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Miscellanious Shuttles in the Macross Universe

The following should not be taken as part of the Official Setting. The following is an extrapolation and speculation from fanfic materials that have appeared in the MRG or in one of its preceeding incarnations. It is recommended that the following be included as representative of equipment that is necessary, in the practical sense, but has yet to be portrayed in the Official Setting. As always, ask your GM to clarify if the equipment is, or is not, in the game.

Shuttles from the Unified Government:

TransportShuttleUN (118K)

Cargo Transport

Heat shield along the bottom for speedy reentry. Has two, large cargo areas, capable of carrying destroids. This was the standard Unified Forces destroid drop ship for some time. It has excellent reentry and return to orbit features. Does not contain a fold drive.

Non-Unified Government Produced Shuttles:

AeroTransportShuttle (37K)

Aero-Trans Shuttle Mk I

Simple shuttle, with grab and drop feature for oversized container on bottom. Has a limited-range fold booster at the rear between the tails.

Aero-Trans Shuttle Mk II

Upgrade over the Mk I. Same features, but able to carry twice as much.
AeroTransportShuttleII (41K)

AeroTransportShuttleIII (56K)

Aero-Trans Shuttle Mk III

Compact version of the Mk I and II; put on the market recently (from 2040.) Doesn't contain a fold drive, and has cargo space for about 2/3 of the Mk I; though can carry 1.5 times the weight. Has excellent maneoverability.

Transport Shuttle

One of the first civilian models marketed. Excellent armour (some claim it is over armoured at the cost of range and storage space.) Has a limited range fold drive (located between the tails.) Has poor flight characteristics. The entire cargo area can be dropped if need be. Though reattaching it takes time.
TransportShuttle (47K)

ArmedShuttleII (36K)

Armed Shuttle

Designed for transporting VIPs and Very Important Cargo. Excellent maneoverability. Weapons consist of two detachable pylons, loaded with dogfight missiles, medium range missiles, and AA turrets.

Fast Shuttle

Recently made available to civilians (2045.) Has excellent mobility - even moreso in an atmosphere. The large, high-thrust engines give it excellent ground-to-orbit characteristics. This is the favoured shuttle of megacorporation presidents, politicians, and drug/contraband runners. Contains two cargo areas: internal (central area), and external dropable pallet - this is generally not included in the variation favored by politicians.
FastShuttle (19K)

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