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Locations: Eskar

A Unified Government Emigrant Planet with a strongly anti-Zentraadi population. A very strategic planet in terms of Unifed Forces troop and supply movement, even though the planet itself is not that important. It is often used as a junction point for traders, smugglers and pirates. Those on their way to New Patagonia (and beyond - the Macross 15 Fleet), New Essex, or Britannia, often stop off here.

The hardy colonists and criminals both favor public duels.

When the People's Republic Army invaded in 2050, they didn't bring they're own governing officials with them, so the Emigrant Planet leadership was still "in charge". They just sent tax money to the Sovereign Independant States. The government still operates out of the same government buildings.

Culture: under investigation

Education: under investigation

Economy: under investigation

Government: Sovereign Independent States' Governor.

Military: on Eskar III as of 2050.03:

Allegiance: Unified Government 15%, SIS 35%, Self/Other 50%.

How Perceived Others: under investigation
How Perceived By Others: under investigation


  • Yellow main-sequence star
  • Medium sized
  • Eskar I
  • Under investigation
  • Description pending
  • Eskar II
  • Under investigation
  • Description pending
  • Eskar III
    Emigrant Planet, service-spaceport.

  • Atmosphere: under investigation
  • Gravity: under investigation
  • Navigation: buoys, military ships, satellites
  • Orbit: non-eliptical
  • Population: 40,000 (My-clones)
  • Resources: under investigation
  • Size: under investigation
  • Temperature: under investigation
  • Volcanoes: under investigation
  • Water: under investigation

    Natural Satellites
    Under investigation
  • Cities:
    Map of Eskar III

    Capital City
  • Main City
  • Population: 10,000
    • Eskar Space Port
      A full service port, on the surface next to open water (like the spaceport on Eden). It is one of the few ports in the region that can accommodate large capital and cargo ships. It was taken by the People's Republic Army with minimal damage in 2050. It is the life-blood of Eskar III, and what makes the emigrant planet so strategic.
      Located to the West of Capital City.
    • Eskar Defense Force HQ and Airbase
      Located Southeast of Capital City in the central farming valley. Became the HQ of the Sovereign Independent States' occupation force in 2050.03.
    Rural Settlements:
  • Small Cities: 13 cities - location of most of the people.
  • Eskar IV
  • Under investigation
  • Description Pending
    Eskar V
  • Under investigation
  • Description Pending
    Eskar VI
  • Under investigation
  • Description Pending
    Eskar VII
  • Under investigation
  • Description Pending
    Eskar VIII
  • Under investigation
  • Description Pending

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