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Gun Destroyer

ASS1side (61K)


SDF1island (19K) On July 1st, 1999, the destiny of humanity was changed forever when a huge meteor from space crashed into South Ataria Island in the southern Pacific Ocean. Upon investigation by the United Nations, the "meteor" was in fact determined to be an alien spacecraft, representing mankind's first contact with an intelligent species from beyond the planet. Over the next 10 years the spacecraft (named Alien Star Ship 1, or ASS-1) was excavated, disassembled, studied, reverse-engineered, and eventually rebuilt and renamed the SDF-1 Macross. The Macross has become the most famous ship in human history and is singularly responsible for mankind's emergence as a galactic power.

Initially the Unified Government knew very little about the ASS-1, even after 10 years of study. The spacecraft was an interstellar warship of some kind and contained a great deal of advanced technology that was far beyond what humanity had even speculated. Furthermore, the ASS-1 contained accommodations for what seemed to be two different humanoid races; one human-sized, and one over 15 m tall! The advanced technology (called Over Technology) was therefore used to develop weapon systems capable of combatting a race of giants, eventually leading to the Variable Fighter and Main Battle Robot combat Destroids.

Following the end of Space War 1, Earth formed an alliance with the Zentraadi, and Zentraadi minister Exedore Formo was able to provide more clues as to the origin of the ASS-1. The crashed ship was one of a class of fold-capable battleships used by the Inspection Forces, a force of Protoculture who engaged the Stellar Republic in a galactic civil war, which eventually led to the destruction of nearly all Protoculture in the galaxy. The Inspection Forces were actually Protoculture whose minds were controlled by the Protodevilun, a race of super-powerful beings possessing trans-dimensional powers. Although Exedore referred to the ASS-1 as a "late model" battleship, most stellar archaeologists feel that the design of the fortress pre-dates the emergence of the Protodevilun and the mental takeover of the Inspection Forces, as ships later used by the Protodevilun in the Varohta War differed greatly from the ASS-1's original design.

Assuming that the ASS-1 is one of the original battleships used by the Inspection Forces and not a reproduction, the ship would be between 350,000 and 400,000 earth years old. The history of the ship between the fall of the Inspection Forces and its crash-landing on Earth is a mystery. When the ship arrived at Earth it was being pursued the Zentraedi Buritai Fleet, which had been tasked with finding any remaining traces of the Inspection Army forces and eliminating them. The Buritai Fleet detected traces of the ASS-1's defold reaction and came to Earth to investigate. Upon the fleet's arrival the ASS-1/SDF-01 automatically opened fire on them, leading to the start of Space War 1. Whether the ASS-1 was being used by descendants of the Inspection Forces or another humanoid race somewhere in the galaxy prior to its crash on Earth is unknown.

During the Unified Forces's Factory Satellite Capture Operation in July, 2012, Buritai's flagship detected a spacewreck of a ship very similar in design to the original ASS-1. Although Captain Misa Hayase argued for investigating the wreck at the cost of delaying the mission, Buritai decided to ignore the ship, fearing that it may be a trap set by the Inspection Forces. A Protodevilun task force dispatched later to salvage the ship failed to find the wreck after extensively searching at and near the coordinates Buritai reported. The location of the wreck (if it even still exists) is currently unknown. Since 2012, no Unified Government Emigrant Fleets or combat fleets have reported encountering any craft (wrecked or otherwise), similar to the original ASS-1.

ASS2wreck (56K)


Vehicle Type: Super Dimensional Battle Fortress (Original Designation: Inspection Forces Gun Destroyer)
Government: Inspection Forces (Protoculture)
Manufacturer: Inspection Forces
Crew: Estimated 15,000 Protocultures and 4,000 full-sized Zentraadi. Exact complement and breakdown of crew are unknown.

Notable Ships of Class:
Alien Starship 01 (original construction date unknown, crashed on Earth on July 1, 1999. Rebuilt by Unified Space Forces and renamed SDF-01 Macross).
Alien Starship 02 (unofficial name for a similar starship wreck detected by Buritai's flagship during the Factory Satellite Capture Operation. Location of wreckage currently unknown.)

(1) Forward 1/3 of Ship (Heavy Particle Cannon)                  10,000
(2) Middle 1/3 of Ship (Crew Quarters, Landing Bays)             15,000
(2) Rear 1/3 of Ship (Main Engines, Engineering)                 20,000
(3) Command Tower                                                 5,000
(3) Sensor Array (behind Command Tower)                           1,000
    Left Weapon Cluster                                           5,000
    Right Weapon Cluster                                          5,000
(4) Main Thrusters (6)                                            5,000 each
(4) Secondary Thrusters (12)                                        500 each
(4) Maneuvering Thrusters (48)                                       50 each
    Heavy Laser Cannons (4)                                       1,000 each
    Secondary Beam Turrets (8)                                      750 each
    Retractable Laser Turrets (100)                                  75 each
    Airlocks/Access Hatches (150)                                   200 each
    Armored outer hull (per 40ft area)                              300
    Interior walls (per 20ft area)                                   20
(5) Energy Barrier                                              100,000
  1. Depleting the MDC of the forward 1/3 of the ship will destroy the main weapon of the battlecruiser, the heavy particle cannon. The cannon will cease to function when the forward part of the ship has taken over 5,000 points of damage. When the damage to the forward part reaches 10,000 MDC, the cannon is destroyed beyond any hope of repair.
  2. Depleting the MDC of the middle 1/3 or the rear 1/3 of the ship will destroy the battlecruiser. All power systems, thrusters, weapon systems, and life support will fail, and (2D4X10)% of the crew will be killed instantly by explosions, debris, and loss of atmosphere. The ship will be an unsalvageable wreck (though the spacewreck may still be valuable because of the technology contained within the remains).
  3. Destroying the command tower will instantly kill the command staff and deprive the ship of all forms of long range communications, radar and targeting. The range and targeting capabilities of the secondary systems are equal to that of a VF-11 Thunderbolt fighter. The ship can still operate, but is at -3 on initiative, -3 to strike, and number of attacks per melee of the weapon systems are reduced by half. Destroying the main sensory array on top of the command tower will have the same effect, but the command staff will not be killed instantly.
  4. Depleting the MDC of the main thrusters will force the ship to rely on its secondary thrusters. Depleting the MDC of the main AND secondary thrusters will leave the ship adrift in space. In an atmosphere, the battlecruiser will still be able to land using antigravity engines but will not be able to take off again.
  5. When activated, the Energy Barrier forms a sphere around the battle fortress that can absorb up to 100,000 MDC in a single round. If damaged or destroyed, the sphere regenerates at a rate of 2,500 MDC per melee round. See the Energy Barrier System entry below for details. The barrier will cease to function if either the middle 1/3 or rear 1/3 of the ship takes damage over 50% of its MDC capacity.


Speed (Sublight): 0.24 speed of light (38,400 miles per second)
Speed (Auxiliary Drives): Mach 2.0
Speed (Space Fold): 1 light year every 6 minutes
Planet bound: Can land and take off if necessary but not designed to maneuver in an atmosphere for extended periods of time.
Maximum Range: Unlimited (estimated life span unknown)


Length: 1,200 m
Width: 400 m
Height: 360 m
Weight: 21,000,000 tons (standard)

Fold System: Protoculture Fold System Cluster
Sublight Drive: Protoculture/Inspection Forces Impulse Drive Cluster
Gravity Control System: Internal
Auxiliary Engine: Inspection Fprces Rocket Motor Cluster

Sensor System: Protoculture Advanced Tracking Cluster

SDF1montage (134K)



The most powerful weapon of the battlecruiser is a heavy particle cannon very similar to the one used by Nupetiet-Vernitzs Command Cruiser and other larger Zentraadi warships. The weapon fires a beam up to 192,000 km long and 3.2 km wide that essentially destroys EVERYTHING in its path. The disadvantage of the weapon is the tremendous power it consumes. Once fired, the cannon takes a full 5 MINUTES (20 melee rounds) to recharge.


As backup for the heavy particle cannon, the battle fortress is armed with four heavy laser cannons, also similar to those used on Zentraaedi warships. These lasers were damaged beyond repair on the ASS-1, and were replaced with rail cannons during the rebuilding of the starship.


The battlecruiser is armed with several large beam turrets at key locations along the hull, giving the fortress additional punch in close to medium ship-to-ship combat. These turrets can only fire along limited arcs, and only a maximum of four cannons can be brought to bear on a single target at any given time.


As a final line of defense, the battle fortress has retractable laser turrets mounted at various strategic places along the hull. These short-range lasers were apparently intended primarily for anti-aircraft and anti-mecha defense, but can do moderate damage against enemy spacecraft if they get too close. When not in use gun turrets are concealed within the hull underneath a sliding hatch. At most 20 lasers can be brought to bear on a single target.


One unique system of the ASS-1 that the Zentraadi fleet lacked is an energy barrier defense system that completely encircles the battle fortress in a nearly-impregnable force field sphere. The disadvantage of the barrier system is that no weapons can be fired, nor any fighters/support craft launched or recovered while the shield is up.

Although this system was nearly destroyed in the crash of the ASS-1, Unified Forces researchers were able to study and reverse-engineer the system, eventually leading to the development of the Pinpoint Barrier System that is now standard on most Unified Space Forces spacecraft and fighters. The engineers also succeeded in rebuilding the shattered barrier generator onboard the SDF-01, but unfortunately due to a flaw in the system the barrier overloaded during its first use, completely destroying the North American Ontario Quadrant. Because of this disastrous mishap and other problems the omnidirectional barrier system has not been approved yet for general use on Unified Forces spaceships.



Unknown. The below numbers are estimates based on the assumption that the Inspection Forces used Zentraadi mecha for combat, like most Protoculture Military Forces did. It is not known whether the Protoculture of the Inspection Forces themselves engaged in combat, and if so, whether they used mecha or not.

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