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By AARON SKETCHLEY ( Ver 2.2 2015.02.10

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Character Generation: Part-Time/High School Education

Note: these Skill Programs cost one (1) Skill Program each.

Table Of Contents
  • Actor/Model/Comedian
  • Athlete/Sportsman
  • Bartender/Club Owner
  • Basic Advanced Pilot
  • Basic Communications
  • Basic Language
  • Basic Mechanical
  • Basic Military
  • Basic Romance Language
  • Bodyguard/Bouncer/Doorman
  • Construction Worker
  • Criminal
  • Computer
  • Dancer
  • Driver (Bus/Limo/Taxi/Truck)
  • Domestic
  • Farmer
  • Fitness
  • High School Education
  • Journalist/Investigation
  • Office Assistant
  • Pimp/Prostitute
  • Physical
  • Science
  • Writer/Author
  • Weapons
  • Actor/Model/Comedian Skill Program

    Actors can be found in the entertainment business, such as in movies, TV programs, advertisements, and theatre performances. If they get their big break, they can potentially make millions for each performance. However, most will have their share of dead-end jobs on very low wages, while in between acting jobs or waiting for their big break.

    Comedians are people who aim to entertain through a variety of means, be it by slapstick comedy, or dry witticism. A prospective comedian must be able to get in front of any audience, from a handful of people to several thousand people, in any location and format, and put on an entertaining performance. Some comedians establish a reputation for themselves, and become famous entertainers in their own right, whether that be their own talk show, Sitcom, series of movies, and so on.

    Models of both sexes need to be able to perform to the standards required of them on a catwalk or modelling shoot. They are trained in special ways of walking, ways of standing, and ways of looking. In many ways, being a model is like being an actor or actress, but without any lines. Models can start at any age, but most find that work immediately dries up when they approach the late 20s. Models that were not financially successful enough to build a sizable savings to live off of, tend to end up working in the fashion industry in other ways, such as managing high-end fashion shops.

    • Art: Acting
    • Domestic: choose any 2
    • Research
    • Streetwise

    Athlete/Sportsman Skill Program

    Athletes work hard to enhance their physical attributes, whether they be Olympic athletes or professional sportsmen. The majority try to compete in athletic and sporting events; with the hopes of having the skills to turn professional, and work their way from the local to the national, international and hopefully galactic level of their chosen sport. Older athletes and those who were never really able to become professionals will become trainers and the coaches of others.
    • Choose 1 of: Athletics or Body Building
    • Physical: choose any 4*

      *Note: only 1 of Acrobatics or Gymnastics, not both.

    Bartender/Club Owner Skill Program

    Bartenders must have a basic business sense, on top of the ability to pull a pint and mix cocktails. Especially if they are in charge of the bar or club (or are the owner), as the tender has the responsibility of ensuring that the facility makes money. A good knowledge of the local area is also essential, as bar staff are known for their good listening ears and knowledge of the local area. Due to this, they tend to have an extremely good knowledge of happenings on the 'street', and tend to have a lot of 'good' connections.
    • Math
    • Lore: Cocktails/Mixed Drinks
    • Streetwise
    • Pilot Motorcycle or Wheeled Vehicles
    • Rogue: choose any 1

    Basic: Advanced Pilot Skill Program

    • Radio
    • Pilot Air, Ground or Sea: choose any 2
    • Pilot Related: choose any 2

      Note: any 1 of these skills can be substituted for 1 of the following: Auto mechanics, Aircraft Mechanics or Boat Mechanics.

    Basic Communications Program

    • Cryptography
    • Radio
    • General Repair and Maintenance
    • Read Sensory Equipment
    • Computer Operation

    Basic Language Skill Program

    • Language: choose any 5

    Basic Mechanical Program

    • General Repair & Maintenance
    • Basic Electronics
    • Auto mechanics
    • Basic Mechanics
    • Boat Mechanics

    Basic Military Program

    • Athletics
    • Climbing
    • Parachuting
    • WP Rifle
    • Hand to Hand Basic

    Basic Romance Language Program

    • Language: French
    • Language: Italian
    • Language: Latin
    • Language: Portuguese
    • Language: Romanian
    • Language: Spanish

    Bodyguard & Bouncer/Doorman Skill Program

    Bodyguards must undergo proper training before they can apply for a license to work as a bodyguard. There are strict rules and regulations as to what a bodyguard can, and can't do while they are on a job, and what equipment they can use. Bodyguards are permitted to carry a pistol while working, but they must have a license for it, and they generally don't carry anything larger. They have received training in the advance scouting of locations, escape and evasion with vehicles, and protecting the client. Bodyguarding is highly paid, but is inherently risky. This is why the majority of bodyguards wear bulletproof vests, and have good medical insurance.

    Doorman and bouncers are normally hired for their sheer size, imposing figures and personalities. However, less imposing doormen and bouncers are commonly employed in locales where the clientèle demand a certain level of discreetness. In some areas, doorman must have a doorman's license from the local government or police before they can take employment. In more remote areas, no license is needed.

    • Camouflage
    • Athletics
    • Hand to Hand: Basic
    • Streetwise
    • WP: Pistol

    Construction Worker Skill Program

    Construction work is a generic term and a generic job for those involved in the construction trade. After a basic training, they can specialize in a particular area, such as bricklaying, carpentry, plumbing, and so on. Once they've chosen a speciality, they work as apprentices for up to 5 years. After that, they graduate to craftsmen, where they are respected in their profession.
    • General Repair and Maintenance
    • Pilot Wheeled Vehicles
    • Read Sensory Instruments
    • Construction: choose either Building or Vehicle
    • Choose 1 of: Electrical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Demolitions or Pilot Tracked Vehicles (this is the area of the character's specialication)

    Criminal Skill Program

    Anyone can be a criminal, as it requires no special training or physical examination, just the willingness to make that step into the wrong side of the law. There are many different types of criminal with varying skills. Some criminals work by themselves, others work as part of a greater organization.
    • Physical: choose any 1
    • Pilot Wheeled Vehicles
    • Streetwise
    • Rogue: choose any 2

    Computer Skill Program

    • General Repair and Maintenance
    • Streetwise
    • Computer Operation
    • Computer Programming
    • Research

    Dancer Skill Program

    There are many types of dancer and dancing. The types of dancing that are covered by formal training at a dance school are classical, ballet, and modern. Exotic dancing requires no formal training. Exotic dancing, performed properly, requires a certain level of ability and physical strength. Classical, modern, and ballet dancing all require poise, grace and co-ordination to be performed properly.
    • Art: Dance
    • Aerobics
    • Athletics
    • Physical: choose any 1 (excluding combat skills)
    • Domestic: choose any 1

    Driver (Bus/Limo/Taxi/Truck) Skill Program

    Even though anybody can be licensed to drive as young as 16, those people wishing to drive professionally must be at least 18 years of age. To drive a bus, truck, or hazardous materials transport requires special training, as there are much stricter safety requirements then for day-to-day drivers.
    • Automobile Mechanics
    • Pilot Wheeled Vehicles
    • Pilot Ground: choose any 2
    • Navigation

    Domestic Skill Program

    • Domestic: choose any 4
    • Choose 1 of Pilot: Motorcycle or Wheeled Vehicles

    Farmer Skill Program

    Many farmers are born into the job and receive no formal training. However, many others wish to become farmers. Some even attend college to become agricultural specialists. Agricultural specialists have a far greater aptitude to creating a financially successful farm in addition to applying the latest farming technologies. For all types of farmers, knowledge of bookkeeping and basic know-how of running a business is essential.
    • General Repair/Maintenance
    • Choose 1 of Athletics, Body Building & Weightlifting, or Running
    • Pilot Wheeled Vehicles
    • Identify Plants & Animals
    • Lore: Farming

    Fitness Instructor

    Fitness Instructors are people who are constantly working out, as they lead customers and motivate those with less then stellar self-motivation to get in shape. These are the people that run gyms, fitness centers, and are sometimes are employed as the personal trainers of famous actors and musicians. Many of them are former professional sportsmen or athletes who have retired from the professional circuit.
    • First Aid
    • Aerobics
    • Choose 1 of: Athletics or Body building & Weight Lifting
    • Physical: choose any 1
    • Teaching

    High School Education Skill Program

    High school education is meant to give students the basic knowledge needed to function properly in society, and access tertiary education. The classes are designed to give a wide range of writing and reading skills, as well as a basic background in the sciences, the arts, history, and physical education. Going to class full-time means that the student's free time is limited for pursuing other skills. However, school activities and elective classes are one option for the student to diversify their knowledge.
    • Choose 1 of Astronomy, Biology, Botany or Chemistry
    • Lore: General History
    • Choose 1 of Athletics or Gymnastics
    • Choose 1 of Language or Math
    • Choose 1 of Sewing, Cooking, Play Musical Instrument, Art (choose type) or Lore: RPGs
    • Choose 1 of Auto Mechanics, Computer operation, Construction: Building, Photography or Research

    Journalist/Investigation Program

    Journalists tirelessly endeavour to bring us the news from around the galaxy, and sometimes put themselves in harms way to get it. Many journalists are more than a little ruthless, and have no problems with 'bending the law' to get a better story. News anchormen and women are also journalists, contrary to common belief. They have simply attained the highest ranks of the journalist profession.
    • Art: Photography
    • Choose 1 of Radio or Read Sensory Instruments
    • Choose 1 of Pilot Motorcycle or Wheeled Vehicles
    • Computer Operation
    • Research

    Office Assistant (Accountant, Administrator) Skill Program

    Accountants earn high wages, and young accountants commonly use this to lead exciting and fun packed lives. All accountants are paid to keep secrets. Some of those secrets, and the secretive activities of accountants, are less morally correct then others.

    Administrators make up the bulk of most companies, and are the gears that keep the company working efficiently. Without the paperwork being done, phones being answered, and other sundry office jobs being completed, most companies would grind to a halt. Most office administrators, be they doing simple data entry work, or the personal assistant to the president of a company, receive most of their training on the job, learning as they go. There are speciality schools set up to educate office administrators, but it is not a requirement to the job.

    • Intelligence
    • Streetwise
    • Math
    • Computer Operation
    • Research

    Pimp/Prostitute Skill Program

    Pimps are the people that prey on the men and women who have taken up the trade of prostitution. Pimps are rarely leopard skinned, safari suited, cane wielding misanthropes. They are usually dressed business or casual style, and like to keep a close watch on "their" prostitutes. They do it to ensure they get their cut of the money and no one else (least of all the prostitutes) get it. Pimps are normally ruthless and amoral people.

    Prostitutes still exist, despite the social and technological advances of the future. They are even in places such as Macross City, where the red light district has been cleaned up considerably, due to the overall increases in the standard of living and social welfare. In other places, they usually fall into the back alleys of work that the rest of the world never sees. Many prostitutes also work as peep show or strip joint dancers. A lot of them know "how to take care of themselves". Sometimes this is only by talking tough, sometimes it is due to some type of weapon (mace, hairspray, etc.) or training.

    • Art: Dancing
    • Streetwise
    • Choose 1 of Athletics, Body Building and Weightlifting, or Running
    • Choose 1 of Pilot Motorcycle or Wheeled Vehicles
    • Math

    Physical Program

    • Physical: choose any 5

    Science Program

    • Computer Operation
    • Science: choose any 4

    Writer/Author (TV/film/Novels) Skill Program

    Writers are the imaginative and articulate people who write great novels, theatre, TV programs, films and even advertisements and radio jingles. Some writers create masterpieces that are remembered by everyone, whereas others will only be known to people in their particular field (Eg: advertising). One area of writing that most authors also specialize in is research. Research is essential for authors to allow them to write accurately and informatively on the subject they are writing.
    • Computer Operation
    • Meditation
    • Research
    • Lore: Writing +25%

    Weapons Programs

    • W.P.: choose any 5

  • Based on the Palladium Books Game Engine
  • Sections condensed from UNSDB's Civilian OCC.
  • The numerous players of the MRG and MRC over the years who have play-tested these rules.

  • © Aaron Sketchley