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Sourcebook: The Unified Forces

The Unified Forces are the military wing of the Unified Government. It receives its funding, mandate and orders from the civilian Unified Government. However, this is not always the case, as the Unified Forces have a tendacy to dictate policy to the Unified Government.

The Unified Forces are led by a Chairman, and composed of the following branches:

  • Unified Airforce
  • Unified Army
  • UN Intelligence
  • Unified Marines
  • Unified Navy
  • Unified Space Forces

  • Unified Airforce (UNAF)

    The third largest branch of the Unified Forces. The UNAF usually works in close association with the UNA and the UNN. The UNAF is the second largest user of VFs in the Unified Forces.

    The UNAF was one of the sponsors and stronger promoters of Project Supernova.

    Unified Army (UNA)

    The second largest branch of the Unified Forces. They often work in cooperation with the the UNAF, UNM and the UNS. The UNA uses mechanized forces (Destroids, Tanks, etc.) and unmechanized forces (infantry, etc.) to perform the roles assigned to them by the leaders of the Unified Forces and the Unified Government.

    UN Intelligence (UNI)

    The UNI service is a highly secretive organization within the larger Unified Forces that routinely gathers and shares information for the other branches of the Unified Forces to use.

    In the early 2050s, the UNI has started creating its own, secret, highly trained and well equipped units for use on extremely high priority tasks, which may or may not be in the Unified Government's best interests.

    Unified Spacy Marines (UNSM)

    The UNSM are ground attack specialists combining traditional infantry with mechanized infantry (Destroids) and air support (VF and other aerospace craft). They are routinely assigned to internal ship security in non-UNSM ships in the Unified Space Forces' fleet. The UNSM are the standing army of the Unified Forces, ready to rapidly react to any military crisis in the Unified Government sphere. Aside from (usually) being the first to arrive, they are often employed in theaters (of war) that are outside of the mandate of the other branches of the Unified Forces, or in theaters that the deployment of any other Unified Force would cause civilian protest.

    To undertake this mandate, the UNSM are heavily armed in fast, manueverable ships. However, the UNSM are never seen in large fleets, and although they are involved in many military actions, their entire force -which is spread across the Unified Government territories- is only a small percentage of the other Forces.

    UNSM that aren't assigned to internal ship security roles operate in small task forces, called Marine Expeditionary Units (MEU). Noteable MEU that have appeared in the games are:

    Unified Navy (UNN)

    The navy is charged with patrolling and protecting the bodies of water on Earth and the Emigrant Planets under the aegis of the Unified Government.

    Their activities also include acting as the mobile landing strips of the UN Space Forces and Unified Airforce aerospace vehicles, such as the VFs.

    Unified Space Forces/UN Spacy (UNS)

    This is the branch of the Unified Forces that deals with space-borne threats to the Unified Government and its territories. The UNS is the prime governmental/military agency that survived the First Interstellar War, and created the known human territories that we know of today.

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