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Avionics Devices: Other Systems

Table Of Contents
  • Aerial Refueling
  • Arresting Hook
  • Battlenet [Zentrādi]
  • CCV (Control-Configured Vehicle) Construction
  • Fold Navigation Software
  • Landing Gear
  • Loudspeaker
  • "Magic Hands" Manipulators
  • Searchlights
  • Tactical Life Support System
  • 3-Mode Variable Transformation System
  • VFC (Vortex Flow Controller)
  • VG Wing

  • Aerial Refueling

    The VF-0 uses a probe-and-drogue system when connecting to . Zentrādi mobile weapons use a flying boom system when connecting to the Automated Resupply Craft.

    Arresting Hook

    A pair of (VF-1) or single (VF-0, VF-4) hook mounted on the rear undercarriage in fighter mode for carrier landings.

    Battlenet [Zentrādi]

    Used to coordinate, disseminate information, and communicate with the Mobile Weapons in the Zentrādi Forces. When a Tactical Scout Rigādo or Kerukaria is used to assist in the targeting of missiles, it provides other Mobile Weapons with a bonus of +2 strike incoming missiles.

    Optional: through the Battlenet, the Scout Rigādo and Kerukaria provide target and targeting information to the combat computers on the Zentrādi Mobile Weapons that gives a bonus of +1 strike.

    CCV (Control-Configured Vehicle) Construction

    The airframe has been deliberately designed to have low or even negative stability in some flight regimes, with the rapid-reacting CCV controls compensating for the lack of natural stability. This increases the airframe's maneuverability.(VF-0)

    Fold Navigation Software

    (Space) Fold Navigation Software: the vehicle is able to mount a Fold Booster and navigate in the Super Dimension. System is tied into sensor systems so that objects are avoided when Defolding.

    Landing Gear

    Has retractable tricycle undercarriage with twin coupled mainwheels that retract inward into the fuselage, and 2 steerable nosewheels that retract into the nose, and are equipped with a catapult hook (VF-1).


    A Loudspeaker system is built into the craft, which can be used to amplify the pilot's voice up to 90 decibels.

    "Magic Hands" Manipulators

    3 per forearm, 6 in total. 3 MDC each. For maintenance and repairs (VF-1).


    A searchlight is located in each shoulder in battroid mode. Range: 200 m. (VF-1)

    Tactical Life Support System

    The cockpit is pressurized and also provides additional air feeds to the pilot's flight suit that provides him with pressurized breathing. The Unified Forces flight suit also contains an upper and lower g-suit that promotes blood circulation even during high-G turns, thus decreasing the possibility of pilot blacking out in combat.

    3-Mode Variable Transformation System

    Vehicle is able to transform into Fighter, GERWALK (Ground Effective Reinforcement of Winged Armament with Locamotive Knee-joint), and Battroid modes. Uses actuators and hinges (VF-0). Cannot transform from Fighter when travelling at Mach 1.7 or greater (VF-0 Special Attack Specification). Time to transform is less than the SV-51 requires (VF-0).

    VFC (Vortex Flow Controller)

    Under investigation.

    Introduced with the VF-19.

    VG Wing

    An aeroplane wing that may be swept back and then returned to its original position during flight. Typically, a swept wing is more suitable for high speeds, while an unswept wing is suitable for lower speeds, allowing the aircraft to carry more fuel and/or payload, as well as improving field performance.

    A variable-geometry wing allows a pilot to select the correct wing configuration for the plane's intended speed. The variable-geometry wing is most useful for those aircraft that are expected to function at both low and high speed. (VF-0, VF-1).

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