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Sourcebook: Agencies

Table of Contents
  • Emigrant Management Control Bureau (EMCB)
  • Inter-Sector Trade Business Federation (I-B-F)
  • Sovereign Independent States (SIS)

  • Emigrant Management Control Bureau (EMCB)

    "In accordance with 'the Mankind Sowing Plan', it's an organization that was established for the purpose of efficiently spreading mankind in the galaxy. The EMCB performs all kinds of duties, from the draughting of the Emigrant Fleet construction plan to deciding such things as the citizen's boarding order and assignments."
    [from VFMF: VF-1 Wings of Space]

    Inter-Sector Trade Business Federation (I-B-F)

    Major player between all colonies throughout sector 5, 6 and 7—as well as in the path of the M-15. Acts as a cross between 'Better Business Bureau' and 'Her Majesty's Secret Service'. A powerhouse of litigation and political manipulation; IBF maintains however, few staff in this sector do to there being few business locally registered with IBF.

    Sovereign Independent States (SIS)

    Sovereign Independent States. Objective has been to create an alternative to the New Unified Government. The organization doesn't have its own military, but it does provide tactical and philosophical support to local militia and any allies they can muster. For more info on SIS, refer to: Sovereign Independent States

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