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Neo-Noputi Baganisu Bis

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The Neo-Noputi Baganisu Bis, is an improved type of Noputi Baganisu, the type of ship that Buritai Kuridaniku joined in the First Interstellar War. Neo-Noputi Baganisu Bis were built to command medium-sized fleets. This newly reassembled ship, which has had Earth's technology fed back into various places, starting with the engines. Such things as the expansion of the bridge and addition of kinds of antenna were performed to the ship. As a result, while maintaining the excellent durability that the original Noputi Baganisu class has, it has been reborn as an excellent warship that has more operability.

The top of the warship features the instillation of 2 bridges. The forward bridge is the main one, and the rear bridge is the sub-bridge. The parts that are seen on the left and right of the stern are thruster nozzles, and they support the ship's propulsive power. Also, it is clear that several antennas are installed in the underside.

As a result of the influence of Earth technology, when compared to the existing Noputi Baganisu, the entire Neo Noputi Baganisu Bis has become one size larger. Kinds of antennas have also been added to the underside of the warship's bow.

The Neo-Noputi Baganisu Bis is the largest ship in the UN Spacy Fleet at over three miles long it dwarves even the New Macross class Battle clss Carriers. Originally, only a handful of Noputi Baganisu Bis existed, as the majority were destroyed in the battle against Bodolza. Those that remained after the conflict where inducted into the UN Spacy Fleet and underwent refitting to accomodate micron's into their crews.

Buritai's flagship was the first of the Noputi Baganisu Bis to undergo refitting and introduction and became the first ship of the new UN Spacy Fleet. Several of this class of ship left with the Megaroad-01, as have other's with other emigrant leets. One such ship accompanied the ill fated Macross-05 Fleet, and was destroyed on the ground by the Varohta.


Government: Unified Government (Earth)
Ship Type: Battleship
Manufacturer: Worquli-Quatafilla/OTEC Company/UN Spacy
Crew: 8,979 total
Command Tower: 125
Main Ship: 3,000
VF Pilots: 684 +150 (reserve)
Zentraedi Mecha Pilots: 4,020
Troops: 1,000


(1) Main Body                                 350,000
(2) Command Tower                              15,000
(2) Sensor Array                               12,000
(3) Main Engines/Power Plants (2)              70,000 each
(3) Secondary Engines (4)                      20,000 each
(3) Small Guidance thrusters (80)                 200 each

    Heavy Laser Cannons (20)                      500 each
    Retractable P-Beam Turrets (60)               300 each
    Retractable Missile Launchers (100)           200 each
    Anti-Aircraft Missile Launchers (6)           250 each

    Small Airlocks/Access Hatches (300)           250 each
    Large Airlocks (50)                           500 each
    Outer Hull (per 40ft area)                    120
    Interior walls (per 20ft)                      20

(4) Pin Point Barriers (4)                      5,000 each
  1. Depleting the MDC of the main body will put the Battleship out of commission. All internal systems will shut down, including life support and internal gravity. The ship itself will be an unsalvageable floating wreck.
  2. Destroying the command tower will instantly kill the command staff and deprive the ship of all forms of long range communications, radar and targeting. The range and targeting capabilities of the secondary systems are equal to that of a VF-11 Thunderbolt. The ship can still operate, but is at -3 on initiative, -3 to strike, and number of attacks per melee of the weapon systems are reduced by half. Destroying the main sensory array atop the command tower will have the same effect, but the command staff will not be killed instantly.
  3. Depleting the MDC of the main engines will force the ship to rely on its secondary engines. Depleting the MDC of the main engines AND secondary engines will leave the ship adrift in space. If in an atmosphere, the ship will crash (destruction of the main engines will render the antigravity system useless due to loss of power).
  4. The Pinpoint Barriers regenerate at a rate of 1,250 MD per second (2,500 MD per melee round). If destroyed, a barrier will completely regenerate within 2 seconds (1 melee rounds). See the Pinpoint Barrier System entry for details.


Speed(sublight): 0.20 speed of light (32,000 miles per second).
Speed(Auxiliary Drives): Mach 3.
Space Fold: Range Unlimited (1 light year every 6 minutes).
Planet bound: Can land if necessary but not designed to maneuver in an atmosphere. Can only land in a body of water (does not have landing gear).
Maximum Range: Unlimited (estimated 20 year life span, which can be extended with regular maintenance and overhauls).

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Length: about 4,000 m
Operational Inertial Weight: 18.9 million t

Power System: Worquli-Quatafilla Main reactor
Fold System: Worquli-Quatafilla Fold System Cluster
Sublight Drive: Worquli-Quatafilla Nozzle Cluster
Gravity Control System: Internal
Auxiliary Engine: Worquli-Quatafilla
Sensor System: Standard & Subspace Mass Detector



The main weapon of the Neo-Noputi Baganisu Bis, and its most devasting. The Main Particle Beam Cannon fires a 100,000 mile long and 1 mile wide (double in space) beam of destructive energy annihilating everything in its path. Anything caught is instantly destroyed unless emplying a Pin Point Barrier or Omni-Directional Barrier.


Situated on the front of the Neo-Noputi Baganisu Bis, the Heavy Laser Cannons are the mainstay of the ship's weapons. A single volley from them will destroy all but the most resiliant of vessels reducing them to molten metal in seconds.


For anti-aircraft defense, the Neo-Noputi Baganisu Bis are armed with medium-range missile launchers set at key locations along the ship's hull. Each launcher contains 6 missile tubes allowing volleys of up to 6 missiles to be fired at a single target per launcher. Once depleted, the missile launchers are reloaded by an automated loading system that takes 15 seconds (one melee round) to reload all 8 missiles.


In addition to the Heavy Laser Cannons the retractable P-Beam turrets deliver less damage individually, but in a concetrated volley create powerful broadsides with half of the Particle-Beams beaing on the port side, the other half being on the starboard side.


Small mecha and missiles are capable of dodging the warship crushing blasts of the larger of the Neo-Noputi Baganisu Bis vessels which is why retractable laser turrets where installed to fend off attackers in mecha. The turrets do not suffer from the normal negative modifiers that large ships have against mecha.


Originally developed by researchers onboard the SDF-01 Macross during Space War One, the Pinpoint Barrier System is a standard defense system on board all UN Spacy starships, including the Neo-Noputi Baganisu Bis. The system generates four small disc-shaped force fields that can be positioned anywhere along the ship to deflect missiles, energy beams or projectiles. Each pinpoint barrier is about 61 m in length and can absorb up to 5,000 MD in damage, which then regenerates within four seconds (1 melee round). The barriers can also be layered on top of each other to generate a field which provides 10,000 MDC and can even deflect heavy particle beams (sometimes).

The four barriers are controlled by operators in the command tower of the Neo-Noputi Baganisu Bis. These operators are instructed to defend (1) the command tower, bridge, and sensor array, (2) main engines, (3) hangar bays, and (4) weapon systems, in that order. The operators primarily concentrate on defending the ship against larger spacecraft and leave defense against mecha attacking the Neo-Noputi Baganisu Bis to the VF pilots.

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