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Battle 13 Escort Carrier "CV-565 Saratoga II"

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Stealth 2-deck aircraft carrier used by the special operations unit, Ravens (in the game Macross VF-X2). Since there are many special operations, various other airframes are used besides the variable fighter, like the variable bomber. The VB-6 Koing Monster is deployed and uses the exclusive elevator installed in the center of the deck.

The ship has quadruple engine nozzles and the fold system is located in the vertical fin on the bottom of the ship.

The CV-565 joined the Lactence fleet during the attack on Macross 13 although it was damaged by Macross 13's Macross Cannon, who joined the Vindurance forces.


Government: Unified Government (Earth)
Ship Type: Long Distance Variable Fighter Command Carrier
Class: Uraga Class
Manufacturer: OTEC Company/Three Star Heavy Industries/UN Spacy
Crew: 2,376 total
Command Tower: 89
Main Ship: 1,849
VF Pilots: 378
Troops: 60


(1) Main Body                                  14,000
(2) Command Tower                               3,000
(2) Sensor Array (behind Command Tower)           500
(3) Foredeck                                   12,000
(3) Flight decks (2)                            3,000 each

(4) Main engines (2)                            3,000 each
(4) Secondary Engines (2)                       1,250 each
(4) Small Guidance thrusters (36)                 200 each

    Main Anti-Warship Missile Launchers (6)       400 each
    Medium Range Missile Launchers (12)           200 each
    Retractable Laser Turrets (24)                300 each

    Small Airlocks/Access Hatches (100)           250 each
    Large Airlocks (20)                           500 each
    Outer Hull (per 40ft area)                    120
    Interior walls (per 20ft)                      20

(5) Pin Point Barriers (4)                      5,000 each
  1. Depleting the MDC of the main body will put the Carrier out of commission. All internal systems will shut down, including life support and internal gravity. The ship itself will be an unsalvageable floating wreck.
  2. Destroying the command tower will instantly kill the command staff and deprive the ship of all forms of long range communications, radar and targeting. The range and targeting capabilities of the secondary systems are equal to that of a VF-11 Thunderbolt. The ship can still operate, but is at -3 on initiative, -3 to strike, and number of attacks per melee of the weapon systems are reduced by half. Destroying the main sensory array behind the command tower will have the same effect, but the command staff will not be killed instantly.
  3. Destroying the foredeck or the flight decks will greatly impair the carrier's ability to deploy and recover aircraft. Under normal operations the carrier can launch or recover up to 12 VFs per turn. If the foredeck is destroyed this number drops to 6, and each flight deck destroyed reduces this number by 3. If both the foredeck and the flight decks are destroyed the carrier can only launch or recover one aircraft every other turn.
  4. Depleting the MDC of the main engines will force the ship to rely on its secondary engines. Depleting the MDC of the main engines AND secondary engines will leave the ship adrift in space. If in an atmosphere, the ship will crash (destruction of the main engines will render the antigravity system useless due to loss of power).
  5. The Pinpoint Barriers regenerate at a rate of 1,250 MD per second (2,500 MD per melee round). If destroyed, a barrier will completely regenerate within four seconds (2 melee rounds). See the Pinpoint Barrier System entry for details.


Speed(sublight): 0.20 speed of light (32,000 miles per second)
Speed(Auxiliary Drives): Mach 3
Space Fold: Range Unlimited (1 light year every 6 minutes)
Planet bound: Can land if necessary but not designed to maneuver in an atmosphere.
Maximum Range: Unlimited (estimated 30 year life span)

Battle13EscortCarrier2 (9K)


Length: 550 metres
Weight: 25,000 tons (standard)

Fold System: OTEC/Shinnakasu/General Galaxy Advanced Fold System Cluster
Sublight Drive: OTEC/Centinel Impulse Drive Cluster
Gravity Control System: Internal
Auxiliary Engine: Shinnakasu/Shinsei Industries/Agar Nuclear Pulse Rocket Motor Cluster
Radar System: Hyperspace Sensor Pod



Uraga Class Escort Carriers are not designed for heavy starship-to-starship combat, instead relying on their fighter wings for protection and attack. However if necessary the carriers are armed with four missile launcher tubes for launching ICBM-like missiles at enemy ships. Resembling torpedo launchers, they are mounted on the front of the ship facing forward. The launchers contain long-range nuclear missiles and are usually used only during assaults and heavy combat.


In addition to the heavy missile launchers, the escort carriers are armed with eight medium missile launchers which are primarily intended for anti-aircraft defense. Each launcher contains 8 missile tubes allowing volleys of up to 8 missiles to be fired at a single target per launcher. Once depleted, the missile launchers are reloaded by an automated loading system that takes 15 seconds (one melee round) to reload all 8 missiles.


As a final line of defense the escort carrier is armed with 18 automated laser turrets that retract into the ship's hull when not in use. These short-range lasers are intended primarily for anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense, but can do moderate damage against smaller enemy spacecraft if they get too close. The lasers are located at key points along the spacecraft's hull. At most 4 lasers can be directed against a single target at any time.


Originally developed by researchers onboard the SDF-01 Macross during Space War One, the Pinpoint Barrier System is a standard defense system on board all UN Spacy starships, including the Sentinel Carriers. The system generates four small disc-shaped force fields that can be positioned anywhere along the ship to deflect missiles, energy beams or projectiles. Each pinpoint barrier is about 200 ft (61 m) in length and can absorb up to 5,000 MD in damage, which then regenerates within four seconds (1 melee round). The barriers can also be layered on top of each other to generate a field which provides 20,000 MDC and can even deflect heavy particle beams (sometimes).

The four barriers are controlled by operators in the command tower of the carrier. These operators are instructed to defend (1) the command tower, bridge, and sensor array, (2) main engines, (3) hangar bays, and (4) weapon systems, in that order. The operators primarily concentrate on defending the ship against larger spacecraft and leave defense against mecha attacking the carrier to the VF pilots.

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