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Character Generation: Step 5 - Experience, Age, SDC and HP

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Table Of Contents
  • Summary
  • Expanded Rules
  • Determine Experience
  • Determine Age
  • Determine Initial HP and SDC
  • Optional Rules
  • Example Character
  • Step 5 Summary

    Determine the starting experience and age, and the base SDC and HP of your character by:

    1. Experience: roll 1D100.
      01-50: +1 year experience. Roll again.
      51-00: no more experience. Stop rolling.
      For every year of experience: add +1D20% to any one (1) skill, and add +1D10% to all Skill Program skills, and half that result to all other skills.
    2. Age: add the years of education and experience after finishing high school.
    3. HP: PE+1D6.
    4. SDC: 5D6. If the character has joined the military, roll 1D6:
      1-2 = +5 SDC 3-4 = +10 SDC 5-6 = +15 SDC
    Note: As Step A is being used as a tool to determine skill percent (%) bonuses, it is possible to be of a different age or have a totally different amount of experience in your character's background.

    über-simple creation:

    link to Step 6

    Expanded Rules

    A: Determine Experience

    To determine the years of experience, roll 1D100:
    01-50: add 1 year. Roll again.
    51-00: no more experience. Stop rolling, and move on to the next part of the step.

    For every year of experience:

    B: Determine Age

    Decide when your character graduated from high school. That is either 17 or 18, depending on their birthday.

    Add to the graduation age, the years of:

    The result is your character's age.

    C: Determine initial HP and SDC

    HP: PE+1D6.
    SDC: 5D6 If the character has joined the military, roll 1D6:
    1-2 = +5 SDC 3-4 = +10 SDC 5-6 = +15 SDC

    Refer to the modified Hand to Hand Combat skills to learn how to increase HP and SDC as the game progresses.

    Link to Step 6.

    Optional Rules

    The following are up to the GM. They may be applied all the time, some of the time, or never.

    Randomly determine the age the character graduated from high school: roll 1D6

    Even (2, 4, 6): 18 years old
    Odd (1, 3, 5): 17 years old

    Depending on when the school year graduation is in your game (my games are at the end of March, same as Japan), the result also implies the character's birthday. (In my games, a character who is 17 would have been born after March. A character who is 18 would have been born before April.)

    Example character:

    Description: Experience - I roll 36. Next roll is an 83. +1 year experience.
    Experience bonus % - I roll a 5. I'll be adding 5% to the two Skill Programs, and half of that (2.5, rounded to 3%) to all the other skills. I'm also going to pick a new skill: Cooking, and get a 9. Giving the character: Cooking +9%.
    Age - high school graduation (I pick 17), +2 years (from Trade School/on the job training) +1 year of experience, for a total of 20.
    HP - 11 (PE (8)+3).
    SDC - 14 (1+4+2+4+3)

    Character Sheet:

    Space Born and Bred: Emigrant Fleet - Middle Class.

    Age: 20
    Experience: 1 year

    HP: 11
    SDC: 14

    IQ: 13
    ME: 10
    MA: 8
    PS: 10
    PP: 18
    PE: 8
    PB: 12
    Spd: 9

    Perception 46%
    Base Loyalty 40%
    Affected By Disease/Resistance to Disease 40%
    Get Noticed 60%

    Base Skills
    Language: English 98% +5%
    Language: Zentraadi +15% +5%
    Pilot Wheeled Vehicles +5%
    Navigation +5% +5%
    Zero Gravity Movement +15% +5%

    Skill Programs
    Office Assistant
    Intelligence +20% +5%
    Streetwise +20% +5%
    Math +20% +5% +5% +1x
    Computer Operation +20% +8% +5% +1x
    Research +20% +5%

    Bodyguard & Bouncer/Doorman
    Camouflage +20% +5%
    Athletics +20% +5%
    Hand to Hand: Basic +20% +5%
    Streetwise +20% +5%
    WP: Pistol +20% +5%

    Secondary Skills
    Art: Dance +3%
    General Repair & Maintenance +3%
    Gambling +3%
    First Aid +3%
    Prowl +3%
    Swimming +3%
    Pilot: Spacecraft +3%
    Wilderness Survival +3%

    Additional Skills:
    Coooking +9%

  • Based on the Palladium Books Game Engine
  • The numerous players of the MRG and MRC over the years who have play-tested these rules.

  • © Aaron Sketchley