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Spirita Xenobiology

The Biological tree of the known Spiritia Entities

Siloutte Description/Type Common Name Protoculture Name Activity
parasite (1K)
The least mobile and weakest of the Entities, the parasite requires a host; in the physical plane or in the spiritia plane. Parasites are plentifull and often living creatures are plagued by them with little to no ill will until the parasite begins its breedings phase of life, where upon it begins to 'spawn7 replicants of itself and forcing its host to consume anima or produce spiritia to feed its young. Parasite Entity N/A
leech (1K)
The most destructive of the weaker spiritia beings, the leech functions much like its more mudane namesake. Sucking the anima spiritia from whatever it can get its 'tendrils' on. Fortunately it mostly preys on other spiritia beings. Leech Entity N/A
crystal (1K)
At first it was thought that these were mearly byproducts of some larger creature; however, the crystaline structures are living beings in and of themselves. Nothing more is known about them. Crystal Entity N/A
ghost (1K)
The highly mobile ghosts are the plague of those with the 'sight' Mostly harmless creatures ghost 'manifest' themselves in a variety of shapes, a majority of them hideous to humans. The reason for this is unknown, despite the fear factor involved no physical confrontations have happened with ghosts. Ghost Entity N/A
hound (2K)
The most prolific in the physical plane are the Hounds. Completely invisible to most visual sensor, and a majority of other sensor, Hounds are possesors, they produce vampires and deamons, feeding off the intense emotions that such altered humans produce and induce. Outside of humans however, Hounds are quiet docile and passive communicators. Hound Entity N/A
fountain (4K)
For all intensive purposes these creatures are exactly what their name implies. They belch forth a spiritia 'waste' energy continueously, while at the same time collecting ambient energies; humans and other spiritia strong being have a tendancy to get 'passively' caught by these creatues and occaionally die, although no ofensive action is taken by the planetlike Fountain. Fountain Entity N/A
fluke (2K)
The nastiest of the Possesers, the fluke amplifies the emotions it recieves while consuming the spiritia, thus creating a terrible and self destructive imbalance within its host. The Protodelyn are thought to have been of the Fluke class, though flukes of that size are unheard of, protoculture technology may have boosted their capabilities. Fluke Entity N/A
foldbug (4K)
See this website Link Fold Bug Entity Carlysgyd
whale (5K)
See this website (") Whale Entity Vahla Ena
super (9K)
The superleech is a presumptory name, as no leech like properties have been identified, however what little may be seen of the supercreature is very leech like in structure and thus the nomer. Little is known, less is guessed. Mega Entity N/A

Activity scale
Inactive(A) Active(SP/FD) Active(A) Very Active (SP/FD) Very Active(A)
*SP= spiritia plane; PhP=physical plan; FD=Fold Dimension; A=All planes/dimensions

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