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(Assault) Rifles

Table Of Contents
  • 2008 (Macross Zero)
  • 2009 (Super Dimensional Fortress Macross)
  • 2040 (Macross Plus)
  • 2045 (Macross 7)
  • 2050 (Macross 7 Dynamite & VF-X)
  • 2059 (Macross Frontier)
  • Macross Zero Era

    IMI Tavor Tar-21 Assault Rifle

    The Tavor is a state of the art new assault rife manufactured by IMI, (Israeli Military Industries,) orignally for the Israeli Armed Forces to replace their aging Galil rifles. The Tavor is available in a number of different variations including a grenade launcher equipped version, sniper rifle type, and a 9mm version. It is lightweight and easy to use which is why the Unified Forces have chosen it as one of their rifles of choice for Unified Government personnel.

    Giat Famas G2 Assault Rifle

    The original Famas, (Fusil d'Assaut de la Manufacture d'Armes de St-Etienne,) G1 rifle was used by the French Armed Forces and proved to be very popular with all of the branches of the French Forces. The Famas fires the standard 5.5mm NATO round used by the vast majority of firearms in the western world, (M-16, SA-80, etc.). The Famas G2 comes in a number of variants including a sniper version, Sub-machinegun version, and an M203 40mm Grenade launcher fitted version. The Famas was adopted by the UN Forces due to its proven track record.

    Super Dimensional Fortress Macross Era
    AR21 (40K)

    Howard AR-21 5.56 mm Caseless Machine Rifle

    The assault rifle used by the UN Armed Forces before, during and immediately after SWI.

    Macross Plus Era


    Macross 7 Era

    5.56 mm Caseless Machine Rifle

    An assault rifle used by City 7 security forces.

    Assault Rifle

    An assault rifle used by City 7 security forces.

    Assault Rifle with Rifle Grenade

    An assault rifle used by City 7 security forces with a helix clip.

    Zentraadi Infantry Rifle

    The rifle used by 5th New Macross Class Infantry

    Assault Rifle

    Macross 7 Dynamite & VF-X Era

    Varoota Laser Carbine Rifle

    Designed for ease of use by brainwashed Varoota soldiers, and also built to be compact, the Carbine Laser Rifle is an excellent weapon with good range for a carbine, and is simple to use.

    Macross Frontier Era
    NUNS-Assault-Rifle (40K)

    5.56 mm Assault Rifle

    Used by NUNS in the Macross Frontier Fleet.

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