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Locations: Sector M45 Aertheold

Sector Secondary Colony
New Unified Forces Garrison

Aertheold's Enlighten Administration originated first on City 15 before any of the Sector M45-3 colonies were formed. City 15's elite had social allegiances going on through most of the fleet's mission. They belonged to the same country clubs, business clubs and most importantly an exclusive high-intelligence club.

Most of the fleet's elite ended up settling on Aertheold. They saw the changing political power structure of the former Unified Government and together brought forth their own Enlighten Administration. Aertheoldians are actually politically motivated into believing that they have been wronged by ever even being placed in the M15 fleet to begin with; and then they emigrated to a substandard planet, Aertheold, after having been set down on another substandard planet, Caesar!

Irregardless of where resources show up, they feel that they're entitled to them, and that anyone willing to go along with the Unified Government passively is a collaborator in Aertheold's misfortunes. They don't have the strength of character, or guts if you will, to challenge the sector headquarters though, and so in their disgruntled state they willingly condone predatory actions on others.

Culture: The Society Elite of Aertheold have been adopting many aristocratic habits. Lessons in riding, fencing and etiquette are very popular. Education is still one their most highly desired traits.

Education: Aertheold's University is so well regarded that many citizens of the other colonies in the sector try to enrol in it. Recently the university has been limiting the number of exchange students.

Economy: Resource wise, Aertheold is really only able to sustain its own population. What Aertheold has to offer are some of the most highly educated and organized administrators. Through their management, many of the other colonies in the sector grew at an accelerated pace. Many of these other colonies are now fully able to manage themselves, but Aertheold knows they needed the Enlighten Administration that only they can provide. Bureaucrats from Aertheold have dispensed throughout the area to administrate and collect taxes. Their largest source of revenue is tariffs coming in and out of the area.

Government: Logically democratic. Relatively quick decision makers. Aertheold is ruled by an aristocratic council of the colony's elite. The other colonists of Aertheold have always enjoyed a higher standard of living through the direct or indirect contribution from the elite, and welcome their continued prosperity.

Military: as part of the treaty, the New Unified Forces still maintain a garrison on Aertheold and perform regular patrols of the colony. The former Unified Forces garrison commander humbly accepted an offer as leader of Aertheold's new Self-Defense Force at the time of transition to the New Unfied Government. The Self-Defense Force was built upon a paramilitary force that backed the original independence cabal, Aertheold's pre-declaration police department, and several security officers that served Aertheold's leading citizens and businesses.
Aertheold makes the bold claim that its Self-Defense Force consists of every adult male in his prime. This puts them close to a million strong army. Validity of this claim is in doubt by military strategist as attending a week long annual training session is optional. Aertheold has yet to provided accurate numbers of how many of its citizens attend them.
Its Self-Defense Force of regular full-time soldiers is closer to 1% of its claimed size. Of that it can field a battalion worth of combat troops. Mobile Weapon Troops and a Space Navy are virtually non-existant among Aertheold's actual forces. They rely on drone VF-11 and Ghost fighters. Qualified recruits are hard to come by as they are competing with the local New Unified Forces garrison.
To supplement their numbers of professional soldiers, Aertheold has been making contracts with several Private Military Companies. Most of these are Zentraadi Mercenaries with their mobile weapons and ships that came over from the Zentraadi Control Zone.
Aertheold's N.U.N.S. garrison is rather nervous now, being out numbered by so many militant giants. Several elite smaller professional companies have been hired to act as advisors and to shape the Zentraadi supplemental forces into a discipled force. Such a large force of Zentraadi is more than is needed to defend a single planet of Aertheold's size. They are more suited for a war of aggression.

Allegiance: New Unified Government allied

How Perceived Others: look down on others as dim witted. Helps others, but tends to exploit them at the same time. All citizens of Aertheold feel a sense of accomplishment. Colonists from the other worlds are well aware of this.
How Perceived By Others: seen as snobs who should mind their own business.


  • red giant
  • 20.2 solar masses
  • Gertha
  • Rocky Planet
  • Description pending
  • Feruma
  • Rocky Planet
  • Description pending
  • Primus & Tertius
    Derthoma's Trojan asteroid fields. Description Pending
  • Rocky Planet
  • Description pending
  • Bertherian
  • Rocky Planet
  • Description pending
  • Aerthold
    This phenomenally Earth-like planet would be an ideal home, except for the bright red skies, the slightly difficult-to-breath oxygen-ozone rich atmosphere, and the heavy dark clouds of volcanic ash that commonly occur.

    A heavy flora presence dominates the surface of Aerthold, with many variety of mega-fauna that some would say is reminiscent of Earth/Eden plant life. There is a thriving variety of marsupial type tree dwellers and predators; some of them large enough to threaten a human.

  • Atmosphere: 60% density (oxygen-ozone tainted)
  • Gravity: 0.6 g (dense molten core)
  • Navigation: buoys, military ships, satellites
  • Orbit: non-eliptical
  • Population: 4.5+ million
  • Resources: surface minerals similar to Earth's quantity and availability.
  • Size: 35% Earth
  • Temperature: +50 to -50°
  • Volcanoes: 2% surface
  • Water: 45% surface (salty)

    Natural Satellites


  • Cities:

  • Main City
  • Population: approx. 4 million

  • Second largest City
  • Population: less than 100,000

  • third largest City
  • Population: approx 75,000

    Rural Settlements:
  • Small Cities: approx. 150,000 residents
  • Towns: approx. 125,000 residents
  • Villages: approx. 75,000 residents
  • Certheio
  • Rocky Planet
  • Description Pending
  • Rocky Planet
  • Description Pending
    Secundus Asteroid Field
  • Planetoid ripped apart by tidal forces.
  • Description pending
  • Large asteroid on semi-regular elliptical orbit around the red giant.
  • Description pending

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