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Generic Vehicles - 2020's (DYRL)

Standard equipment: automatically deployable wires to fix the car to the road when stopped, headlights (150 m), stereo system, spare tire & tire changing equipment.

Optional Equipment:
- Survival Kit:
a small reinforced box locked with a combination lock mechanism. It contains a first aid-kit, mess kit, canteen, thermal blanket, waterproof poncho, pocket knife, matches, compass (or universal direction finder), flashlight and 2 weeks worth of rations. It weighs approximately 4.5 kg fully loaded.

*In general, if the S.D.C. of the main body is depleted, the vehicle is destroyed. 4 wheel vehicles that lose a wheel (or 3 wheel vehicles that lose 1 rear wheel) reduces speed by half and control rolls are at -15%.

  • Specific Civilian Vehicles: 2020's
  • Specific Civilian Vehicles: 2020's
  • Renault A510
  • Generic Vehicles - 2020's
    DYRLCivVehicles (58K) A great number of civilians lived within the Macross that extended to an overall length of 1,200 m. The civilian vehicles were an indispensable tool for movement in the Macross's residential areas, as the ship didn't have any other transportation links, such as commuter rail. The majority of the vehicles are not gasoline fueled , but are referred to as low-emission vehicles that use hydrogen engines. The vehicles are fit for use within the airtight space of the Macross, where air pollution is a matter of life and death. Car models range from mini-cars to sports cars, and various, diverse vehicles have been confirmed.

    It's thought that the civilian vehicles didn't use Over Technology (OT). Concerning their basic functions, it seems that they were identical to the vehicles that were manufactured and operated on Earth. Automobiles sales were also carried out within the Macross, and it can be inferred that automobiles were essential for the residents. In preparation for the Macross's transformation to Strengthened Attack form, such things as wires were used to fix the car to the ground when stopped; which were a necessary consideration uniquely applying to the Macross's residential areas.

    Mini cars are suitable for short range transportation, have narrow bodies and are effective at tight turns. In addition to 3-wheeled types, types with windshields that separated the passenger seat from the driver's seat could also be seen. In addition to the mini-cars, such vehicles as 2~4 seat sedans (passenger vehicles), sports cars and large vehicles with spacious loading space were also widespread. The large types of vehicles can carry more than 4 passengers. In proportion to their inability to make tight turns, they can be loaded with a lot of luggage. Some sports cars had roofless convertible designs equipped with a larger rear wing.

    The main changes to the vehicles of the preceeding decade(s), are that they are converted to hydrogen engines with negligible performance loss, can be pressurized with a 5 hour oxygen supply, have an emergency beacon, and have grappling hooks that automatically deploy when gravity control is lost or the ship they are in depressurizes.

    Passenger Vehicles Windshield Main Body Wheels (4) Speed Range: hydrogen
    Automobile - General 40 SDC, AR 5 375 SDC, AR 6 50 SDC, AR 5 180 kmph 1,300 km
    Automobile - Full Size 45 SDC, AR 7 450 SDC, AR 7 50 SDC, AR 5 200 kmph 1,550 km
    Automobile - Luxury 40 SDC, AR 7 375 SDC, AR 7 50 SDC, AR 5 180 kmph 1,050 km
    Automobile - Mid-Size 40 SDC, AR 6 375 SDC, AR 6 50 SDC, AR 5 180 kmph 1,350 km
    Automobile - Sports 35 SDC, AR 5 350 SDC, AR 5 50 SDC, AR 5 345 kmph 1,950 km
    Mini Vehicles Windshield Main Body Wheels (3 or 4) Speed Range: hydrogen
    Automobile - Compact 30 SDC, AR 5 275 SDC, AR 5 50 SDC, AR 5 180 kmph 1,200 km
    Automobile - General 30 SDC, AR 6 300 SDC, AR 6 50 SDC, AR 5 180 kmph 1,450 km
    Automobile - Single Seater 25 SDC, AR 6 250 SDC, AR 6 50 SDC, AR 5 180 kmph 1,200 km
    Van 40 SDC, AR 6 400 SDC, AR 6 50 SDC, AR 5 180 kmph 1,560 km
    Other Types Windshield Main Body Wheels Speed Range: hydrogen
    Motorcycle 10 SDC, AR 5 100 SDC, AR 5 35 SDC, AR 5 (2) 160 kmph 1,650 km
    Jeep 40 SDC, AR 6 400 SDC, AR 6 50 SDC, AR 5 (4) 200 kmph 2,270 km
    Semi-Truck 60 SDC, AR 7 600 SDC, AR 7 50 SDC, AR 5 (18) 225 kmph 3,745 - 14,915 km
    Small Truck 40 SDC, AR 7 400 SDC, AR 7 50 SDC, AR 5 (4) 200 kmph 2,600 km

    Specific Civilian Vehicles - 2000's - 2010's

    RenaultA510 (38K)

    Renault A510

  • Windshield: 40 SDC, AR 6
  • Main Body: 400 SDC, AR 6
  • Wheels (4): 50 SDC, AR 5
  • Speed: 350 kmph
  • Range: hydrogen: 2,000 km
  • A two-seater made by the Renault company. It has a simple structure that has a carrying space behind the rider's seats. The vehicle height kept down to lower than the height of an adult male.

    The circular part in the top of the body is a combined information antenna and camera that also works as a spoiler, and supports the running of the vehicle. It has its engine block in the rear.

    Lights are installed in the cover parts that encircle the front tires. The rear wheels larger than the front wheels. The entire front wheel block swivels.

    It is thought that the Renault A510 is a manual car because of the shape of the shift lever. The console inside of the steering wheel is a screen, and it's thought that such things as the car's information can be confirmed on it.

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