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Ocean and Resort Ship Riviera

OceanAndResortShip1 (81K)


It is a large-scale ship that has the unique appearance of a spiral shell, and is filled to the brim with an artificial ocean that reaches 3,600 m in diameter in the center part. In the artificial ocean, in addition to the cultivation and breeding of fresh marine creatures to supplying the emigrant fleet, it is called a "resort ship" because part of the ocean facility is open as high-class leisure facilities. In one part of the more than 10 Km unbroken beach, the upmarket resort "Riviera" extends, and is lined with hotels, casinos, villas and so on, and is crowded with swimmers. Incidentally, the Armed Forces female operators who are assigned there due to their character that says "resort", can also be said to be beautiful.

The upper surface of the dome is covered in a transparent dome. The likes of a countless number of searchlights project, and the hue of the resort facilities is strong in the appearance of the ship.

9 fins project from the circumference of the hull. With the longest fin extending to about 600 m, they are the environmental regulation system of the artificial ocean and heat radiation.

The escort battle carrier CV404 Uraga is docked in the [war]ship's bow. The port next to the docking bay is a star port called "Hoshi no Minato" [Port of the Stars].

The protuberance on the underside of the ship's hull is a high-pressure tower that's for the research of deep sea creatures, stabilizes the ocean when accelerating, controls the current, and controls the water temperature, water pressure, and so on.

Facilities: Resort facilities, Marine Park, aquarium, ocean life research institute, etc..

OceanAndResortShip3 (33K)


Government: Unified Government (Earth)
Ship Type: Super Long Range Emigrant Marine Resort/Research Vessel
Manufacturer: OTEC Company/UN Spacy
Crew about 100,000 (not including Escort Carrier)

Notable Ships of Class:

Riviera 05: launched 2034 as part of the Macross 05 Emigrant Fleet. Captured and destroyed by the Varohta in 2045.
Riviera 07: launched 2036 as part of the Macross 07 Emigrant Fleet. Captured by Protodeviln in 2046 but rescued by UN Spacy forces during the final battle of the Varohta War)

(1) Main Body                                   150,000
    Projectile Shield (Closed)                  100,000
    Projectile Shield (Per 40 ft area)              500
(2) Ocean Dome                                   30,000
(2) Ocean Dome (Per 40 ft area)                     200
    Small Airlocks/Access Hatches (300)             250 each
    Main Airlock                                  1,000
    Outer Hull (per 40ft area)                      120
    Interior walls (per 20ft)                        40
    External Engineering/Sensor Spokes (9)        1,500 each
    Lower Sensor Spoke                            1,000
    Connection Joint/Engineering Section         25,000
(3) Main Engines/Power Plant (2)                 50,000 each
(3) Auxiliary Engines (4)                         7,000 each
(4) Pin Point Barriers (4)                        5,000 each
  1. Depleting the MDC of the main body will essentially destroy the vessel. All internal systems will shut down, including life support and internal gravity. The emigrant ship itself will be an unsalvageable floating wreck, and ny surviving emigrants (and marine life) must be rescued quickly or will die from asphyxiation as the remaining atmosphere drains into space.
  2. If the semi-transparent ocean dome is destroyed while in space, 1D6x10% of the emigrants inside will be instantly killed due to explosive decompression.
  3. Depleting the MDC of the main engines will force the ship to rely on its auxiliary engines. Depleting the MDC of the main engines AND auxiliary engines will leave the emigrant ship adrift in space. If in an atmosphere, the emigrant ship will crash (destruction of the main engines will render the antigravity system useless due to loss of power).
  4. The Pinpoint Barriers regenerate at a rate of 1,250 MD per second (2,500 MD per melee round). If destroyed, a barrier will completely regenerate within four seconds (2 melee rounds). See the Pinpoint Barrier System entry for details.


Speed(sublight): 0.16 speed of light (25,600 miles per second)
Speed(Auxiliary Drives): Mach 3
Maximum Instantaneous Acceleration: 0.45 G
Space Fold: Range Unlimited (1 light year every 6 minutes)
Planet bound: Designed to land in a planetary ocean when necessary but not designed to maneuver in an atmosphere. The Ocean and Resort Ship is NOT designed to land on the ground. If it does so the landing will inflict 3D6x1000 MD damage to the main body of the spacecraft (the lower protuberance will be automatically destroyed and water will start draining out of the ship).
Maximum Range: Unlimited (estimated 30 year life span)

OceanAndResortShip2 (47K)


Length: about 6,300 m (not including the escort carrier)
Operating Mass: about 10.7 billion t

Engine: OTEC / Sentinel Impulse Drive Cluster
Fold Engine: OTEC / Shinakasu / Sentinel / General Galaxy Super Large Mass use Fold System Cluster (Auxiliary Gravitational Field Control System)
Sublight Drive: ORTEC/Centinel Impulse Drive Cluster
Gravity Control System: Internal
Auxiliary Engine: Shinnakasu/Shinsei Industries/Agar Nuclear Pulse Rocket Motor Cluster
Sensors: Standard plus Subspace Mass Detector



Originally developed by researchers onboard the SDF-01 Macross during Space War One, the Pinpoint Barrier System is a standard defense system on board all UN Spacy starships and colony vessels, including the Ocean and Resort Ships. The system generates four small disc-shaped force fields that can be positioned anywhere along the ship to deflect missiles, energy beams or projectiles. Each pinpoint barrier is about 61 m in length and can absorb up to 5,000 MD in damage, which then regenerates within four seconds (2 melee rounds). The barriers can also be layered on top of each other to generate a field which provides 20,000 MDC and can even deflect heavy particle beams (usually).

The four barriers are controlled by operators in the command tower of the carrier. These operators are instructed to defend (1) any breaks or weaknesses in the projectile shield and/or ocean dome, (2) the engineering section/escort carrier docking section, and (3) the main and auxiliary engines, in that order. The operators primarily concentrate on defending the ship against larger spacecraft and leave defense against attacking mecha to the VF pilots from the escort carrier.

OceanAndResortShip4 (29K)


Ship-borne Vehicles (STANDARD):

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