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Character Generation: Step 3 - Education Table and Skill Programs

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Table Of Contents
  • Summary
  • Expanded Rules
  • Education Table
  • Military Training
  • Skill Programs
  • Optional Rules
  • Example Character
  • Step 3 Summary

    Determine the skills and subsequent education opportunities for your character by:

    a: roll for the highest level of education the character attained. Characters that join the military immediately upon graduating high school: take the High School Graduate option, and move to step bi.
    b: decide if the character has joined the armed forces, and choose which Military Skill Programs (MSP) the character has trained in
    c: choose which Skill Programs the character has been educated in

    If a skill has been selected more than once, add +1D12% (with results of 11 and 12 being +0%) to the skill for every additional selection after the first time.

    über-simple creation:

    link to Step 4

    Expanded Rules

    A: Education Table

    Roll on the folling table to determine the amount of Skill Programs, the skill bonus, and the number of Secondary Skills your character has. You can skip to Military Training without choosing any Skill Programs if you want.

    Education Score: Roll 1D100 + IQ + Education Table roll modifier (from Step 2) and check the result on the following chart:
    Non-humanized Zentraadi characters don't roll, and are limited to Trade School/On The Job Training. However, the skill bonus is equal to the Education Table roll modifier from Step 2.

    Education Score Level Number of Skill Programs Skill Bonus Limitations Number of Secondary Skills
    121 or higher Better than Doctorate/Ph.D 7 +25% C 8
    111-120 Better than Doctorate/Ph.D 6 +25% C 8
    101-110 Better than Doctorate/Ph.D 5 +25% C 8
    93-100 Doctorate/Ph.D 4 +20% C 10
    85-92 Master's Degree 4 +20% C 8
    76-84 Bachelor's Degree 3 +20% C 10
    67-75 4 years of University 3 +15% B 8
    57-66 3 years of University 3 +10% B 6
    42-56 2 years of College 2 +15% B 8
    22-41 1 year of College 2 +10% B 6
    02-21 Trade School/on the Job Training 2 +25% B 8
    01 or lower High School Graduate 1 & the High School Program +5% A 10

    B: Military Training

    Anyone can join the military.

    Non-humanized Zentraadi automatically join the military. Their military costs 2 skill programs.

    C: Skill Programs

    A skill program is an area of study, training, and knowledge attained form formal education. ALL the skills listed under the program heading are known. Apply the skill bonus to each skill in the Skill Program.

    C - Available Skill Programs:

    B - Available Skill Programs:
    Note: Non-humanized Zentraadi characters can choose any MOS that is reasonable for a non-humanized Zentraadi. There are some Skill Programs, such as the Music Producer, which are not possible due the Zentraadi not having culture.

    A - Available Skill Programs:


    Note: After gameplay begins, new skills can be learnt at any time by any character. The skill may or may not start at the base % (GM's option), and the % will only go up if the skill is used or studied extensively in-game.

    Link to Step 4

    Optional Rules

    The following are up to the GM. They may be applied all the time, some of the time, or never.

    Additional Skill Programs from Work Experience:
    There is a possibility of an additional Skill Program for every 2 years of post-education experience (not including post-training service in the armed forces).
    Roll 1D10

    Example Character

    Description: Including the education roll table modifier (+8% in this case), I roll 08. 08+8=16; Trade School/on the job training. A bit disappointing, but OK.

    My character gets 2 skill programs, +20% to those skills, limitation B, and 8 secondary skills.
    As I'm making a regular person, I choose the Office Assistant and Bodyguard & Bouncer/Doorman Skill Programs (I want my character to have some muscle. Maybe he works for the mob?)

    Character Sheet:

      Space Born and Bred: Emigrant Fleet - Middle Class.

      IQ: 13
      ME: 10
      MA: 8
      PS: 10
      PP: 18
      PE: 8
      PB: 12
      Spd: 9

      Perception 46%
      Base Loyalty 40%

      Affected By Disease/Resistance to Disease 40%
      Get Noticed 60%

      Base Skills
      Language: English 98%
      Language: Zentraadi +15%
      Math +5%
      Computer Operation +8%
      Pilot Wheeled Vehicles
      Navigation +5%
      Zero Gravity Movement +15%
      Skill Programs
      Office Assistant
      Intelligence +20%
      Streetwise +20%
      Math +20%
      Computer Operation +20%
      Research +20%

      Bodyguard & Bouncer/Doorman
      Camouflage +20%
      Athletics +20%
      Hand to Hand: Basic +20%
      Streetwise +20%
      WP: Pistol +20%

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  • The numerous players of the MRG and MRC over the years who have play-tested these rules.

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