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GBP-1S Ground-Combat Protector Weapon System

The following stats are conversion notes that detail the changes from the base VF-1 Valkyrie, VF-1X Valkyrie or VF-X++ Valkyrie stats.


The GBP-1S armor system had been planned from the time of the VF-1 Valkyrie's development project, in order to cancel its principle problems: 1) the weakness of its armour as a ground weapon, and 2) cancel the high output in excess of what a ground weapon requires. A Valkyrie equipped with the GBP-1S could be called an effective ground weapon, having well-balanced armouring and armaments. Though, because a GBP-1S equipped Valkyrie's weight is almost doubled, it is only able to hover if it uses afterburners. Also, although a Valkyrie can not change to Fighter when equipped with the GBP-1S, removal of the Protector Weapon System is very easy; and because it is possible to eject it in an emergency, this equipment is popular with pilots.
Quite a number of GBP-1S were assigned as basic equipment to each squadron simultaneously with the squadron deployment of the Valkyrie. Military personnel didn't change the name, especially from "Armoured Valkyrie", even though there is a big difference in shape in the installation in the front and back of a Valkyrie with a GBP-1S attached to it.
The first operational deployment of a Protect-Weapon-system-equipped Valkyrie in space combat was October, 2009.

There were 10 GBP-1S loaded on the SDF-1 consisting of 2 types: one that used the VF-1's nose radar as is, and the other that had an additional small radar. In space, 2 sets of AESA radar are used, 1 upwards and 1 downwards. They are located in the tips of the back boosters. Their functions are the same as the radar in the VF-1's nose, but detect in all directions.
The front of the waist is were the main capacitor is located.

The GBP-1S is still in use in the 2050s, and has received modernization improvements over the years.

Note: different sources indicate that different models of VF-1 have different performance when the GBP-1S is installed. Variable Fighter Master File states: "the FCS of the VF-1J is designed for using the GBP-1S. The VF-1A can only operate the Armour Pack for 12 minutes". Whereas Macross the First has both a VF-1A and a VF-1S operating GBP-1S for an extended period.


Note: GBP-1S defensive systems, armaments, avionics and other systems are only available if the part they are mounted in is still mounted on the VF-1 and/or is still operational (its MDC hasn't been depleted).
Location MDC Location MDC
(1) Arm Armour (2)
(1) Leg/Thruster Armour (2)
90 each
150 each
(1) Main Body Armour
(1) Shoulder Missile Pod (2)
(1) Assist Thruster Pack (2)
125 each
150 each


NOTE: after the heavy armor is ejected, stats for the standard VF-1 Valkyrie should be used for the Valkyrie's performance.

RUNNING: 80 kmph
LEAPING: 4.5 m high or 7.6 m long without thrusters
FLYING: cannot fly in an atmosphere. In space, the GPB-1S's maximum speed is 71.4% of the VF-1's maximum [VF-1: Mach 2.76, VF-1X: Mach 3.06 (Mach 2.78)].
HOVER: only able to, if it uses afterburners

MAXIMUM ACCELERATION: about 4 G (including the VF-1's engines at maximum thrust. Maneuverability improves as more fuel is consumed).
Combat Action Radius: all Armour Pack fuel can be spent within 2 minutes at maximum thrust, or about 15-20 minutes during combat maneuvers


MASS: 37,100 kg

POWER PLANT: 2 Shinnakasu Heavy Industry assist thrusters, many Shinnakasu Heavy Industry NBS-1 high-thrust vernier thrusters and LHP-03L low-thrust vernier thrusters beneath multipurpose hook/handles.
3 liquid rocket boosters, each rated at 8,520 kg, in GERWALK and Battroid.


2. ENERGY CONVERSION ARMOUR: the Armour Pack has an Energy Conversion Armour system that has a high defensive ability. During emergency use, it has the strength to allow the unit to return to the mothership.

7. ADDITIONAL ARMOUR: can be purged


It is possible to load several varieties of missiles at the same time in each of the pallets stored within the armour parts with interchangeable equipment, according to the mission. Several choices of armaments exist, in addition to such things as the GH-32 Grenade Crusher that the experimental GBP-1S uses.


In addition to the standard GH-32 Grenade Crusher [launcher] built into the shoulders, cluster-missiles [launchers] and so on seem to have been researched. It is also possible to install propellant tanks for the thrusters instead of the armament pallets, which are designed to extend such things as the cruising range and mobilization time.


Even though the chest armour uses a limited [form of] Energy Conversion Armour, the Energy Conversion Armour is applied to the abdomen in the armour in the front (in front of the cockpit). The pallet contained within the armour can be exchanged for a unit with an entirely different use.


GH-32 Grenade Crusher launchers are installed on the sides and rear of the PWS-01L. The missiles that are fixed with a latch, and can be released one at a time.


With the unit that protects the air intake, the upper part has a structure that opens slightly when in the atmosphere, in order to lead air into the engine. When in space orbit, the low-thrust manoeuvrability vernier thrusters in the front are used to assist in position changes of the craft.



Back Booster radar pods can be exchanged for the Mauler RO-2A or HMMMP-02 Micro-missile launcher units from the FAST Packs. Refer to the base VF-1 Valkyrie stats for details.


Unless otherwise noted, refer to Avionics for details.

APG-997 RADAR: See APG-997 for details.
Some versions of the GBP-1S have an additional small radar. It is used to supplement the VF-1's nose radar, and is generally aimed in the forward hemisphere.


Unless otherwise noted, refer to Other Systems for details.


There is a 28.6% reduction in both mobility and manueverability when a VF-1 Valkyrie mounts the GPB-1S.

In space, the GBP-1S is:
  • -1 initiative
  • -1 roll with punch/fall or impact.
In atmosphere, the GBP-1S is:
  • -1 initiative
  • -1 dodge
  • -1 parry
  • -1 roll with punch/fall or impact.

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