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Sourcebook: The Anti Unification Alliance, Terrorists & Others

Before The First Interstellar War

Before the First Interstellar War, the Anti Unification Alliance was a single organization dedicated to the obstruction and overthrow of the Unified Government. There were numerous battles, of verying length, effect and damage, between the Anti Unification Alliance and the Unified Forces during this time; collectively referred to as the Unification War.

After The First Interstellar War

After the war, those opposed to the Unified Government are no longer a single, unified organization. Instead, they are composed of seperate organizations that occasionally share common beliefs and goals, but are sometimes so radically different that they argue and fight with each other.

The groups should be considered to be small, with wildly different motives, resources, and extremes of activities. Some of the groups are larger then others, and some are much more violent then others; the inverse is true as well. The one commonality between all of them is that they are all opposed to the Unified Government, and have undertaken some type of action against the Unified Government - whether that be peaceful, economic, political, terrorist, or military.

Refer to the Timeline for specific dates and incidents.

Table of Contents
  • Iron League
  • Sovereign Independent States
  • Struggle - Zentraedi Terrorist Organization
  • Sultan's Space Pirates
  • Other

  • Iron League

    An organized crime syndicate heavily entrenched on the Riviera, Three Stars and a couple of the other colony ships in the M-15 Super Long Range Emigration Fleet. The syndicate is largely involved in extortion and racketeering.

    Recently, a large portion of the syndicate has been arrested due to their attempted hijacking of the UNS Artemis. The UNS Bolognese Stealth Frigate was crippled with the complete destruction of the command bridge and crashlanded on Teridai IV.

    Although a large portion of the labour workforce and Lieutenants of the syndicate are behind bars, the leadership is still at large, and unidentified by M-15 security personnel. However, their reduced abilities have resulted in a power vacuum amongst organized crime in the Emigrant Ships of the M15 Fleet.

    Sovereign Independent States

    Leapercolony gets credits for the name of "sovereign idependent states". He also wrote this for (JJ) in character:

    "Our organization has no links to these terrorists who claim to act in our name. What is more, the Soveriegn Independant Nations movement does not have a military arm. We are strictly a political organization dedicated to the peaceful restructure of colonial administration into a regime that is truly democratic and fair for all people."

    Even though there isn't an "offical" military force for this movement, it doesn't stop various military forces from trying to claim their actions as legitimate by claiming to follow the ideals of this movement.


    A Zentraadi terrorist organization noted in "Macross M3".

    "In 2029, during the Battle [Interception] at Dahan's Satellite Orbit, the Dancing Skull Special Forces team intercept a space unit and two Zentaadi Variable Guraaji, from a Zentraadi terrorist organization Struggle warship in orbit over the planet Dahan."

    Sultan's Space Pirates

    AKA: Sector Seven Space Pirates
    They had control over the Terraforming Tower on LV-426 for roughly a decade. Developed a super weapon there. Currently, their location is unknown, though UN Intelligence is doing their best to track them.

    During their time based at the Terraforming Tower, the Sector Seven Space Pirates were involved in piracy, trafficking of stolen goods and information, assassinations and general disruption of communications and spacelanes.

    After they were forced to abandon their headquarters on LV-426, they disappeared for a few weeks. There were rumours of their activities in the same sectors that they were previously active in. The majority were dismissed as either rumour or copy cats.

    Recently, the equipment known to be employed by the Sector Seven Space Pirates has been spotted in areas outside of their norm, and doing highly destructive and disruptive actions that may (most likely not) be covering small acts of piracy.

    UN Intelligence has red flagged the Sector Seven Space Pirates for their continuing detrimental and currently highly destructive activites to not just the Unified Government, but all human settlements in Sectors 6, 7 and 8. Although the actual reason is something of even greater concern for the UNI: the Sector Seven Space Pirates have successfully planted moles and corrupted operatives in the very core of the UNI's infastructure!

    Noteable Members

  • The Sultan
  • Sheik Yer-bootii

    The following is known equipment used by the Space Pirates:

  • Black Samba
  • Black Samba Mk II
  • Black Samba Mk III
  • Cargo Ship
  • Transport Shuttle


    Details Pending

    The coalition of groups opposed to the Unified Government in the New Essex/Eskar/(PCAC) Thirty-Four area, between the People's Republic Army and the Sovereign Independent States. Cause of the UNSM vs. Anti-UN War.

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