    Base Skills
    Language: English 123%
    Language: Zentraadi 79%
    Pilot Wheeled Vehicles 60%
    Navigation 69%
    Zero Gravity Movement 130%

    Skill Programs
    Office Assistant
    Intelligence 58%
    Streetwise 58%
    Math 76%
    Computer Operation 79%
    Research 58%

    Bodyguard & Bouncer/Doorman
    Camouflage 58%
    Athletics 58%
    Hand to Hand: Basic 56%
    Streetwise 58%
    WP: Pistol 61% +3 aimed, +1 burst

    Secondary Skills
    Art: Dance 42%
    General Repair & Maintenance 42%
    Gambling 42%
    First Aid 42%
    Prowl 50%
    Swimming 30%
    Pilot: Spacecraft 38%
    Wilderness Survival 42%

    Additional Skills:
    Cooking 22%

    Combat Bonuses:
    +(16) initiative
    2 actions
    +2 strike
    +4 parry
    +4 dodge
    +2 pull punch
    +3 roll w/ punch/fall
    +2 roll w/ impact
    Kick attack 1D6

  • Based on the Palladium Books Game Engine
  • The numerous players of the MRG and MRC over the years who have play-tested these rules.

  • © Aaron Sketchley