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Quadoran-Rea (Queadluun-Rhea)


The Quadoran-Rea is an improved upon Power Armour Suit from the Quadoran family that is even more advanced than the Quadoran-Rō. Despite being based on a Power Armour Suit used exclusively by female Zentrādi (Meltrandi), the Quadoran-Rea is used as a mobile weapon by both male and female Zentrādi in the New Unified Forces.

Like the Quadoran-Rō, the Quadoran-Rea also has the Kimerikora [Quimeliquola] Inertia Vector Control System incorporated in to the suit. In addition to the excellent training and often superior skill of the pilots, the Quadoran-Rea is a feared and deadly power suit in the arsenal of the Zentrādi in the New Unified Forces.

The Quadoran-Rea is one of the few Zentrādi mobile weapons that is able to hold its own against other New Unified Forces Variable Fighters. The Quadoran-Rea has manueverability similar to that of the VF-19, VF-22 and VF-25, and is only truly surpased by a cyborg piloted VF-27.

Vehicle Type: Battle Suit
Class: High Manoeuvrability Battle Suit
Crew: One pilot wearing G-Vacuum Suit.
Manufacturer: Kimerikora [Quimeliquola] and General Galaxy.
Government: New Unified Government
Customer: New Unified Forces, S.M.S.

Design Features: The Quadoran-Rea relies almost exclusively on vernier thrusters for flying controls. Kimerikora [Quimeliquola] Special Inertia Vector Control System. One main cockpit screen. One forward-looking main sensor and numerous other sensors.

Variants: (the only differences between the versions are cosmetic)


Location SDC Location SDC
Tri-barrel Laser Pulse Guns (2)
Medium Bore Impact Cannons (2)
Missile Launchers (4)
Pivoting Beam Cannon
Face Plate 1
60 each
25 each
85 each
Arms 2 (2)
Hands 2 (2)
Legs 2 (2)
Engine thrusters 3 (2)
Main Body 4
115 each
35 each
175 each
175 each

1 Destroying the Face Plate will knock out the mecha's major sensor systems, including all of the optics systems (infrared, nightvision, thermal). Radar and communications will be unaffected.
2 Depleting the MDC of one or both of the leg's will render the Mobile Weapon immobile on a surface. The battle suit can still hover and fly as long as the engines are not broken. Depleting the MDC of an arm will render that limb's weapons useless. As the Zentraedi Pilot sits in the torso of the mecha, none of her limbs extend into the limbs of the battle suit.)
3 Destroying one thruster will reduce the flight speed of the Mecha by 50%. Destroying both thrusters will render the mecha immobile.
4 Depleting the MDC of the Main Body will destroy the Mecha, probably killing the pilot as well.


RUNNING 150 kmph
SKATING 300 kmph
LEAPING 9 m high or 15.2 m long without thrusters.

FLYING [faster than] Mach 3.0+ (3,675+ kmph) max speed at 10,000 m and Mach 5.1+ (6,125+ kmph) max speed at 30,000 meters and higher above sea level. Able to hover indefinately.

MAXIMUM AIRFRAME DESIGN LOAD: 25 G. With the Kimerikora system, the pilot can handle up to 18 G, but they must be wearing a G-suit.
CEILING: Unlimited (Capable of launching into satellite orbit over an Earth-class planet)

MAX ENGINE THRUST: under investigation


HEIGHT: 16.85 m (not including the beam cannon)
WIDTH: under investigation
LENGTH: under investigation

EMPTY MASS: 16.72 t
MAX TAKE-OFF MASS: 35.5 t (with pilot (8.5 t, about 7.5 t without G vacuum suit), and fully equipped (impact cannon, micro-missiles, etc.)

PHYSICAL STRENGTH: equal to a PS of 55

CARGO: Small compartment behind pilot's seat for personal belongings.

POWER PLANT: two Kimerikora [Quimeliquola] / General Galaxy Thermonuclear Converter FC-2055µ


1. Bifors AA-55 / QD55 mm Medium-Bore High Speed Impact Cannon (2):

The primary cannons of the Quadoran-Rea are a pair of simultaneously-firing medium-bore high speed impact cannons in the chest area.

2. Mauler LPG-40/3R 30mm Air-To-Air High Speed Rotating Tri-Barrel Gattling Laser Pulse Gun (2):

These forearm mounted high speed rotating tri-barrel laser pulse guns are used primarily in air-to-air combat situations where missiles will not work, or to supplement missiles to gain a tactical advantage.

3. Bifors Close-range High Manueverability Missle Launcher Pod (4):

The Quadoran-Rea is equipped with four sets of missiles launchers; two on the outsides of the legs, and two in the backpack, above the main thrusters. The launchers fire close-range high-maneuverability micro-missiles.

4. Bifors AA-76/QD Anti-ship Impact Cannon (1):

Mounted on the back of the Quadoran-Rea, is a large-bore anti-ship impact cannon. The beam cannon is not usually used against small, fast moving opponents.


Every mobile weapon in the New Unified Forces has a combined chaff, flare and squib dispenser mounted on them. When used, it fires a burst of 6 flares, 1 exploding chaff container or one parachute squib per 1 unit listed in the stats. Chaff, flares and squibs are each unique in their means of countering attacking missiles. The following will describe the individual details of each of the the three types of countermeasures. The short and easy benefit is that they add a +3 to dodge the missiles.


If necessary, the pilot of the Quadoran-Rea can engage in melee combat rather than use a weapon. The Quadoran-Rea is extremely agile, and can execute most typical hand to hand combat moves; such as punches, jump kicks, leap attacks, rolling with impacts, etc..




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