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VBP-1/VA-100 Neo-Gurāji

NeoGuraji (57K)
  • 1.2 SPEEDS
  • 3.4 AVIONICS
  • 5.0 GHOST [Drone] CONVERSION

    A Variable Battle Pod based on the EVA (Enemy Valkyrie, Enemy Variable Fighter) that was developed to use the Earth side's technology which was leaked to the Lost Zentrādi in the latter half of the 2010's. The Neo-Gurāji is an EVA that the Macross Concern completed while taking in the designs of such Valkyries as the VF-4 Lightning, as the EVA [itself] did not achieve the rebirth of a high-performance Gurāji.

    The Neo-Gurāji had a complicated origin where it was said to be based on the Variable Gurāji—which was developed with VF technology that the Lost Zentrādi gathered after the First Interstellar War—and was completed by the Macross Concern. The Neo-Gurāji has both the advantages of a Valkyrie, and the high-manoeuvrability and great fire power of the Gurāji. The Neo Gurāji also overcame the original Gurāji's lack of air combat capabilities by introducing the technology of the Valkyries.

    The Neo-Gurāji—which was developed as one of the candidates for the AVF Plan—has had high-manoeuvrability and a large quantity of fire power handed over to it, additional speed in Fighter form, and has perfect performance in hand-to-hand combat in GERWALK due to a Pinpoint Barrier and strengthened SWGA. And even though it has been assigned the dogfighting abilities of such things as the VF-19 and VF-22, it has earned a favourable reputation among Zentrādi soldiers as a powerful heavy attack craft. The Neo-Gurāji has excellent electronic warfare functions, and is able to control both the QF-3000 and QF-4000 Ghost fighters.

    However, from a consideration of that high-performance, the cockpit is extremely narrow, and although it is for [giant-sized] Zentrādi, it's said that unless the pilot is a Meltrandi with a small physique, the pilot won't be able to pull the true specifications out of the aircraft. Even though a My-clone-use Neo-Gurāji also exists with the VA-110, as the Neo-Gurāji is a design whose prerequisite is the Zentrādi Health-function Feedback, it is hard to say that the VA-110 could perfectly reproduce the Neo-Gurāji's fighting abilities.

    The Neo-Gurāji can take the forms of a 3-hulled Fighter, GERWALK and can even transform up to the Battroid form. The basic fuselage structure and transformation mechanism are almost identical to the Variable Gurāji. Probably because of the introduction of Earth technology, the Neo-Gurāji came to have a sharper silhouette when compared to the Gurāji—especially in the Fighter form.

    One story [the Macross Frontier novelization] has Temujin using it—he was an officer of the 33rd Marine Force that was stationed on Gaul 4. There's also a rumour that Sharon Apple hacked a Neo-Gurāji, as there was an unmanned Neo-Gurāji that used an AI similar to the Ghost X-9, and it fought against the YF-19 in the Sharon Apple Insident* in 2040.

    * Translator's note: I know it's a spelling error. But due to the hosts TOS...

    Vehicle Type: All-regime Variable Battle Pod and Tactical Combat Battroid.
    Class: Variable Battle Pod
    Crew: pilot only (both Zentrādi giant and My-clone versions)
    Design: Macross Concern [Combine] / General Galaxy / New Nile Armoury
    Manufacturer: Protodevilun Automated Arsenal
    Government: Unified Government
    Customer: Unified Forces


    * Author's note: "appears in -" means the earliest known in-universe appearance. The variants were most likely produced earlier.


    Location MDC Location MDC
    Anti-ship Beam Gun
    (1) Head
    (1) Sensor Eye
    Anti-Air Lasers (2)
    Upper Arms (2)
    Forearms (2)
    Hands (2)
    35 each
    80 each
    160 each
    60 each
    Upper Legs/Wings
    Lower Legs/Wings (4)
    Thrusters (2)
    (2) Main Body
    Pilot Compartment/Escape Pod
    (3) Pinpoint Barrier Shield
    Optional Fold Booster
    80 each
    135 each
    120 each


    Battroid: GERWALK: Fighter:
  • RUNNING: 350 kmph
  • LEAPING: 10 m high or 16.8 m long without thrusters
  • FLYING: Mach 1 (1,235 kmph)
  • RUNNING: 350 kmph
  • FLYING: Mach 1 (1,235 kmph)
  • FLYING: Mach 6.4 at 10,000 m
  • CEILING: unlimited (capable of launching into satellite orbit over an Earth-class planet)

  • All Modes:


  • Battroid: under investigation
  • GERWALK: 16.55 m
  • Fighter: under investigation
  • Battroid & GERWALK: 11.4 m
  • Fighter: under investigation
  • Battroid: under investigation
  • GERWALK: 12.66 m
  • Fighter: under investigation


    1. Active Stealth: the Neo-Gurāji is equipped with a 3rd Generation Active Stealth System. Refer to Active Stealth Systems - 3rd Generation for details.

    2. Energy Conversion Armour SWGA: refer to Energy Conversion Armour for details.

    3. Pinpoint Barrier System: for use in GERWALK and Battroid. Refer to Pinpoint Barrier for details.

    4. IDECM (Integrated Defensive Electronic CounterMeasures): refer to IDECM for details.
    Retractable EC (Electronic Countermeasures) Antenna: refer to AN/ALQ-131(V) for details.
    Countermeasure Dispensers: a combined chaff, flare and smoke, discharger useable in all modes. Refer to Chaff/Flare/Smoke Discharger System for details.

    5. Heat and Radiation Shields: refer to Heat And Radiation Shields for details.

    6. Ejector Seat with Anti-G Mechanism and Homing Signal: refer to Ejector Seat, Transponder and Survival Kit for details.
    Mobile G-Reducing Seat: refer to Anti-G Mechanism: Mobile G-Reducing Seat for details.

    7. Escape Pod: refer to Escape Pod for details.

    8. Self-Destruct: to prevent capture of a vehicle by the enemy, the pilot can activate the self-destruct system, which will cause the fighter to explode and obliterate all internal systems.
    • TIME DELAY: up to 60 minutes (time is set by the pilot)
    • DAMAGE: 1D6x10 M.D.
    • RANGE: 6 m

    VariableGurajiBattroid (39K)


    1. Mauler APB-01S Anti-Ship Heavy Quantum Beam Gun (1):

    The Neo-Gurāji is equipped with one charged particle beam gun on the upper part of its body in GERWALK and Battroid, and underneath in Fighter. Although the long gun barrel doesn't handle very well, it has a 360° rotation structure, and a wide shooting field. The beam gun is not usually used against small, fast moving opponents.

    2. Erikon APB-33 Scattering Irradiation-type Charged Particle Gun Launcher (2):

    Built into the arm weapon unit. They correspond to the main armament on the Neo-Gurāji.

    3. Bifors BML-02S Micro-missile Launchers (4):

    Arranged two apiece at the base of the left and right arms.

    4. Mauler LPG30/AA Anti-Air Laser Pulse Guns (2):

    The guns are installed on the bottom of the leading edge of torso. They don't exceed the limits of being an auxiliary armament. They are also used against small targets on the ground.

    5. Wing Hard Points (4):

    There are 2 pivoting hardpoint on the upper surface of each upper leg/wing, for a total of 4. The Neo-Gurāji can mount a combination of missiles, or missiles and missile-launchers. Due to the nature of the Neo-Gurāji's transformation and attack role, pilots prefer to use missile launcher pods that provide a measure of protection from accidental bumps, or large missiles/bombs that are used in the opening moments of combat. Refer to Missiles FCS 40's for further details, and Missiles & FCS Basics for alternatives.

  • Rigādo-style Light Missile Launchers: 1 per hardpoint. Refer to the Rigādo for details.
  • Medium Range Missiles: 3 per harpoint's hardpoints.
  • Micro-missile Launcher Pods: 1 per hardpoint.
  • Light Missile/Rocket Launcher Pods: 1 per hardpoint.
  • Mk.82 Snakeye-sized Bombs: 3 per hardpoint.
  • GBU-10C Paveway II-sized Bomb: 1 per hardpoint.
  • Reaction Weapons/Anti-ship Missiles: 1 per hardpoint.
  • External Fuel Tank: 1 per hardpoint. Usually only used when ferrying.
  • ECM/ECCM Pods 1 per hardpoint.

  • Restrained Punch: 1D4 M.D.
  • Full Strength Punch: 2D6 M.D.
  • "Booster" Punch: 4D6x10 M.D. (counts as two attacks)
  • Tear or Pry with Hands: 1D6 M.D. + additional ripping and frame damage.
  • Kick: 4D6 M.D.
  • Leap Kick: 1D6x10 M.D.
  • Spinning Leap Kick: 2D6x10 M.D. (counts as two attacks)
  • Body Flip/Throw: 2D6 M.D.
  • Body Block/Tackle: 1D6 M.D. +50% chance of knocking opponent down: they lose initiative and 1 attack that melee.
  • Stomp: 1D6x10 M.D. (only effective against small objects. Some may be instantly destroyed.)


    There is 1 special equipment hardpoints on the lower surface of each upper leg/wing, for a total of 2. The Neo-Gurāji can mount a pair of Fold Boosters, a pair of large anti-ship missiles or bombs, or a combination of Fold Booster and large anti-ship missile or bomb.

    FoldBooster (12K)

    1. Fold Booster:

    The Neo-Gurāji can mount one or two boosters at a time—the second booster being used to make another Space Fold while the first booster is recharging. The boosters must be ejected prior to transformation.

    2. Large Reaction Weapon/Anti-ship Missiles or Bombs:

    The missile or bomb must be ejected prior to transformation.


    Unless otherwise noted, refer to Avionics for details.

  • AOA Detector
  • External Audio Pickup
  • APHS-94 Radar: see APHS-94 Radar for details.
    Range: 500 km lock-on fighter sized objects. 360° arc
    Height: small moving targets near or on the ground not obscured by foliage to max range.
    ACM: 45 targets; AGM: 18 targets.
  • LAPR-34 Radar: see LAPR-34 Ladar for details.
  • Radio/Video Communication: range: 1,000 km.
    • IFF/UHF Datalink Antenna
    • Retractable EC (Electronic Countermeasures) Antenna
    • TACAN (Tactical Air Navigation Antenna)/UHF Antenna
    • VHF Antenna

  • Hybrid Sensors
  • Head turret:
  • Optics—Hybrid Sensor/TV Camera System
  • Optics—Rear Periscope

  • Balance Controller
  • FCS (Fire Control System): the Neo-Gurāji's FCS is an all regimes type weapon control system. It has full air-to-ground capabilities. Refer to FCS (Fire Control System) and Era for details.
  • Inertial Navigation System (Autopilot)

    Sensor Eye:
  • Laser Marker and Laser Spot Tracker
  • Laser Targeting System: range: 15,000 m (vertical).
  • Optics—Fixed Infrard Sensor and Multi-band Optical Sensor
  • Optics—TACS (Tactical Airborne Camera System)


    Unless otherwise noted, refer to Other Systems for details.


    BASIC COMBAT TRAINING for personnel trained in other Valkyries:
  • +1 attacks per melee (plus those of the pilot). +1 attack at levels 3, 9, and 15.
  • +0 initiative
  • +1 to strike (+2 when using Active Stealth System)
  • +1 to parry
  • +1 to dodge in Battroid mode, +2 in GERWALK, +4 in Fighter mode. When munitions are loaded on the Wing hardpoints, -1 to dodge in all modes.
  • +1 to roll with punch, fall, or impact
  • ADVANCED COMBAT TRAINING for personnel trained in the Neo-Gurāji:
  • +3 attacks per melee (plus those of the pilot). +1 attack at levels 3, 6, 11, and 15.
  • +1 on initiative
  • +2 to strike (+3 when using Active Stealth System)
  • +3 to parry
  • +2 to dodge in Battroid mode, +4 in GERWALK, +6 in Fighter mode. When munitions are loaded on the Wing hardpoints, -1 to dodge in all modes.
  • +3 to roll with punch, fall, or impact
  • Both BASIC and ADVANCED Combat Training:


    The following stats are conversion notes that detail the changes from the base Neo-Gurāji stats.


    No Ejector Seat with Anti-G Mechanism and Homing Signal.


    When a Neo-Gurāji is changed to the Ghost AI specification, it can operate semi-autonomously or can be directed via remote control from a mothership. Untrained operators attempting to control a Ghost Neo-Gurāji only get bonuses equivalent to Basic Combat Training (see above).

    Ghost Neo-Gurāji AI COMBAT STATS for when the Ghost is put into semi-autonomous operation mode (flight is fully controlled by the AI computer):

    Treat as a 6th level Variable Fighter Pilot.
  • 9 attacks per melee
  • +2 on initiative
  • +5 to strike (+6 when using Active Stealth System)
  • +4 to dodge in Battroid mode, +6 in GERWALK, +8 in Fighter mode. When munitions are loaded on the Wing hardpoints, -1 to dodge in all modes.
  • +4 to parry
  • +5 to roll with punch, fall, or impact
  • Critical strike: on an unmodified 18, 19, or 20.

    Skills of note:
  • Optic Systems 80%
  • Detect Ambush 80%
  • Detect Concealment 75%
  • Tracking 75%
  • Navigation 90%
  • ADVANCED Ghost Neo-Gurāji COMBAT TRAINING for personnel trained in the remote control operation of the Ghost Neo-Gurāji:


    1. In order to have Ghost combat training, the controller must also have the following skills: Radio: Scrambler, Pilot: Jet Fighter (or Pilot: Variable Fighter), Read Sensory Instruments, Weapon Systems, and Computer Operation.

    2. The Ghost AI Neo-Gurāji only receives the operator's hand to hand attacks. It does NOT receive any of the operator's other combat bonuses.

  • +2 attacks per melee (plus those of the pilot). +1 attack at levels 3, 6, 9, and 12.
  • +3 initiative
  • +3 to strike (+4 when using Active Stealth System)
  • +2 to parry
  • +0 to dodge in Battroid mode, +2 in GERWALK, +4 in Fighter mode. When munitions are loaded on the Wing hardpoints, -1 to dodge in all modes.
  • +3 to roll with punch, fall, or impact
  • Critical strike same as pilot's hand-to-hand
  • Both AI COMBAT STATS, BASIC and ADVANCED Combat Training:

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  • Macross Plus: Game Edition
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