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Jināru Air-battle Pod [Dogfight Pod, Gnerl]

  • 1.2 SPEEDS
  • 3.4 AVIONICS

    The aerospace single-seater fighter aircraft of the Zentrādi Forces. It is a small, aerospace fighter aircraft. Even though the Air-battle Pod isn't small—if an Earthling sees its 20.6 m length—it is small as a Zentrādi Mobile Weapon. Nevertheless, as it is able to battle from atmospheric entry to escape, the Air-battle Pod keeps its considerable potential hidden.

    The Zentrādi Forces use armaments developed during the age of the Interstellar Republic (the Galactic Empire), and the Air-battle Pod isn't an exception to that. Although there are individual differences in the performance of the Air-battle Pods—as might be expected from Zentrādi soldiers who don't have the concept of repairing their aircraft. A great number of Air-battle Pods capable of combat were released into battle against the VFs in order to secure air and space superiority in the First Interstellar War.

    The Air-battle Pod demonstrated high-manoeuvrability even in combat within the atmosphere with its three main rockets, three auxiliary rockets, three thrust inclination plates in the rear of the aircraft, and the high manoeuvrability nozzles in the sides. Two high-manoeuvrability nozzles are built-into both sides of the aircraft, they assist in lateral movement. In space and so on, the Air-battle Pod demonstrates an inexhaustible, overwhelming manoeuvrability in every direction.

    The cockpit is forward, and there is only one pilot. The Air-battle Pod doesn't have a variety of uses—like the Gurāji or the Nūjaderu-Gā—and its defensive capabilities are also low. Due to that, however, its manoeuvrability is high, and it performed life-or-death struggles time and again with the Fighter form of the VF-1 Valkyrie.

    During the First Interstellar War, the Air-battle Pod battled the VF-1 on more than equal terms. After the war, it was used as a New Unified Forces aircraft, and was also loaded aboard Buritai's ship in the operation to capture the Factory Satellite. It is painted green. Its cockpit is white.

    In the following years, the Air-battle Pod was used by emigrant planets and so on as a low-cost support fighter for VFs, as well as a ground-launched space interceptor. Most Air-battle Pods used by humans or humanized Zentrādi have been modifed to support Unified Forces' munitions. Some have been modified to support My-clone-sized pilots—the modification being little more than the replacement of the giant-sized Zentrādi seat with a My-clone-sized cockpit, and the addition of rungs and a retractable boarding ladder to the fuselage.

    While the Air-battle Pod is easy to acquire and has a low maintenance cost, it needs a large hangar facility and giant-sized Zentrādi or Battroids—such as the Destroid Works—to maintain. Due to that, the Air-battle Pod tended to be replaced by surplus VF-4's or newly-built VF-14's after the 2030's.

    By the 2060's, the Air-battle Pod is mostly only used in remote or frontier regions in a low-cost support fighter and ground-launched space interceptor roles. However, heavily modified Air-battle Pods are often seen in Vanquish Races, with a category devoted to it.


    Vehicle Type: Zentrādi high-manouevrability fighter craft
    Class: aerospace Mobile Weapon
    Crew: pilot only
    Manufacturer: Zentrādi Fully Automated Weaponry Development and Production
    Government: Zentrādi
    Customer: Zentrādi Forces



    Location MDC Location MDC
    Tri-barrel Laser Pulse Guns (2)
    Missile Launchers (4)
    (1) Sensor Eye
    30 each
    50 each
    Engine Thrusters (3)
    (2) Main Body
    (3) Pilot's Compartment/Escape Pod
    70 each


  • FLYING: Mach 6.3 max speed at 11,000 m.
  • MAXIMUM RATE OF ASCENT: under investigation
  • CEILING: fully transatmospheric, and can attain orbital velocity above an Earth-type planet under its own power.
  • CRUISING RANGE: under investigation
  • VTOL CAPABILITY: able to hover indefinitely.
  • G limit: 9 (normal), 11 (giant Zentrādi), 12 (giant Meltrandi).


  • HEIGHT: under investigation
  • WIDTH: under investigation
  • LENGTH: 20.6 m
  • EMPTY MASS: under investigation
  • CARGO: small compartment behind pilot's seat for personal belongings.
  • POWER PLANT: 6 high-manoeuvrability rocket engines, and 3 auxiliary rocket engines


    1. Active Stealth: the Air-battle Pod is equipped with the initial active stealth mechanism. Refer to Active Stealth Systems - 1st Generation for details.

    2. Energy Conversion Armour: refer to Energy Conversion Armour for details.

    3. Heat and Radiation Shields: refer to Heat And Radiation Shields for details.

    4. Self-destruct: to prevent capture of a vehicle by the enemy, the pilot can activate the self-destruct system, which will cause the fighter to explode and obliterate all internal systems.
    • TIME DELAY: up to 60 minutes (time is set by the pilot)
    • DAMAGE: 1D6x10 M.D.
    • RANGE: 6 m

    Unified Forces specification
    Unified Forces specification Air-battle Pods *may* also be equipped with:

    5. IDECM (Integrated Defensive Electronic CounterMeasures): refer to IDECM for details.
    Retractable EC (Electronic Countermeasures) Antenna: refer to AN/ALQ-131(V) for details.
    Countermeasure Dispensers: a combined chaff, flare and smoke discharger useable in all modes. Refer to Chaff/Flare/Smoke Discharger System for details.

    6. Ejector Seat with Anti-G Mechanism and Homing Signal: refer to Ejector Seat, Transponder and Survival Kit for details.
    The Air-battle Pod *may* also have 1 of the following:
    Seat Angle and Vital Point Stimulation: G-limit: 11 [My-clones]. Refer to Anti-G Mechanism: Seat Angle and Vital Point Stimulation for details.
    Mobile G-reducing Seat: G-limit: 15 [My-clones]. Refer to Anti-G Mechanism: Mobile G-reducing Seat for details.


    1. Three-Barrel Beam Gun (1):

    The primary guns of the Air-battle Pod.

    2. Twin-tubed Missile Launchers (3):

    Missile launchers that are built into the fuselage. The maximum number of missiles that can be loaded is unknown.

    3. Hand to Hand Combat:

    Ramming attack only. Ram attacks ALWAYS destroy the Air-battle Pod.


    Some of the following systems are *only* on Unified Forces specification Air-battle Pods. Unless otherwise noted, refer to Avionics for details.

  • AOA Detector
  • FCS (Fire Control System): the Air-battle Pod's FCS is an air-to-air type weapon control system. It has only limited air-to-ground capabilities. Refer to FCS (Fire Control System) and Era for details.
  • Inertial Navigation System (Autopilot)
  • Optics—Hybrid Sensor/TV Camera System
  • Optics—Rear Periscope
  • Radar: equivalent to the VF-1. See AWG-20 for details.
    Range: 300 km search range, 225 km lock-on fighter sized vehicles.
    Height: 25,000 m to small moving targets near or on the ground not obscured by foliage.
    TWS: 24 targets, engage up to 6 at the same time; ACM: 18 targets.
  • Radio/Video Communication: range: 1,000 km.
    • IFF/UHF Datalink Antenna
    • Retractable EC (Electronic Countermeasures) Antenna
    • TACAN (Tactical Air Navigation Antenna)/UHF Antenna
    • VHF Antenna

    Sensor Eye:
  • External Audio Pickup
  • Hybrid Sensors
  • Laser Marker and Laser Spot Tracker
  • Laser Targeting System: range: 12,000 m (vertical).
  • Optics—Fixed Infrard Sensor and Multi-band Optical Sensor
  • Optics—Hybrid Sensor/TV Camera System
  • Optics—TACS (Tactical Airborne Camera System)


    Unless otherwise noted, refer to Other Systems for details.


    BASIC COMBAT TRAINING for personnel trained in other Mobile Weapons:
  • +0 attacks per melee (plus those of the pilot). +1 attack at levels 3, 9, and 15.
  • +0 initiative
  • +1 to strike
  • Parry: N/A
  • +4 to dodge (optional: +3 at low, +4 at medium, and +6 at high speed differentials)
  • +0 to roll with punch, fall, or impact
  • ADVANCED COMBAT TRAINING for personnel trained in the Air-battle Pod:
  • +2 attacks per melee (plus those of the pilot). +1 attack at levels 3, 6, 11, and 15.
  • +1 on initiative
  • +1 to strike
  • Parry: N/A
  • +5 to dodge (optional: +4 at low, +5 at medium, and +7 at high speed differentials)
  • +2 to roll with punch, fall, or impact
  • Both BASIC and ADVANCED Combat Training:

  • Palladium Books Game Engine and MDC Rules
  • Super Dimensional Fortress Macross (TV Series)
  • Macross Chronicle
  • Macross Perfect Memory
  • Great Mechanics
  • Shoji Kawamori Macross Design Works
  • Based off of the UNSDB's Gnerl Fighter Pod stats by Daniel Henwood.

  • © Aaron Sketchley