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Sourcebook: Companies & Corporations

Table Of Contents:
  • Barton's Transport and Cargo
  • The Corporate Sponsors of Vanquish
  • Critical Path Corporation
  • Dainamu
  • General Galaxy
  • GN
  • L.A.I.
  • Sentinel
  • Shinnakasu
  • Shinsei Industry
  • Stonewell
  • Viggers
  • Service Industries
  • Nyan-nyan
  • Familymart

    Steal Valkyries Setting
  • Active in Sector M45-3

  • Manufacturers

    Barton's Transport and Cargo

    Barton's Transport and Cargo is one of the largest privately owned cargo companies on the colony Eden. It deals with all kinds of cargo, including documentation courier and illegal goods. Clientele are a mix of both aligned (with the Unified Government) and unaligned people and agencies. As the company has a sterling reputation, most people have a generally good impression of the company. Freely trades between all respectable, paying customers, no matter their allegiance to the Unified Government. The company has numerous Cargo Transport Ships, smaller ships and high-speed fold-capable shuttles.
    Owner: Barton, Terry "Cowboy". Recently, due to expanding non-aligned clientele, Barton has felt it to be prudent to move to the 'Nam office and work from that comparably neutral location.



    Centinental/ Kransmann

    Vanquish Corporate Sponsors

    Various enterprises are sponsored in Vanquish. With the assistance of this race, which is telecast Galaxy-wide, sponsors can get hugely effective advertising. One can say that finding a good sponsor is also a first-class racer's skill.
  • Skylab An emergent interstellar food service enterprise that deals with an extensive range, from biotechnology to family restaurant management. It came up out of a coffee shop on Eden.
  • Tachyon & Express A Zentraadi enterprise whose business was expanded from an express home delivery company by Kwadoran after the First Interstellar War. They have an established reputation in high-speed transport of small-sized cargo.
  • Viswa & Oder A well-established interstellar transportation company whose parent body was an OTEC OTM research public corporation. Viswa & Oder is known strongly in such things as shipbuilding aimed at civilians and the passenger realm.
  • Critical Path Corporation

    Critical Path Corporation is the manufacturer of the:
    • Annabella Lasiodora
    • Pheyos Enemy Valkyrie
    • Stealth Unmanned Submarine Rorqual
    • Others


    The "Chogokin" real hobby toy manufacturer that has a seething spirit. A toy manufacturer that handles all hobbies, from figures to video games. It releases various items, such as combining transforming superior gimmick Chougoukin and plastic models with the real intention of furnishing the pleasure of building. It also has such things as S.M.S.'s flagship Macross Quarter and the VF-24 main fighter in stock, and they are popular in the Macross Frontier Fleet. The commercial song that Ranka Lee sang is also known. Was the former name of the company "[redacted] Dainamu [redacted]", or not...?

    General Galaxy

    An enterprise that was born from the amalgamation several companies with OTEC, who had born the burden of implementing OverTechnology. General Galaxy developed the YF-21, which had fought against the YF-19 to be the next version of the main craft. General Galaxy is the rival of Shinsei Industry.

    General Titanic



    As a major automobile manufacturer, GN might be famous. Before and after the First Interstellar War, vehicles made by this company, such as VIP courtesy cars and the buggy for use both in and outside the atmosphere, were used in the Unified Forces. They produced the Red Imperial.




    An integrated mechanism manufacturer whose location is placed in the Macross Frontier Fleet. The company works with such things as the VF-use EX-Gear G-proof suit and the Fold Quartz using Inertia Control System, ISC. L.A.I is bound to the New Unified Forces with a licensing agreement in the armament manufacturing field, and it also performs such things as the specification change and production of every kind of armament. The VF-25, the next version main VF, is due to an L.A.I development.



    McNell Douglar





    A Destroid development enterprise that played a role in the birth of humanoid weapons. A manufacturer that jointly developed the HWR-00-Mk.II Monster. The Spartan was also developed by this company. Even though it seems to have originally been an automobile parts manufacturing industry, Sentinel also had something to do with the development of the VF-1.


    A space heavy industry that represents the Japan area. A heavy Industry Manufacturer that managed the reaction engines in the VF-1's development. The core products are wide ranging, from aircraft and space ships up until automobiles. Popularity is high among old car enthusiasts for such things as Shinakasu's sports cars and the Red Imperial, which were released before the First Interstellar War. There is a theory that this enterprise was incorporated during the reorganization of Japan's main domestic industries in the confusing period of the falling of the ASS-1, the Unification War and so on.

    Shinsei Industry

    An enterprise that turns out one after another the Unified Forces' main craft. It was founded in 2012 by the amalgamation of Shinakasu Heavy Industry Aircraft Department and Stonewell Bellcom, who were concerned with the VF-1's development. At that time, its parent organizations had become a Shinakasu derivative enterprise and Shinsei. Shinsei had developed the VF-0. Even though that development had been temporarily stopped, it came to be seen positively again by the establishment of the new company.





    A Destroid development enterprise that played a role in the birth of the Earth's humanoid weapons. After the ASS-1 fell, the human race, who learned of the existence aliens, started the development of anti-giant humanoid weapons. Even though a lot of enterprises were participating during that development, Viggers existed centrally among them. The Monster, as well as such Destroids as the Tomahawk, Defender and so on, which were invested into the First Interstellar War, were developments by this company. Viggers is considered to have originally been the military vehicles department of an armaments development enterprise that became an independent business.




    Service Industries


    A Chinese cuisine chain that has flapped its wings in the galaxy for 50 years, and has carried out a chain expansion on the scale of the universe. In 2059, it approaches 50 years since its establishment, and besides the Earth, a total of 50 stores have been opened at places such as other planets and in the Long Range Emigration Fleets. Even though originally it was a store that did business on the streets within the SDF-1 Macross at the time of the First Interstellar War, after the store had been moved to Macross City after the war, it gradually enlarged its scale of operations. Incidentally, the founder is the legendary singer Lynn Minmei's uncle and his wife. The restuarant is famous for Minmei having helped at it before her debut. Ranka Lee also worked part-time in the Macross Frontier Shibuya area branch, before her debut.


    The familiar convenience store that's a "combination with you" [a pun in Japanese, with the alternative meaning: a convenience (store) with you]. The convenience store from Japan that we're familiar with; its nickname is "Famima." There are very few enterprises that lived through the First Interstellar War. This franchise's expansion will have grown to achieve the 1 millionth store in the galaxy by the year 2059. Several branches have opened even only in the Macross Frontier, such as the Shibuya area store and the San Francisco area store. Also, Ranka Lee, who had her debut in practically no time, was quickly appointed as FamilyMart's promotional model. Her first commercial song was FamilyMart's jingle. Even in 2059, the interior layout of the stores are the same as the present day "Famima".


    Sector M45-3

    Canola Trade Group and Private Emigration

    Katherine's Kevlar (Kays)

    A space born manufacturing facility, usually know as "Kays". Supports an onboard population of some 3,000 people; most of whom work directly for Kay in the various parts of her business. She does not consider herself a nation or colony however, just a business. She sells all manner of arms and armaments. Her facility can repair up to frigate-sized vessels, and is rumoured to have 3 to 6 individually modified VF-19s, on top of the factory's broad array of defences. She is also rumoured to service Zentrādi vessels. Kay is a full-sized Zentrādi.

    Tachyon & Express

    A Zentrādi enterprise whose business was expanded from an express home delivery company by Quadorn after the First Interstellar War. They have an established reputation in high-speed transport of small-sized cargo. Note: they are the sponsors of a VF-1X++ in Vanquish Caesar.

    Tear Gas Incorporated Firearms

    A small-time arms dealer with broad connections. He doesn't have a base of operations, but is noted to be part of several anti-Unified Government organizations. He is the best deal in town for just about any kind of weapon, big (spaceship) and small (pocket knives). The only trouble is finding the man to buy anything off of him.

    Viswa & Oder

    A well-established interstellar transportation company whose parent body was an OTEC OTM research public corporation. Viswa & Oder is known strongly in such things as shipbuilding aimed at civilians and the passenger realm. Note: they are the sponsors of a VF-19ACTIVE in Vanquish Caesar.

    Numens Inc

    A private mining platform (actually platforms) making a hefty profit off of Munak's moon of Pyon-Pyon, by pulling near perfectly pure C-60 off of the surface of the planet's crust. Numens Inc. Employs nearly 2,000 people on up to 7 different platforms at a go—usually in 6 to 8 week stints on the surface (actually only near the surface, as the platforms hover). Typical pull for the employees during their service is ¥340,000 per week, with a danger pay bonus of ¥100,000 per week past the first 8 days (most people don't make it past the first week).

    Vanquish Caesar

    The Caesar branch of the Valkyrie Vanquish races.


    TRAXS is named after Allister Traces, the founder of the illegal underground sport. Local authorities have had trouble pinning down the organization. Few believe that it has had ties with Anti-UN organizations in the past. However, in one of his very few gpublich announcements on the Galaxy Network, Mr. Traces has called the Traces X, or TRAXS, a private sport that doesn't have ties or allegiances for or against any political movement. TRAXS is an illegal racing/gambling ring that puts the pilots lives on the line as much as their reputation. While not necessarily an all out Mobile Weapon [mecha] fight, the premise of the match is to beat all other opponents to the end of the race track, by whatever mean necessary. This has led to a high mortality rate for both the racers and the attendant audience, and consequently banned from Unified Government space. The Banning from the Unified Government space has not particularly bothered the organizers of the sport, as few good races worlds cannot be duplicated outside of the Unified Government sphere of influence. In Sector 15, the races have continued to occur until just recently, although there are rumours in the underground that local sites may be used again in 2061 TRAXS UFC #45. The TRAXS UFC, or Ultimate Fighter Challenge, brings Mobile Weapon [mecha]-heads to the table with their best and most powerful Variable Fighters, and the pilots crazy enough to challenge the track for a grand prize of incredible funds. The Last TRAXS UFC was won by a My-clonized Zentrādi pilot in a modified VF-171, who enjoyed the victory only long enough to last across the finish line; whereupon his Valkyrie exploded in a fiery crash landing. The Valkyrie's the inventor committed himself to winning the next year's competition.


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