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Avionics Devices: Countermeasures

Table Of Contents
  • Active Stealth Systems
  • Anti-Optical Weapon Vaporizing Armour
  • Anti-Optically Targeted Weapon Systems
  • Chaff/Flare/Smoke Discharger Systems and Anti-Optical Weapon Systems
  • Energy Conversion Armour
  • Pinpoint Barrier

  • Active Stealth Systems

    Active stealth is useful against fighter mounted radar, radar-guided missiles and so on, but has trouble deceiving large radars and the like (VF-0). Since the stealth capability is a system in the airframe, it can be damaged or destroyed. Once the vehicle has lost half of its main body MDC, there is a 50% chance that the stealth system will fail every time the main body of the craft is hit thereafter. Once the stealth system has failed, it will not work again until repaired at a Unified Forces base. For more information on stealth, please refer to the stealth rules.

    1st Generation Active Stealth
    The VF-0 and following VFs are equipped with the initial active stealth mechanism; which is useful against fighter mounted radar, radard-guided missiles and so on, but it is difficult to deceive large radars and the like.

    2nd Generation Active Stealth

    3rd Generation Active Stealth

    Anti-Optical Weapon Vaporizing Armour

    A function added to the passive stealth coating substance spread on the surface of the airframe is to vaporize instantaneously when exposed to high energy, thereby diffusing a beam weapon. Approximately 30% is dampened from the output of a beam machinegun grade weapon (YF-19, VF-25, VF-171EX).

    Anti-Optically Targeted Weapon System

    Radiates a large amount of (infrared and other) energy through a shutter that modulates the output, producing a pulsing pattern that produces a pattern of pulses that prevents a missile from maintaing a lock on the target, causing the missile to think that the target was off to one side, and steering away from the target vehicle. It is generally ineffective against missile volleys. (VF-25).

    Chaff/Flare/Smoke Discharger System

    A combined chaff, flare and smoke discharger useable in all modes of a VF (VF-0, VF-1, others). When used, they fire a burst of flares, exploding chaff containers or a cloud of smoke per use. The IDECM automatically releases the appropriate countermeasure when a missle (or missile volley) is about to hit.

    Energy Conversion Armour

    The VF-0 incorporates Overtechnology using AWAG/RA 105 SWAG energy converting armour system, the VF-0 can employ surplus power to increase the Fighter's armour strength in other modes. Armour strength is 4 to 5 times greater in GERWALK (the equivalent of a heavy combat helicopter or light armoured vehicle). Battroid can use 90% of the engine output, increasing the armour strength by 10 (the equivalent of a main battle tank). It is able to operate in the air using the engines for flight for up to 20 minutes.

    The VF-1 and other vehicles incorporate Overtechnology using the SWAG Energy Conversion Armour system to employ surplus power to triple the Fighter mode's armour strength in Battroid mode.

    Optional rule: consider the VF's main body as the strengthened armour in Battroid, and divide it by 3 for the Fighter mode's armour strenth.

    Pinpoint Barrier

    For use in GERWALK and Battroid. Even if destroyed by combined attacks, the shield will regenerate itself within 2 melees. In order to use the shield, the pilot must make a successful parry roll to intercept an incoming attack. (YF-19, YF-22, VF-25, VF-171EX).
    • the system is ONLY available in GERWALK and Battroid modes, and limited to the lower arms and fists.
    Optional rule: unlimited MDC but pilot must successfully parry for PPB to be effective. Chance of overloading if hit with too much damage at one time. Not effective against weapons that have a blast radius.

  • Palladium Books Game Engine and MDC Rules
  • Macross Chronicle
  • Variable Fighter Master File: VF-1, VF-1 Space Wings, VF-19 & VF-25

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