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Research and Experiment Ship Einstein

ResearchAndExperimentShip1 (42K)


This is a multipurpose scientific research vessel from the United Science Foundation. Although primarily focused on gravitational engineering, astrophysics and space biology, all scientific areas are studied as well as performing prototype development. The extensive scientific equipment provides excellent analysis capabilities; an indispensable resource for the emigration fleet traveling through unknown space.

The Research and Experiment Ship is an integral part of any New Macross class Super Long Range Emigration Fleet, as it is here aboard these giant vessels that the research and development needs of the Fleet are met. These hotbeds of invention, alteration and reverse engineering are where the Albert Einstein's and Stephen Hawking's of the 22nd Century work. All manner of things that the Fleet might need are developed here, and in the event of the Fleet locating unknown mecha or Protoculture artifacts it is here that they would be brought for investigation.

In the event that an emigration fleet encounters a habitable world, the Research and Experiment Ship would work closely with the Ocean Resort Ship and the Farm Ship vessels of the fleet to determine if the prospective emigrant planet is capable of supporting life. Many area's of the Research and Experiment Ship have extremely dangerous chemicals and equipment, which is why these vessels are highly compartmentalized, and in the event of a hull breach or other damage the immediate sections of the ship surrounding the hazard can be completely sealed off to prevent the spread of damage or loss of environmental control. The crew of the Research and Experiment Ships are well trained in crowd control and can quickly evacuate guests to shelters or escape pods in the event of a serious emergency. Research and Experiment Ships are linked to an Uraga class Escort Battle Carrier in much the same way that the New Macross Battle class and City class sections combine to form one larger ship. The Research and Experiment Ships are controlled from the bridge of the attached Uraga carrier and the carrier's VF squadrons provide protection for the emigrant vessel in case of attack. The carrier can disconnect from the Research and Experiment Ships if so required, and the Research and Experiment Ships can control itself via an emergency bridge.

The Research and Experiment Ships , like the other ships of the New Macross class emigration Fleets were developed at the same time as the New Macross emigrant ship. Since 2030 at least one Research and Experiment Ship has been assigned to every New Macross class Fleet.


Government: Unified Government (Earth)
Ship Type: Super Long Range Emigrant Research and Experiment Ship
Manufacturer: OTEC Company/UN Spacy
Crew (not including Uraga Carrier): 27,500 total
Military Crew: 1,800
Civilian Crew/Scientists: 25,500
Police/Civil Defense: 200

(1) Main Body                                    60,000
    Small Airlocks/Access Hatches (200)             250 each
    Main Airlock                                  1,000
    Outer Hull (per 40ft area)                      120
    Interior walls (per 20ft)                        40
    External Engineering/Sensor Spokes (8)        2,000 each
    Lower Sensor Spoke                            1,200
    Exterior Central Line Pods (2)                6,750 each
    Exterior Rear Pods (2)                       10,000 each
    Connection Joint/Engineering Section          8,500
(2) Main Engines/Power Plant (2)                 12,500 each
(2) Auxiliary Engines (4)                         6,000 each
(3) Pin Point Barriers (4)                        5,000 each
  1. Depleting the MDC of the main body will essentially destroy the vessel. All internal systems will shut down, including life support and internal gravity. The emigrant ship itself will be an unsalvageable floating wreck, and any surviving colonists must be rescued quickly or will die from asphyxiation as the remaining atmosphere drains into space.
  2. Depleting the MDC of the main engines will force the ship to rely on its auxiliary engines. Depleting the MDC of the main engines AND auxiliary engines will leave the emigrant ship adrift in space. If in an atmosphere, the emigrant ship will crash (destruction of the main engines will render the antigravity system useless due to loss of power).
  3. The Pinpoint Barriers regenerate at a rate of 1,250 MD per second (2,500 MD per melee round). If destroyed, a barrier will completely regenerate within four seconds (2 melee rounds). See the Pinpoint Barrier System entry for details.


Speed(sublight): 0.16 speed of light (25,600 miles per second)
Speed(Auxiliary Drives): Mach 3
Space Fold: Range Unlimited (1 light year every 6 minutes)
Planet bound: Designed to land in a planetary ocean when necessary but not designed to maneuver in an atmosphere. The Einstein is NOT designed to land on the ground. If it does so the landing will inflict 3D6x1000 MD damage to the main body of the spacecraft (the lower sensor spoke will be automatically destroyed).
Maximum Range: Unlimited (estimated 30 year life span)


Length: approx. 3,000 m (without cooling fins or carrier)
Operating Displacement: approx. 225,000,000 t

Main Engine: OTEC-Sentinel impulse drive cluster
Fold System: OTEC-Shinnakasu-General Galaxy fold system cluster for very large masses
Gravity Control System: Internal
Auxiliary Engine: Experimental large-scale reactor
Main Machinery: Experimental plants of every type
Sensors: Standard plus Subspace Mass Detector



Originally developed by researchers onboard the SDF-01 Macross during Space War One, the Pinpoint Barrier System is a standard defense system on board all UN Spacy starships and colony vessels, including the Einstein colony ships. The system generates four small disc-shaped force fields that can be positioned anywhere along the ship to deflect missiles, energy beams or projectiles. Each pinpoint barrier is about 61 m in length and can absorb up to 5,000 MD in damage, which then regenerates within four seconds (2 melee rounds). The barriers can also be layered on top of each other to generate a field which provides 20,000 MDC and can even deflect heavy particle beams (usually).

The four barriers are controlled by operators in the command tower of the carrier. These operators are instructed to defend (1) any breaks or weaknesses in the main hull, (2) the engineering section/battle carrier docking section, and (3) the main and auxiliary engines, in that order. The operators primarily concentrate on defending the ship against larger spacecraft and leave defense against attacking mecha to the VF pilots from the battle carrier.


Ship-borne Vehicles (STANDARD):

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