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Next Age Battle class Variable Stealth Attack Space Carrier "Macross 13"

NextAgeBattleSpaceCarrier1 (29K)


This class was designed as the flagship for super-long-distance emigration fleets. Macross 13's variable space stealth attack carrier, Battle 13, was used as an early experiment for the next generation Macross warship. The Unified Fforces supplied this in the final battle to the Lactence as their last resort. It disabled missiles by a jamming station from the Vindurance fleet and the special operations group, Ravens. In response, Ravens issued the mission code "Remember Love", to destroy the jamming system located in the head of Battle 13.

Aerospace facilities include twelve standard catapults, six at the forward end of of the flight deck, three at the center, and three to the port at the aft angled deck. Bridge includes three electromagnetic catapults for immediate scramble of interceptor-fighters and command liaison craft hatch.

In attack mode, armaments are exposed and close-quarter combat ability is high. Transformation is used to improve combat capability and is more advanced the the first generation Macross class warship. Transformation during atmospheric entry is possible. Use of gunship (Macross Cannon) mainly in Attack-mode allows for unrestricted angle-of-fire. Internalized-type armaments for stealth purposes. Forward deck of the aircraft carrier, located on the forearms, can be used as a shield, therefore, energy converting armour in addition to normal compound armour is used. Diamond in the shoulder region functions as a defense shield.

Due to the aircraft carrier's large size, stealthing was difficult. To compensate, active stealth function is used for the stealth nature. The aircraft carrier's two-step flight deck has demonstrated superior aircraft deployment capability. Angled deck on the port-side of the of the aft deck. It does not adhere to a passive stealth form due to active stealth.

The Battle 13 uses a more aggressive design among the Battle-sections of the New Macross-class.

Bridge catapults are plasma accelerators for high speed aircraft launching. When sortieing, guidelines and guide beacon are projected forward.


Government: Unified Government (Earth)
Ship Type: Space Battle Carrier
Class: New Macross class
Manufacturer: OTEC Company/Three Star Heavy Industries/UN Spacy
Crew: 2,000 total
Command Tower: 74
Main Ship: 1,226
VF Pilots: 240 + 100 reserve
Troops: 360

NextAgeBattleSpaceCarrier2 (14K)


(1) Main Body                                  50,000
    Arms (2)                                   25,000 each
    Flight Decks/Arm Shields (2)               10,000 each
(2) Main Engines/Leg Units (2)                 22,500 each

(3) Command Tower                              11,000
(3) Sensor Array (Top of Command Tower)         2,000

(2) Secondary Thrusters (2)                     5,000 each
    Small Guidance Thrusters (40)                 400 each

    Gunship/Main Gun (1)                       22,500
    Rail Cannons (2)                            3,500 each
    Tri-Barrelled Particle Beam Guns (4)        1,500 each
    Airlocks/Access Hatches (70)                  200 each
    Outer Hull (per 40ft area)                    150
    Interior walls (per 20ft)                      20

(4) Pin Point Barriers (4)                      5,000 each
(5) Sound Jamming System Antennae (2)           1,000 each
  1. Depleting the MDC of the main body will put the Battle Carrier out of commission. All internal systems will shut down, including life support and internal gravity. The ship itself will be an unsalvageable floating wreck.
  2. Depleting the MDC of the main engines will force the ship to rely on its secondary engines. Depleting the MDC of the main engines AND secondary engines will leave the ship adrift in space. If in an atmosphere, the ship will crash (destruction of the main engines will render the antigravity system useless due to loss of power).
  3. Destroying the command tower will instantly kill the command staff and deprive the ship of all forms of long range communications, radar and targeting. The range and targeting capabilities of the secondary systems are equal to that of a VF-11 Thunderbolt. The ship can still operate, but is at -3 on initiative, -3 to strike, and number of attacks per melee of the weapon systems are reduced by half. Destroying the main sensory array on top of the command tower will have the same effect, but the command staff will not be killed instantly.
  4. The Pinpoint Barriers regenerate at a rate of 1,250 MD per second (2,500 MD per melee round). If destroyed, a barrier will completely regenerate within four seconds (2 melee rounds). See the Pinpoint Barrier System entry for details.
  5. There are two Sound Jamming Systen Antennae (one located on each shoulder in attack configuration, and located on the sides of the ship in cruiser mode). When one antennae is destroyed, only 50% of incoming missles are effected, when both antennae are destroyed, the jamming system ceases to function altoghether, leaving the ship vulnerable to all incoming missile attacks.

NextAgeBattleSpaceCarrier3 (14K)


Speed(sublight): 0.20 speed of light (32,000 miles per second)
Speed(Auxiliary Drives): Mach 3
Space Fold: Range Unlimited (1 light year every 6 minutes)
Planet bound: Can land if necessary but not designed to maneuver in an atmosphere.
Maximum Range: Unlimited (estimated 30 year life span)


Length (cruiser mode): 1,510 m
Length (bridge only): 195 m
Length (attack formation mode): 1,177 m
Length (gun ship only): 695 m
Width: 370 m
Height: 333 m (not including antenna)
Weight: 7,770,000 t (6,250,000 t empty
Weight (gunship only): 2,500,000 t

Main Engine: OTM Macross heat-pile cluster system.
Main power/Powerplant: OTM Macross thermonuclear reaction engine matrix.
Fold Engine: OTM Macross Fold engine cluster system.
Gunship reactor: Gunship fold system
Sublight Drive: OTEC/Centinel Impulse Drive Cluster
Gravity Control System: Internal
Auxiliary Engine: Shinnakasu/Shinsei Industries/Agar Nuclear Pulse Rocket Motor Cluster
Radar System: Stealth Aegis Pod

NextAgeBattleSpaceCarrier4 (7K)



OTEC-manufactured, bow-mounted Gunship super beam weapon. 100° elevation when latched to holder grip mounted on the right shoulder, less than 1 shot/60 min. Folding hand grip. When used in hand-held shooting mode, energy is supplied from the Battle class ship. Macross Cannon can operate independently, but function and output will be greatly restricted. Macross Cannon's energy consumption is intense and independent usage is limited to 2~3 times.

The most powerful weapon on the New Macross-class battle carriers is the Macross Cannon, which is basically the same heavy particle beam cannon used by the original SDF-01 Macross. The cannon can fire a beam up to 192,000 km long and 3.2 km wide that essentially destroys EVERYTHING in its path. The disadvantage of the weapon is the tremendous power it consumes. Even when connected to the battle carrier's powerful engines the cannon takes a full 5 MINUTES (20 melee rounds) to recharge between shots.

Unlike in previous ship designs, the New Macross battle carrier's cannon is contained in a completely separate starship unit from the rest of the vessel. This allows a better range of motion and more accurate firing in battle mode, as well as the ability to completely eject the cannon in the event of an overload or serious malfunction. The cannon unit is commonly referred to as the "Gunship", and even contains separate power systems, engines, and life support systems that allow it to function as an independent spaceship if necessary. The gunship can carry a crew of four (pilot, copilot, engineer and communications expert) but is usually piloted by remote control when necessary. The gunship does not have sublight or fold capacity and cannot fly in an atmosphere.


Located on each shoulder of the ship in attack configuration, partially concealed, are two heavy rail cannons slightly larger than those of the earlier New Macross ships. These cannons are similar to those on the original Macross (though much more modern) and use magnetic accelerator technology to propel metal slugs at incredible velocities torward a target. The slugs fired by the cannons are much larger and more accurate than previous rail guns, though the rate of fire of the cannons is slower than earlier versions due to the slug's size.


Also located on the shoulder of the ship in attack configuration are four tri-barrelled particle beam cannons, (two facing forward, two facing aft) these guns are located on the sides of the ship in cruiser mode and have a 180 degree arc of fire.


The New Macross battle carriers contain eight missile launcher tubes for launching ICBM-like missiles during combat. Resembling torpedo launchers, four are mounted on each side of the ship recessed into the hall and fire forward only. In Attack mode these launchers are located in the shoulders of the ship near the rail guns. The launchers contain long-range nuclear missiles and are usually used only during assaults and heavy combat. The New Macross 07 used these launchers in combat against greater Protodeviln during one battle of the Varuta war. Unfortunately the missiles proved ineffective against the Protodeviln's incredible regenerative capabilities.


For anti-aircraft/anti-mecha defense the New Macross battle carriers are armed with 30 automated laser turrets that retract into the cruiser's hull when not in use. These short-range lasers can also do moderate damage against smaller enemy spacecraft if they get too close. The lasers are located at key points along the spacecraft's hull. At most 6 lasers can be directed against a single target at any time.


In addition to the laser turrets, the battle carriers are armed with twelve medium missile launchers for additional anti-mecha defense. Each launcher contains 10 missile tubes allowing volleys of up to 10 missiles to be fired at a single target per launcher. Once depleted, the missile launchers are reloaded by an automated loading system that takes 15 seconds (one melee round) to reload all 10 missiles. Armor-piercing smart missiles are usually used to avoid chances of friendly fighters being shot down by the missiles.


Originally developed by researchers onboard the SDF-01 Macross during Space War One, the Pinpoint Barrier System is a standard defense system on board all UN Spacy starships, including the New Macross battle carriers. The system generates four small disc-shaped force fields that can be positioned anywhere along the ship to deflect missiles, energy beams or projectiles. Each pinpoint barrier is about 200 ft (61 m) in length and can absorb up to 5,000 MD in damage, which then regenerates within four seconds (2 melee rounds). The barriers can also be layered on top of each other to generate a field which provides 20,000 MDC and can even deflect heavy particle beams (usually).

The four barriers are controlled by operators in the command tower of the carrier. These operators are instructed to defend (1) the command tower, bridge, and sensor array, (2) main engines, (3) hangar bays, and (4) weapon systems, in that order. The operators primarily concentrate on defending the ship against larger spacecraft and leave defense against mecha attacking the carrier to the VF pilots.


Located on the sides of the ship (on the shoulders in attack configuration) are two Sound Jamming Antennae capable of emitting Sound Jamming Waves. These waves create a spherical aura around the ship and confuse all incoming missles causing them to detonate at a safe distance around the ship.


Ship-borne Vehicles (STANDARD):

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