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Light Transport Boat

LightLandingCraft3 (14K)


A non-combat small transport boat specialized in transporting personnel and materials. It is used to transport between the military vessels that the Zentrādi Forces use, such as the Fleet Flagship and the Assault Landing Ship. It has a large hangar/materials storehouse, and in addition to being able to transport a maximum of 25 fully equipped Zentrādi, it can also transport large combat weapons.

Operational Record (DYRL version): the Light Transport Boat was used to take prisoner 5 Earthlings, including Lynn Minmei, and became the chance for the Zentrādi to be aware of Earth's culture.

The Light Transport Boat's combat capabilities are equivalent to nonexistent.

The ship can be used for reconnaissance, light assault, and support duty.

Modified Ships In The Unified Forces

The Light Transport Boat has been readily adopted by those who need a small ship for transport. After the introduction of the External Fold Booster for Variable Fighters, the boosters were quickly adapted to be mounted on the Light Transport Boat - greatly expanding its utility, and range. The Light Transport Boat quickly became the choice vessel for traders and couriers, as well as pirates and other rogues, who need a small ship without the expensive maintenance and overhead of the larger Zentrādi vessels or surplus human ships.

Although its light armaments are a drawback, the boats are commonly modified with hardpoints to mount Variable Fighter weapons, such as anti-ship and anti-fighter missiles.


Vehicle Type: Transport Ship
Class: Light Transport Boat
Crew: 2 [giant-size] Zentrādi in Light Armour, maximum 25 fully equipped Zentrādi
Manufacturer: Zentrādi Forces
Production: under investigation
Government: Zentrādi Forces
Customer: Zentrādi Forces

Design Features: curved, organic forms. Vast rear transport hangar space. The hangar's rear hatch has two layers, and it is constructed so that after the hatchback-style exterior opens, the inner cover opens.



Location MDC Location MDC
Main Body 1
Bridge 2
Main Engines 3 (6)
Secondary Guidance Thrusters 3 (8)
Access Hatch, interior
4,000 1
400 2
100 3
45 each 3
Access Hatch, exterior
Anti-Air Beam Turrets (2)
Main Antennae 4 (2)
Secondary Antennae 4 (6)
Optional: Radome
100 each
35 each 4
20 each 4

LightLandingCraft1 (11K)


Sub-light: 0.16 speed of light
Auxiliary Drive: Mach 1.65; Mach 5 in space.
Space Fold Range: N/A unless using a External Fold Booster

Planet bound: uninhibited
Maximum Range: estimated 20 year life span, which can be extended with regular maintenance and overhauls.

Maximum rate of ascent: 400 m per minute using the anti-gravity propulsion system.
Maximum instantaneous acceleration during combat: 1.4 G+


Height: under investigation
Width: under investigation
Length: 250 m

Operational Interial Mass: under investigation
Empty Mass: under investigation

Power System: under investigation
Gravity Control System: under investigation
Super-Dimensional Navigation System: under investigation
Jet Propulsion System: Main Thruster: under investigation, Vernier Thruster: under investigation


Note: Refer to the Ship Defensive Systems for stats unless otherwise noted herein:

1. Heat And Radiations Shields
2. Energy Conversation Armour
3. Self-destruct


1. Small-Bore Anti-Aircraft Laser Gun Turrets (2)

The gun turrets are for defence. Positioned on the left and right, near the front, for forward protection and punching a route through enemy forces to get into, or out of a defended area.

LightLandingCraft2 (4K)


The ship carries a maximum 25 fully equipped Zentrīdi.
The soldiers and Mobile Weapons are primarily used for both defence and tactical missions.

NOTE: due to space limitations, there is a bit of either/or with the number of Mobile Weapons that the ship is able to effectively maintain and sortie. E.g. carrying 25 Rīgado and 0 soldiers, or 10 Rīgado and 15 Soldiers is possible, but carrying 25 Rīgado and 25 soldiers is not.

  • 20 Rīgado [Regult] Battle Pods (centered on reconnaissance)
  • 1 Gurāji [Glaug] Battle Pod
  • 2 Nūjaderu-Gaa [Nousjadeul-Ger] Battle Suits
  • 2 Armoured Soldiers (hatch gunners & support)
  • Heavy Combat
  • 10 Rīgado [Regult] Battle Pods
  • 1 Gurāji [Glaug] Battle Pod
  • 4 Nūjaderu-Gaa [Nousjadeul-Ger] Battle Suits
  • 1 Armoured Personnel Carrier and troops
  • Unified Space Forces (mixed - giant and human sized):
    Zentrādi Equipment
  • 10~20 Rīgado [Regult] Battle Pods
  • 0~4 Nūjaderu-Gaa [Nousjadeul-Ger] Battle Suits
  • Unified Forces Equipment
  • 1~5 Armour Pack Equipped VF
  • 4~10 Destroids (Cheyenne II, S-Defender or similar)


    Hardpoints for Valkyrie equipment have been retrofitted onto some Light Transport Boats by non-Zentrādi and humanized-Zentrādi users, to increase its operability.

    Up to twelve (12) hardpoints can be added to the Light Transport Boat. However, the optional Fold Boosters or Radomes take up two (2) hardpoints, each. E.g.: a boat with two Fold Boosters and one radome, has only six remaining hardpoints available.

    PrototypeBooster (15K)

    1. FOLD BOOSTERS (2~4)

    Due to the size of the boat compared to the boosters, two (2) Fold Boosters must be used to enable the boat to fold. When used, the range of the Fold Boosters is halved. If four (4) Fold Boostes are used, they can operate at normal ranges.

    2. Missile Hard Points (6~12)

    Up to 12 hardpoints can be added to the Light Transport Boat. Refer to the Hardpoint and Missile Details.

    Note: due to the ad hoc nature of the hardpoints and the user of the Boat, the munitions are generally from the previous generation. E.g. a boat operated in 2059, would be using muinitions from Missiles FCS 40's.

    Suggested Hardpoint Loads (per wing. Double for total load)
    • Micro-missile Launcher Pods: 1 per hardpoint
    • Medium Range Missiles: 1~3 per hardpoint1
    • Reaction Missiles: 1 per hardpoint2
    • Large Anti-Ship Missiles: 1 per hardpoint
    • Attacker/Fighter Bombs: 1~3 per hardpoint1
    • Large Bombs: 1 per hardpoint2
    • ECM & ECCM Pods: 1 per hardpoint
    • Optional & Gun Pods: 1 per hardpoint3
    1 pending size of missiles/bombs, and availability of multi-launcher racks.
    2 Reaction Missiles/Bombs are exceedingly rare, unless affiliated with the Unified Forces.
    3 mounted to fire either straight ahead, or straight behind the boat. The entire vehicle must be moved to change the angle of fire. Any gun pod can be mounted, but ones with large magazines, or high firepower are preferred. The rare AVPAGC / MEDC30-EX-A Gun Matrix (VF-171EX) and exceedingly rare BGP-01β Beam Gun Pod (VF-27) are particularly prized.

    3. RADOME

    A single VF-use radar radome can be added to the dorsal surface of the Light Transport Boat. In general, only the VF-11 and VF-17 radomes are compatible with the Light Transport Boat's avionics. The telemetry from the radome can be stored or transmitted to a command ship for further analysis.


    Note: Refer to the Ship Sensor Systems for stats unless otherwise noted herein:

    1. Electromagnetic Wave Sensor
    2. Fold Communication
    (only possible when an External Fold Booster is mounted)
    3. Internal Sensors
    4. Long Range Laser/Satellite Relay Communications
    : range: ranges greater than 1/4 AU (approx. 2 minutes) becomes a one-sided transmission.
    5. Optics: Hybrid Sensor/TV Camera System
    6. Radio Interference Network
    : range: 80 km; can be increased by linking additional battle cruisers (+80 km per ship).
    7. Radar Jamming: range: 16 km area up to 650 km away.
    8. Search And Targeting Radar: range: 500 km


    Double Reinforced Hulls and access tunnels line the full length of most deck levels.
    Note: Refer to the Ship Other Systems for stats unless otherwise noted herein:
    1. Weapon Bays: akin to a Weapon Locker
    2. Airlocks: scattered over the hull in the following positions:
    • Side Outer Hull: 1 Airlocks/Access Hatches each side
    • Rear Hull: 1 Large Hatch
    3. Docking - Hard & Soft
    4. Gravity Control
    5. IFF Antenna
    6. Life Support Systems
    7. Sublight Engines
    8. Space Fold System
    (only possible when an External Fold Booster is mounted)
    9. Water Supply (limited)


    Note: unless modified, the entirety of the ship is macron (Battroid) scale.

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