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Creatures Of Macross

The first thing that most people think of when they think of Macross is transforming mecha, or the music. However, Macross Plus and later releases of Macross have included many weird and wonderful creatures, which is not surprising as the Unified Government and its Emigrant Planets encompass many, many worlds. Some of which feature creatures from Earth transplanted to that world, whereas others in the vast majority of cases have their own creatures. These include many bizarre creatures which I have detailed below.

Galactic Whales (Vahla Ena)

Definitely the largest and most remarkable of the creatures of the Macross universe. The Galactic Whales, officially referred to as the Vahla Ena, are massive space-going creatures comprised of energy and flesh, all in one creature. These creatures are presently being studied by the Galactic Academy on Earth, and from research posts on the planet Zola, where they migrate to every year. Pink in colour, and glowing with stored energy, the Galactic Whales are capable of not only travel in space at sublight speeds, but are also capable of jumping to hyperspace - a feat impossible for any other living creature in the galaxy. Galactic Whales appear in many ways to resemble and respond lie the whales of Earth, even emitting whale songs. However, for a beast that is over a kilometre long, the whale songs of the Vahla Ena can be devastating to the electronics of nerby ships and mecha, causing them to short out, or even explode!

GalacticWhale1 (17K) GalacticWhale2 (15K)

The planet Zola holds a special significance for the whales, as they travel there every year, drawing energy from Zola's sun as they leave orbit. Travelling in a large herd with an enormous (even by Galactic Whale standards), white Galactic Whale leading the herd, the sight is aweseom to behold. Little was known as to the reasons behind the whales travelling to Zola every year, until it was discovered that a whale cemetary exists on the planet, where Whales that have lived for 7,000 years go to. Although it would appear that the whales die in a swirl of energy and colour, the truth is that they are achieving rebirth by giving their energy so that new young whales are born into the herd. The only whale that doesn't go to the cemetary to die/be reborn, is the White Whale, which is believed to be millions of years old, and 8 times the length and height of the other whales - it also is aesthetically different from the others, as well.

Sadly, the whales are a target for poachers, who crave the bodies of the whales to use for starship fuel, and for use in Fold Drives, as they create a smoother and more efficient engine. However, on the flipside, the whales have healing properties. As they pass the planet Zola, bacteria from the whales enters the atmosphere of Zola. To a non-native of Zola, this would be a bad thing if the bacteria got into a wound of some description, unless it was properly healed; however, near to the whale cemetary, the springs and river nearby have minor healing abilities due to the whales' bacteria and energy. As the whales are Space Fold capable, they can potentially be found anywhere in the galaxy, but the one place they are always guaranteed to be seen is Zola.

Native Home: space
Length: 1,200 m
Height: 100 m
Numbers: 20+ (travel as part of a herd)
Movement: sublight & Fold Capable

Giant Wing Sauro-Bird

Native to planet Eden, the Giant Wing Sauro-Bird is the larger relative of the more common Sauro-Bird, which populates the planet, akin to the seagulls of Earth. The Giant Wing Sauro-Bird is, despite its immense size, quite friendly - although they are reclusive and live in the jungles of Eden high in the mountains where they nest. Few people have seen this white feathered pteradactyal-like creature (Isamu chases after one in Macross Plus on a hospital motorcycle).

GiantSauro1 (16K)

Native Home: Eden (Emigrant Planet)
Wingspan: 20 m
Weight: 80-120 kg
Numbers: 1 confirmed (rare)
Movement: flight (air)


The Sauro-Bird is Eden's equivalent of Earth's seagulls and pigeons. Sauro-Birds resemble a cross between a feathered pteradactyal and a cockatiel. The Sauro-Bird is white in colour, and found commonly around the docks in Eden's cities, Star Hill, and the further inland jungle/swamp regions. It is friendly, but easily startled, however it is not afraid of humans.

SauroBird1 (17K)

Native Home: Eden (Emigrant Planet)
Wingspan: 2 ft
Numbers: lots
Movement: flight (air)


The Gyararashi are small creatures, roughly the size of a kitten. They resemble a ball of fur with a long prehensile tail, and small feet (usually only seen when they are running). They emit squeeking and chittering sounds, akin to the hamsters and gerbils of Earth. On their home planet, the 5th planet of the Pukirases system, they are at the bottom of the food chain, and are preyed upon by large creatures. One particular one resembles a Tyransasaurus Rex, another resembles a flying version of a Manta Ray. These animals feed upon the Gyararashi dozens at a time to sate their hunger, as the Gyararashi travel in large numbers across the desolate landscape of the planet. The most notable Gyararashi is Gubaba, the pet of Mylene Jiinasu. Her father Max Jiinasu rescued Gubaba from Pukirasesu 5 in 2036 during a Unified Space Forces reconnaisance mission there.

Gyararashi1 (58K)

Native Home: Pukirasesu System (5th planet)
Length: 10-12 in
Numbers: lots
Movement: ground

Zolan Snakes

Almost all Zolans can be seen to have wrapped around their necks, a strange three-eyed snake. These snakes are light tan in colour, and feature a large central eye, with two regular eyes beneath them. They are intelligent and speak their own langue, which most Zolans can understand. They are friendly and are generally asleep around the neck of the Zolan carrying them.

ZolanSnake1 (7K)

Native Home: Zola
Length: 1.5-2 ft
Numbers: frequent
Movement: ground

Eden Chickens

Native to planet Eden, these chickens are generically related to, and closely resemble Earth's chickens, with the most obvious differences being that they have horns on their heads and their feathers resemble Earth cows. They are, however, for all intents and purposes, chickens.

SauroChickens1 (41K)

Native Home: Eden
Length: 1-1.5 ft
Numbers: numerous
Movement: ground

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