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Locations: Sector M45 Bo-yae

Sector Secondary Colony
New Unified Forces precept defence station.

Bo-yae got the short end of the stick and consider themselves the 'have nots'. They think that they have been wronged and have proclaimed a sort of manifest destiny against the 'haves', in Aertheold & Caesar. They recently discovered the elephant graveyard planet in a separate system nearer to their star system. It creates the resources required to really take the fight to the 'haves". Now they've got a chance to get the better end, but feel that the Aertheoldians are being jerks about it and NUNS isn't being much help either.

Culture: pending

Education: pending

Economy: trade in common-to-heavy elements has turned into a cash cow for the Bo-Yaeans. They usually turn in a huge profit as the shared nature of their culture keep overhead low. However, Bo-Yae must make huge purchases in bio-materials (protein, medicines and live botanicals) to keep their fast growing population fed, healthy and their farms expanding. Bo-Yae also has a booming exploratory science R&D development in deep core mining and core-stability terra forming. Which is turning into a saleable market; especially to small start-up colonies looking for a way to harvest planetary resources.

Government: regionally democratic "Havens". Planetary oligarchy held by "founding fathers" families; not rich, but socially powerful.

Ambassador: Nicolas Peige: one of the founding colonists of the planet, he acts as both the planetary spokesperson as well as ambassador. A tall, heavy set man who is obviously well fed and is a stranger to physical labour. He has small beady eyes that never seem to blink. Grey hair tops his head despite being only in his early 40s. He has a thin, raspy voice, and speaks for his colony as if it was his personal item. He is generally condescending, whenever he bothers to talk to anyone.

The main political leader(s): Nicolas Peige. The founding fathers who act as leaders of the planet are Nicolas Peige, Sammy Overhaen (a vocal and prideful man; slight of body with large whiteish eyes and a shock of pink hair only at the front of his head, mid 40s), Tabitha Conne (Daughter to Bertha, the originator of this family; Tabitha is 17 and new to her position, typical Germanic looking young blond; she is vocal and dertermined speaker, opinionated and rude), David Eds (the oldest of the founding members at 57, David was a working man and his hard manner, thin mouth and quite calm composure and voice speak volumes; he maintains a passive role in leadership) and Ernst Vanner (stepping into his father's shoes at the same time as Tabitha took over for her mother, Ernst is almost as vocal, but much better liked for his rugged good looks and clean demeanor.)

Military: Orbital Defenses exist. One is the NUNS local precept defense station. Note: no NUNS personnel are permitted to mingle with the population or station on the planet-side.
Bo-Yae's Defense force is known as the PDF (Planetary Defense Force) and consists entirely of an "army" force of infantry, light vehicles, medium size mobile weapons, and heavy stationary defenses.
Bo yae Offensive Forces are entirely space borne, consisting of reconditioned ARMD II platforms. Numerous non-transformable fighter craft are seen in Bo-yae planetary and system space. The group is known as the SEF (Space Expeditionary Force)
Bo-Yae has its own Orbital Defense Platform, armed by its own people. However the real power in the system is a PMC group stationed on the frozen surface of the moon. This group ranges in size with the determined local threat. Lately the group has run upwards of 50 fighters with sub-stations at the core of each asteroid cluster close to the planet.
Bo-Yae has an expeditionary force, commissioned with the discovery of the rogue planet. Currently, little is known about this force except that what equipment it has is almost on par with NUNS firepower; and though they fly the planetary colors, many have speculated that this is simply another mercenary or Private Military Group.

Top military leader: Commilius Vanner stepping down after the assasination of Bertha Conne; C. Vanner took up the postion of Commander of World Arms; Leader of the PDF and the SEF (Space Expeditionary Force). Commilius has little in the way of command experience and it shows in the planet's recent maneuvers. He is a short tempered brute of a man, as heavy handed as are the deep wrinkles in his face. Squirley in action as the tight curls of brown hair on his brow. He was liked as a community leader, however is slowly failing to meet expectations in his current position and may be on the way out.

Second military leader: Jerras Hellopa is C. Vanners direct opposition. Jerras commands the SEF's command ship the Veronice (after Jerras' wife... the ship's name changes with commanders). Many speculate that this man is the next true leader of the military forces of Bo-Yae. Though he is not from one of the five first families, or even related to one of the Haven leader families. Jerras is a smart man of quick wit; he has short cut blong hair and swarthy skin in bold contrast. His slanted eyes are bright green and focused on whomever he talks to.

Ship most likely to be deployed in an emergency: SEF-Veronice (Uraga class), under Commander Jerras H..

Allegiance: still loosely allied with the NUNS defense agreement and interplanetary association.

How Perceived Others: patronizing, invasive and anti-community. Long time Bo-yaeans hold deep grudges, and this tends to rub off on any who live there for any length of time.
How Perceived By Others: xenophobic, territorial, self-interested/serving and have a ghetto-like fraternity.


  • yellow dwarf
  • 1.6 solar masses
  • Bo-yae Trojans
    3 clusters of asteroids. 2 in Bo-yae-moon Trojan orbits, and the 3rd in the Bo-yae-moon Lagrange point. Description Pending
    Planet is tidally locked with Bo-yae star - one side always faces the sun.
    A desert planet. It never rains here! Equatorial belt is a drifting sand belt. Water mostly exists at the space-pole, melting into rivers that converge on the equatorial ocean strip. There is however, a thriving fauna/flora-sphere.
    Ecology is heavily evolved, many large and small creature/insects, limited fish and ocean species. Dense, 10-20 meter wide, low "shrub-trees" dominate the ecology.
  • Atmosphere: 60% density; low pressure
  • Gravity: 1.1 g (dense rocky core)
  • Navigation: buoys, military ships, planetary satellites
  • Orbit: non-elliptical
  • Population: 4.5+ million
  • Resources: surface rich in the common elements carbon, silicon and iron.
  • Size: 133% Earth
  • Temperature: (+354° sun-ward pole) +2° to 67° (equator belt) (-404° space-ward pole)
  • Volcanoes: .2% surface
  • Water: 12% surface (fresh)

    Natural Satellites

  • Moon
    an ice-ball with a dusty crust.
    Has one permanent structure which is currently the base of the local public PMC defending the system.
  • Cities:

    Dome-like buildings sprawled in a line with the equator with fin-like attachments (moisture collectors) and fields spread about dominate the view of this massive city. To the sun-ward side continues banks of solar collectors, providing the city with almost 10 times the power it needs under the harsh glare of their sun. However, the high maintenance-cost solar panels are allowed to drop out of service as systems from Omnacrest take over the power grids needs. Now, in 2060, most still-standing solar grids are dysfunctional or are privately operated.
  • Main City
  • Population: 4 million

    Va exists at the equatorially direct opposite to Shersopae. It was initially founded only for defensive purposes and has not grown beyond its surrounding region due to the lack of a need for a population there. The city is centered around a huge defence facility and mobile weapon/military construction facility. This facility accounts for 38% of the working population.
  • Second largest City
  • Population: less than 100,000

    This city is actually almost completely unknown to outsiders (planetary forgeigners) as it is entirely underground; housed in a portion of a massive quartz geode; the interior diameter of which is nearly 6 km. Omnacrest is a mear 35 km surface distance from Shersopae, and provides 75% of its power generation. Omnacrest was founded by the mining company by the same name, formed pre-Bo-yae colonization days. The mines pull 8 to 12 tons of pre-process mid-range elements from the ground a day.
  • third largest City
  • Population: 15,000

    Rural Settlements:
  • Small Cities: approx. 10,000 residents
  • Towns: approx. 3,000 residents
  • Villages: N/A (there are no villages. Life here is too desperately hard to facilitate such a small population being able to survive.)
  • Bo-yah
  • Gas Giant Planet
  • 4 moons
  • Moderate exploration has occured.
  • Gas Giant Planet
  • 1 moon: an Ancient Constructed Celestial Body in orbit
  • The Ancient Constructed Celestial Body is an explored planetary body that has several small mining facilities set up that are slowly rendering steel varients as well as some hyper-dense carbon consituent parts.
    Bo-yaw Belt
  • Asteroid belt composed of numerous proto-planets ripped apart by tidal forces from Bo-yah and Bo-yat.
  • Description pending

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