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Character Generation: Step 4 - Simplify and Secondary Skills

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Table Of Contents
  • Summary
  • Expanded Rules
  • Simplify
  • Secondary Skills
  • Optional Rules
  • Example Character
  • Step 4 Summary

    über-simple creation:

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    Expanded Rules

    A: Simplify

    Depending on what Skill Programs you've selected for your character, there may be skills that are repeated in the Basic Skills as well as other Skill Programs. Simply erase the repeated skills on the character sheet. Keep track of the number of times that a skill as repeated, as the character may gain a skill percent bonus each time.

    Make sure you carry over any non-education percent (%) bonuses. Education bonuses only apply once.

    B: Select Secondary Skills

    Secondary Skills are skills learned and developed on one's own, through observation, practise and self education. Any skill can be selected as a Secondary Skill. However, skills not related to the character's education and work experience, or are not considered common knowledge, will start with a negative modifier (usually half the standard percent (%) value) and are subject to GM approval.

    Non-humanized Zentraadi characters can choose any Secondary Skill that is reasonable for a non-humanized Zentraadi, as per the rules outlined above. There are some Secondary Skills, such as Domestic, which are not possible, given the Zentraadi's lack of culture.

    Choose the Secondary Skills from the Master List Of Skills.

    Link to Step 5.

    Optional Rules

    The following are up to the GM. They may be applied all the time, some of the time, or never:

    Example character:

    Description: doubled skills have been simplified, and Secondary Skills have been selected.

    Character Sheet:

    Space Born and Bred: Emigrant Fleet - Middle Class.

    IQ: 13
    ME: 10
    MA: 8
    PS: 10
    PP: 18
    PE: 8
    PB: 12
    Spd: 9

    Perception 46%
    Base Loyalty 40%
    Affected By Disease/Resistance to Disease 40%
    Get Noticed 60%

    Base Skills
    Language: English 98%
    Language: Zentraadi +15%
    Math +5%
    Computer Operation +8%
    Pilot Wheeled Vehicles
    Navigation +5%
    Zero Gravity Movement +15%

    Skill Programs
    Office Assistant
    Intelligence +20%
    Streetwise +20%
    Math +20%+5% +1x
    Computer Operation +20%+8% +1x
    Research +20%

    Bodyguard & Bouncer/Doorman
    Camouflage +20%
    Athletics +20%
    Hand to Hand: Basic +20%
    Streetwise +20%
    WP: Pistol +20%

    Secondary Skills
    Art: Dance
    General Repair & Maintenance
    First Aid
    Pilot: Spacecraft
    Wilderness Survival

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